hard water problemsSeptic Systems in PA -a new system -http.

Dimock PA -Court Case -Some Stories http.

Our first Newsletter -http. Most frequently requested assistance -How do deal with bacteria in well water -our favor product is http.

New Portal -Get your Community Hazard Reports -any state in the USA -custom reports for your location -act now they are free http.

We need to base decision on Facts Not Spin -we can not let the Monkeys win! Do you know an answer to a following question.


Is this honest reporting or hype? Cash Must Read and Must Watch -plus a lot more like Hillary’s America https. Twitter.com/EnviroPolitics/status/769957747580428288

Iron, manganese, corrosion by product -not new -bacterial regrowth flush lines, check ORP, chlorine residual

yeah -but they did nothing aside from exempt themselves and require parts of minimum coverage that I do not need.

usmagazine.com/celebrity style/pictures/plastic surgery nightmares 2009188/38167


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