14 You’Re Reading This And Have Gotten This Far: Signs You’Re Not Drinking Enough Water

water There’s not much in this world more refreshing than a tall, icecold glass of water.

By depriving ourselves of the world’s most natural resource, we are continuously damaging our bodies.

Despite this, ramifications now this seems pretty obvious. Any time you feel that sticky, nasty feeling in your mouth, you’d obviously reach for some sort of liquid. Sugary drinks are only a temporary solution to a larger problem. Ofcourse it needs to stay hydrated, Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Fact, virtually, dry skin is amidst the earliest signs of full on dehydration, that can lead to much larger problems. A well-known fact that is. Alcohol dehydrates the entire body, and drinking water sends YES PLEASE! Thirst goes beyond a desertlike tongue, we went over dry mouth already. Anyone who’s ever had a hangover can tell you that, upon waking up, your body just can’t get enough water.

water By now it should’ve been clear that drinking water affects more than just your mouth and throat. Your tear ducts dry up, without water in the body. This is an absolute necessity to keep our bones from grinding against one another with any step we take. Our cartilage and spinal discs are made up of about 80percentage water. Consequently, obviously, less water in the body means less muscle mass. Now let me tell you something. Your muscles, furthermore, are comprised mostly of water. Therefore in case you don’t fuel the machine with water, it can not work properly, your organs work to filter our certain waste products like a machine. Drinking water allows your body to continuously flush out toxins. When a body is dehydrated it borrows water from your blood, as we just mentioned. Seriously. Now look, a lack of oxygen leads to sleepiness and outright fatigue.

Your body might start to think it needs some food, when you’re dehydrated. This happens throughout the day, and in one day when you wake up craving that midnight snack. This also applies to the entire digestive system. Whenever allowing stomach acid to do some major damage to your insides, without proper hydration, the amount and strength of mucus in the stomach lessens. We spoke before about the mucus in our mouth and throat, and how keeping hydrated allows the membrane to function correctly. Just think for a moment. During the process of dehydration, the colon uses up the water that would have been used by the intestines in the next step of the digestive process.



Staying hydrated helps lubricate the digestive system, like we said.

When you do go #1, it gonna be a light yellowish or clear color.

Your body is telling you it’s lacking proper hydration, I’d say in case it’s a darker yellowish. So in case you’re not taking a trip to the restroom ‘4 7’ times a day, you’re probably not drinking enough water. What this means is that, obviously we should consciously increase our water intake. Of course the damage it does to our insides will ultimately be felt over time, while premature aging is more evident on the outside. The quantity of water our bodies retain naturally decreases as we age. Pour a glass now, I’d say in case you don’t think you do.



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