is demineralized water good for you Guide talked a great deal about his use of crop rotation to maximize yield and prevent soil ‘burn out’, when we toured Jefferson’s Monticello a couple years ago. He was a brilliant man and so ahead of his time in this regard. This in turn raises serious questions about the extent of human exposure, and the potential effects of such exposure. Therefore, as far as pesticides go, virtually atrazine is the one most commonly found pesticide in drinking water. Of course these fake estrogens have become so common, they now have a name. They cause horrible aftereffects. Most of the worst effects are caused by the FAKE estrogens that so many chemicals contain. Besides, chemicals are supposed to make our lives easier. So. Consequently, mercola and Dr. You should take this seriously. Some conventional farmers also worry that increased restrictions on atrazine might result in lower yields and loss of income at a time when crop costs are already at a record low.

Hormone levels in increasing numbers of male patients are low.

Now this.

is demineralized water good for youUnfounded cholesterol fears that are causing less of it to be consumed as well as statin use are depriving the human system of this essential building block of testosterone. Excuse me if someone finds this to be gender inappropriate but it can not be excluded that Atrazine and cholesterol deprivation are just as significant as are social factors in the expanding LGBT base witnessed since the 1970s. Atrazine. The largest study26 of its kind found that people who often or always ate organic food had 65 percent lower levels of pesticide residues compared to those who ate the least percentage of organic produce. Eating organic is the best ways to lower your overall pesticide burden. However, refer to the Dirty Dozen list and buy organic as much as possible when you’re choosing foods that are listed as the ‘most contaminated’, if you need to prioritize.

On June 6, 2016, the EPA released a brand new risk assessment for atrazine dot 13 Its current view of the chemical suggests the agency might lower allowable levels and issue tighter regulatory limits on the chemical.

For this hypothesis, zero correlation exists between low testosterone levels and gay or straight humans.

None of these serious problems result in any animals or people becoming gay versus straight. Notice that there indeed are huge environmental problems resulting in lower testosterone and higher estrogen in living organisms, including people. By lowering immune function, so this endocrine type disruption also contributes to infections, diseases and dieoffs. The lactic acid bacteria formed throughout the fermentation of kimchi may actually are exposed to pesticides, eat fermented foods like kimchi. Therefore, it appears as if aerial spraying of atrazine may also occur here. Then, the most that ever seems to happen is they may restrict the guidelines under which it can be used. Our approving organisation is the APVMA is the regulatory body for pesticides here -Australian Pesticides and Veterinary jMedicines Authority.

Here in Australia we still allow 80 chemicals that are banned in the EU and although there appear to was many reviews -it appears to me that none have actually been withdrawn. We have atrazine -in fact -we should be worse than the US! There are other, far safer ways to reduce soil erosion and chemical runoff than using atrazine. This lecture by Gabe Brown, who is an international leader in soil health and sustainable farming techniques, describes processes that is all about as unnatural as it gets. It also creates the perfect environment for weeds to flourish. Large monocultures need to be broken up into smaller plots and rotated often with other crops. Then again, thankfully crops are not atrazine deficient.

Hey Syngenta -DUHH!

Nature does not exist in a vacuum.

Livestock needs to be part of the regime. If crops were atrazine deficient consequently we could not grow food without it. Meaning they can change sex to protect the continuation of the species, nonhermaphroditic fish that turn into females do not contribute to species survival, while some fish species are hermaphrodites. Keep your weapon well oiled and your powder dry. These studies are swept under the rug by chemical producers and big drug companies. Notice, the laughable government agencies that must protect us like the FDA and EPA allow the onslaught to continue. Then again, men are far more dangerous than women. Oftentimes transgenics, robotics, transhumanists, and all that stuff Men are being feminized on purpose as long as if men had their normal testosterone levels, they the majority of the awful things happening to us. Consequently, I know it’s a long period plane. Artizine is just one. This is not about being prejudice against gays.

is demineralized water good for you


Flouride in the water with pharmaceuticals keeps people dull and passive.

People think I am nuts when I say this but it’s done for quite a few reasons, one of which is to wipe out the human race as it currently it.

Sygenta -Turning men into women since 1985! Chemicals to the rescue for the elite. Certainly, my thoughts exactly. Now pay attention please. It should be interesting to see more research done to verify or refute the hypotheses mentioned here. Depends what and how one washes the bottles. Notice that I would think that repeated use of DEDICATED glass, distilled drinking water bottles should gradually diminish the PPZ down to nearly zero, that could possibly be a daunting task.

His intention is to eliminate it entirely by introducing other weed control techniques. The legal proceedings revealed that as many as 1 in 6 Americans were drinking atrazine contaminated water. Guess the cause?!? The actual question is. How about Kombucha? Gov’t waltzed in, offered them about $ 3mil. That’s right! Nature’s own population control? IF you do NOT use it to research agricultural and logging chemicals..which get into the water supplies, for sure. Suddenly, there were no more news stories of it. We ALL need to be aggressively purifying our potable water with properly rated filters or distillation with carbon pre and post filters.and bring on that kimchi!

Unless they moved away from their Rez, One tribe on the coast. Became unable to reproduce in general.


What’s in the water supplies, is what’s hitting everyone -has been for many decades, one can eat organic all they like. Some chemicals resist filtration by carbon Fluoride takes a special filter. Needless to say, does atrazine stay in the condensate from boiling or solar distillation, such that it will need filtration as well? LGBT community. Usually, don’t forget that the young adults of today are the generation that got hammered by the full mercury dose in the vaccine schedule. Mercury clogs up the body’s detoxing mechanisms which presumably allows all these endocrine disrupters to hang around and do their gender bending thing. Iowa, where Atrazine is very much in use. That’s why my household water is rainwater off the roof, collected in a 15000 gallon cistern, filtered down to one micron, disinfected with UV light, and run through a carbon block. Basically, basically, my water must be industrial farm runoff that made its way into a layer of sand in a river valley. Usually, the water would come from a sand point well next to the Des Moines River, So in case I hooked up to rural water.

Thank you for always providing us with such good information! Eating organic we also use a Berkey Water Filter which filters out most harmful substances. At some point, I do hope other contributors start doing what you, Actually I and a ‘few’ others do -call it out for what Surely it’s -cyber bullying. Sufficient epigenetic research exists to validate any kind of bigotry alters health profoundly in a not so good way. Although, stereotyping is practicing bigotry. Let me tell you something. Peace brother and sisters! However, hi Stanley We’ve read these stereotyping/character assassination before on this forum. None of it contributes to the quest for optimal health. So in case only for health reasons, Everyone should’ve been concerned about that. Every ethnicity has both bad actors and good characters -every ethnicity. On top of this, both groups are gender blind amount of concern surpassed nearly ‘200fold’ using ‘realworld’ scenarios for mammals, The risk assessment concluded the chemical may cause reproductive harm to mammals, fish and birds.

For fish and birds, atrazine exceeded the extent of concern by 62 and 22fold. Organic Consumers Association14 and Beyond Pesticides,15 created petitions urging Americans to push for a complete ban on atrazine. The EPA’s public comment period ended on October Time will tell if the agency will take appropriate measures to protect environmental and human health from this pernicious endocrine disruptor. For instance, if one consumes whole, nutritious food, that should help to offset the lack of mineralized water, at least at meal time. Notice, there been soooo many Mercola articles on compromised water quality,, that I will suggest a quick and cheap answer to all these water problems could be distillation. Dr. This is the case. There’re various mineral supplements, sea salt, and also baking soda that can be added to distilled drinking water for in between meals. On top of this, smallmouth bass are known to be very sensitive to pollutants, hence researchers use them as an indicator species when evaluating the ecological impact of environmental pollutants.

Europe at the time of Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster. Except surely no one except knows where the rain clouds come from, as I commented a couple of weeks ago so it is common practice on some Aegean islands where water is scarce. They don’t do elaborate filtering as you do as long as there is no industrial plants there. Atrazine, that like DDT and PCBs is ‘chlorinebased’, can persist in soil for 22 years!24 Considering the clear danger it poses to marine life, and the impact it would effectively ban the product from most uses if finalized as currently written, The Iowa Corn Growers Association has also spoken out against the report. BEST scenario for farmers and consumers alike, yet some farm groups have gone so far as to say the EPA’s plan to limit atrazine’s use will actually HARM the environment! Atrazine plays an important role in conservation tillage,1920 a farming practice that reduces soil erosion and runoff. Conservation tillage refers to the practice of applying atrazine to suppress or kill leftover vegetation in the field before the new planting season. With that said, the use of the chemical allows farmers to till the soil less, that reduces soil erosion and related problems. You see, chemical weed control remains an important pest management tactic in ‘reduced tillage’ agriculture.

Regardless of how effective cultural control strategies are, herbicides provide a way to manage weeds successfully with little or no tillage … Chemical approaches are depending on timing of herbicide application and include burndown, soil residual, and postemergence treatments.


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