The actual question is. How do you know exactly what really is in your water?

It’s essential to take a thorough look at the water you drink from where Undoubtedly it’s sourced, The average person’s body is around 70percent water it’s necessary to drink water to survive.


What elements are harmful to you your family’s health and why are they a concern? Learn the hard facts about your water and take your health back into your hands. Then again, learn more about these topics and even search for your water report by State Zip Code! Nevertheless, nearly any business can benefit from the positives of clean, filtered water just like lower costs per gallon, less corrosion and contamination from pipes and an overall better product to offer your consumers.

Our standard systems range from 14000 to 285000 GPM or can be customized for a higher GPM upon request. RO is a water purification technology that uses a semipermeable membrane to remove larger particles an array of contaminants. Acid in the body can occur from stress, diet, or environmental conditions just like smog. Advocates of alkaline water believe the higher alkalinity can neutralize the acid in your body and as long as they can not survive in an alkaline environment. Alkaline water occurs naturally when water passes over rocks and picks up minerals similar to calcium, potassium magnesium. Lead is a highly poisonous neurotoxin that can accumulate in both soft tissue and bone. Lead contamination is at the forefront of today’s media and is an unfortunate but common occurrence among schools homes for a reason of acidic water eroding old pipes or from the nature of the water relying upon location water source.


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