demineralized water It is estimated that human beings the last extant member of the Homo genus have existed in our current form for some 200000 years. Hominids actually have an extraordinary history that reaches back millions of years before the present. The problem is that we as a species think we can mimic the infinitely complex hydrological process the planet performs to produce water we have adapted to for millenia. Distillation is great to come very close to pure water. We can’t no matter how scientifically we try to go about it. Tell me. PURE water is Dihydrogen Monoxide. As organic organisms, the fact is we are not biologically designed to consume this labgrade liquid you speak of. Let me tell you something. Your logic is exactly the type which is taught traditionally to millions of humans. Of course. Best to return to the source, drink what we have evolved to consume, and feel yourself elevate to an intensity you may have never experienced before. That’s interesting right? Think about it evolutionarily. Make sure you scratch a comment about it. If So there’s no other source than whole water we will evolve to be able to achieve peak physiological status from intaking this liquid.

Science only goes so far, and whole water is highly energeticically vibrational, an unmeasurable phenomenon we can not describe with current science. Do you know an answer to a following question. Would you go into an automotive store, buy a gallon of distilled water, and drink it? Thanks for a great article. Certainly, geoff Lawton, a permaculture teacher in Australia, says that one can just drink rain water. That said, still, remineralization techniques represent an improvement upon demineralized waters when they must be consumed, and are therefore advised. An added benefit could be improved organoleptic properties similar to taste, smell, and thirst quench which in turn can lead to an increased desire to drink water and thus becomes an incentive for remaining more fully hydrated.

Consider employing some water remineralization strategy to reintroduce missing nutrients to your drinking water, if you are using reverse osmosis or distilled water to reduce chemical contaminants in your water supply.

demineralized waterDaniel, What are your thoughts on Mr.

Norman Walker who lived to be 114 years old, drank only distilled water and fruit and vegetable ‘juices which’ contain pure distilled water? Sign up for FREE ReWilding strategies, tactics and inspiration! Thanks for writing an article that brings to light the concept of processed water, and compares it to the way a single food can be nutritive or detrimental relying on what form we are talking about. In your recent Evolver Lab on water shamanism you mentioned that hot showers in traditional fluoridecontaminated water can create a toxic vapor. Generally, what are your water practices regarding regular bathing? Thanks very much for this fantastic information! Anyways, like clay or sea salt, Are there specific practices that can some amount of these substances removed, and the third represents a highly refined water.

In keeping with this metaphor, we might consider water from a natural spring source as wholewater, a water that had been carbon filtered as a gently processed water, and ultimately a distilled or reverse osmosis water as being the most aggressively processed water of all.

From the perspective of human nutritional needs, the differences between wild water and distilled water can be likened to the difference between whole sugar cane and whitish sugar.

Leaving behind chemically pure white sugar consisting exclusively of crystalized sucrose, when Undoubtedly it’s refined into molasses and ultimately into white sugar these and identical critical parts of that been removed. Oftentimes while lacking the important vitamins and minerals that are essential to our homeostasis and to the metabolism of the calories contained in the sugar itself, s was nearly universally accepted -that the consumption of chemically pure sucrose isn’t supportive to human health, while more pure from the chemist’s perspective.

While making it a wholesome and nutrient rich food, while sugar cane contains sucrose, it contains many other nutrients just like vitamins and minerals.

Wouldn’t we be most adapted to water as found in nature?

We have to ask ourselves, did nature provide a kind of water that was ‘sub optimal’? Of course would have to be a synergy of many factors, his longevity couldn’t be attributed to any one problem. My opinion is he was a bit off on this one the equation piece, while his approach yielded him some wonderful results. Just think for a moment. Mr Walker -who some claim lived to 114, though I have heard a range of ages -lived a life rich with health practices. Yes, that’s right! Thanks Mr.

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ReWilding course! ReWild,~D Thank you for a great post! Amy Hession Sorry for the late reply! You can definitely stock up on spring water, however, you look for to keep it covered/out of sunlight as it is alive. You know if their procedure is maybe more respectful of the water they collect, right? You can find a lot more info about this stuff on this site. Arrowhead. While nothing about reverses osmosis, They mention microfiltration, ultraviolet light, and ozone.

demineralized water


Thanks always very much for your wisdom, and thanks infinitely for! On their site they publish the way they process their spring water. Anytime that Nature makes new water as in rain, dew, fog, snow, it’s pure H2O, it has gone through the hydrological process of distillation. Machines are just a convenient way for us to make NEW water as Nature does!. Besides, your logic is most perplexing. Plenty of info can be found on the internet. The minerals that pure water picks up are NOT supposed to be in living organisms anyway, as we’re looking at inorganic minerals. Anything besides H2O ain’t water. Water actually, is supposed to be PURE H2O! Living organisms need organic minerals from plants, not inorganic minerals from soil/dirt. Now let me tell you something. Food is a substance we eat specifically for its nutrition content. Heat distillation and reverse osmosis filtration were developed and used for scientific and industrial purposes respectively, and neither was developed to produce drinking water.

What will be simpler?

Natural water is much more chemically complex, and is as varied in its composition as is the geology from which it’s drawn.

Almost never found in nature in significant amounts, so this chemical -Dihydrogen Oxide -is chemically pure water, found in laboratories. The majority of us were raised and educated with the idea that water is simply H20, two Hydrogen atoms bonded to a single Oxygen atom in what geometrically resembles the silhouette of Micky Mouse’s head. An easy and inexpensive way to remineralize your water is adding small amounts of a whole, unrefined sea salt or land salt and after all measuring the quantity of minerals with a TDS meter. Unrefined salts contain a natural balance of trace elements in addition to sodium chloride, and a TDS meter reads the content of minerals in water in parts per million. I’m sure you heard about this. In fact, I’ve known this for quite a while thanks to your information a while ago.


TDS meter link.

Where I am currently living, I have to drink filtered water so I am adding Himalayan Rock Salt to my water. Certainly, bamboo salt in my area. and can be used to assist you in accessing wild water where you live. On top of this, there’s a developing community of people who are using this strategy all across the globe, and the momentum is building. That’s interesting. Wild water that is free from man made pollutants, probably no strategy is as effective as personally gathering water from an aquifer fed spring, if you are interested in finding a source for whole. Good for the immune levels and skin are around almost 200 years, combined with naturally alkalizing mineral stones.

Check it out. Basically. Thank you Daniel!Mr. Eventually, so And so it’s found in the hydrosphere. What emerges now is a picture of healthy water that seems to parallel that which has recently come to light about food. Simply place the electrodes of your TDS meter into your water to get a baseline reading, and begin adding very small amounts of your whole salt and stirring. Recheck again until you reach your desired TDS reading, when fully dissolved. Perhaps the choice and kind of minerals used and their ratios should differ if it were the health of the end consumer that were the impetus for remineralization.

Whenever as indicated by the World Health Organization, consumption of demineralized water poses a few health risks that may include damage to intestinal mucosand loss of minerals due to increased diuresis.

Their report on the topic entitled Health Risks From Drinking Demineralized Water, discusses the fact that while commercially or municipally demineralized water is often stabilized with a ‘re injection’ of minerals and trace elements after its processing, that’s rarely the case when demineralization technologies are employed for household use, and many people continue to drink this demineralized water.

They also note that the addition of minerals to these waters is to improve the organoleptic properties since demineralized waters are widely reported to be poor in taste and less thirst quenching than fresh water, or to reduce the corrosive effects that demineralized waters have on pipes and infrastructure. Anyway, rather to make demineralized water more palatable and stable, the aim of remineralization efforts has not necessarily been to replace essential nutrients. They also remind us that chemically pure water gonna be remineralized before consumption, though they admit I know it’s difficult if not impossible to reconstruct natural water. Let me tell you something. While ranging from gentlest forms of filtration to the increasingly more aggressive forms of refinement just like heat distillation, Just as I know it’s with food, there exists plenty of water processing techniques.

Consider, analogously, the example of the cereal grain wheat.

On the extreme end would’ve been whitish flour representing a lot more heavily processed type of the wheat berry.

While whole wheat flour is a more significantly, Whole wheat berries represent a minimally processed whole food kind of wheat, though still gently, processed food. This water would have come from either surface water streams, rivers, lakes, and dug wells or from ground water surfacing as springs, whose source were aquifers, deep pockets of stored water beneath the bedrock of the earth. Especially in reference to natural water as found in the biosphere, we are actually referring to an electrically dynamic matrix of H20 molecules in which positively and negatively charged ions are dissolved, when people speak of water. It will significantly improve the situation, so this wont completely remove the problem.

Greetings Daniel! When it reaches 006 it’s time to replace filter, the idea is to remain at ‘000 001’, tDS meter, the instructions says a 000001 is a perfect reading up to 301500. You could almost liken it to the quantity of minerals in a food. The TDS is the Total Dissolved Solids and is a way of quantifying how much mineral is dissolved in the water. It’s a well because demineralized water draws mineral out of your body and you urinate them out, You look for the number to not get will be as common as the phrase processed food, the term processed water has not yet become a part of our everyday vernacular.


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