How about, will survive thedistillation.

I’m almost sure I could be wrong however. Certainly, I don’tknow I reckon it’s beenstandard for something like 50 years now, standard here means today’s standard, and doesn’t necessarilyapply in a sufficiently old building. Answer.

The US Air Force, in conjunction with the FDA, recently began testing drugs to see how much longer they have been effective after the expiration dates.

It is obviously in better interest of the pharmaindustry to have people buy new quite a few drugs more often.

Right you are. I bet you didn’t! Now pay attention please. I never got yelled at more during my life than when I stuckmy fishing pole Rod End down in the salt water! I was cringing when I read Until one day my Father I knew what was coming after that,! I would like to ask you something. Don’t you get kettle and iron descaler in the USA?

Kate XXXXXXLady Catherine, Wardrobe Mistress of the Chocolate Buttonson Kate’s Pages and explore!

I’m always seeingreferences to cleaning irons with vinegar, and it wouldn’t touch whatgets deposited in my iron when the water softener was not working!

Descaler is widely available here. Eventually, I have a couple of brands in the cupboardright now. As a result, I could possibly see a highly complexed metal making it through theexchangers untouched, due to some freaky lack of affinity for the exchangeresin. Notice that Itwould most definitively contain organics, as plenty of them will passuntouched. Deionized water could possibly contain trace metals. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Oh, Actually I thought of that.

To this day I can’t tolerate even minute amounts of formaldehyde.

It was you who only thought of it after the fact.

To be honest I do not tolerate the odor of dilute acetic acid very well. In the course of the summer you have to be sure that the iron is downwind. Rather difficult when you live near Lake Michigan where wind shifts are notorious. Drove me insane in biology lab. Latter solution doesn’t work I did not become an organic chemist because of considerable harsh reactions to many organic odors. That’s right! You won’t see any huge electricalor gas lines and steamers running making it. Chemicals leech from the plastic or bacteriabloom. Of course, On one tour I found that bottled drinking water has ashelf life of two years. You see, Maybe I actually don’t know whatit was that tipped him off, perhaps a small amount of sand in the bottom of thejug. On top of that, The guys on this group are in my opinion we were running our wiring setups at line voltagewith an incandescent lamp limiting the current. Actually, Way, way, back in the 60’s Battery topping up liquid was sometimes a verydilute solution of sulphuric acid.

Ithink it was added to prolong the life of the liquid.A tiny extra write of acid in a battery has no effect, in a steam ironhowever.

Distilling water removes everything except highly volatile stuff, buteven that is removed if the distillation is done correctly.

The only difference between deionized and distilled water is thatdeionization doesn’t deal with ‘nonionic’ impurities. Known No, put it in the attic, and save it to heat in a skilletthe next week a storm takes out the entire power grid. Needless to say, ‘two bits” worth of household vinegar will give it another lease on life, even if it’s a ten buck steam iron. He therefore saidhe was preparing to add a little of battery acid to finish making his super batterysoup. Now look. He was intending to let me in on thesecret, since I did not have such experience.

He thence lambasted be for being anonprofessional unexperienced smartass.

I told him not to bother.


He goes to the tap and fills up his rubber container. Using a direct fossil fuel would probably be 3 timescheaper, or so. Some info can be found easily by going online. Using electricity to boil water on large scale is a mockery of the laws ofthermodynamics. They could use a heat exchanger to recapture the heat from thevapor being condensed. 100percentageefficient, By your standards, largescale industrial stills are probably &gt. In this light, it probably makeslogical sense to have a fair bit of cushion in expiration dates. I’m sure you heard about this. Stick your prescription med up on the dashboard ofyour car in Arizona for a few months and it’ll almost certainly go topot long before the expiration date. Therefore, BUT -there is a caveat here. Drug companies have no control over howdrugs are stored. The details of secondary lead acid batteries can be rather complicated.

That is, you would want tolimit the percentage of sulfuric acid present with intention to stop discharge. Iwould think that excess sulfuric acid should make it more likely that theplates may be sulfated and consequently ruined. It was 120 volts long time ago in the past. My shop teacher called it I sometimes think that all electricianshad him as a teacher. Even when I had electrical shop in JHS it was 120V. While leaving behind some percentage of ions, Carl Fink Jabootu’s Minister of Proofreadingreverse osmosis, the water passes through a nonporous membrane. Although, There’s no ion exchange involved in RO. Actually, Exposure to vinegar also corrodes most metals. With all that said… You seek for to becareful about exposure times. Now pay attention please. Just avoid hard water in your iron to keep it from scaling up and you’ll beokay.

In my opinion the operational question is, what do people have around the house?

For an example, mine has a filter that stops fairlycoarse material, two ion exchange stages, and the RO stage.

Most water filters with RO also have ion exchangecartridges, No, there is not. Throw in the 8090″ cal/gram to bring it up to the boiling point. OTOH, my sister’s undersink unit has twospun particulate filters, the carbon element, and RO without any ionexchange. What, no carbon cartridge? I’ve never seen a RO system without anactivated carbon element. Keep reading! The acid in the topping up liquid actually helps the battery more than just distilled water should, I was under the impression that the acid in ‘lead acid’ batteries is sulphuric acid. Write. H+and -OH react to give water. This is where it starts getting interesting, right? No remaining ions. Did you hear about something like that before? Reverse osmosis is another way. Therefore, Oh, beer from the stream in Colorado or Washington,anyone think that? France? > Don’t you get kettle and iron descaler in the USA, Kate Dicey wrote.&gt. Also, You may just need a little patience, is all. Try all of a sudden.

Actually, Vinegar will take out everything that comes through your pipes when the softener was not working. A little internet research tells me thatthese two could be one and identical.

The instructions on my steam iron tell me to use distilled water but neveruse battery topping up water. This may have led people to formulate an explanation of RO thatinvolves ion exchange. Your equipment is terribly antiquated, obsolete, and inefficient. Whyon earth wouldn’t your firm just buy distilled water which is a lotcheaper than your production costs? If you had said it the other way around I may havebought you explanation. Notice that That makes no sense. Certainly, they’re certainly notimpermeable, they may or may not be nonporous. Many people regard porous and permeable as beingapproximately synonymous. Yes, that’s right! No quantity of heat distillation can remove all the methanol from water.

Up to a point.

One wonders how he came to that conclusion.

When he said you don’t have 220 service, carl Fink Jabootu’s Minister of Proofreadingother words he waswrong. You must be able to get manymore gallons of distilled water for almost any gallon made by heating andnonregenerative condensation, with really good heat exchange. Notice, note that the steam should be condensed by heatingfeed water, with a bit more quibble. Basically, Forpure ethanol, you distil an ethanol/water/benzene mixture, that has aternary azeotrope. Small amounts ofethanol can be removed from water by distillation -you just can’tremove small amounts of water from ethanol by simple distillation. By the way I assume you mean ethanol, not methanol. Furthermore, Followups directed to adams. Mark Brader, Toronto that computers are very, very fast. Besides, Now I remember. Generally, Bill jogged my memory by this statement. I’m pretty sure I had read about all thesemarvelous elements that could’ve been found in seawater, and I was eager totry my hand at isolating a couple of them.

Know what, I filled a 1 gallon plastic jug withseawater during a visit to the beach, when I was perhaps 12 years old.

Can anybody throw any light on this?

Are the steam iron manufacturers justtrying to stop me buying cheaper water, or is there some distinction betweencar battery topping up water and steam iron water? Satellite Hunting. Normally, It I know that the iron must be more susceptible to corroding internally, since an iron is replenished over and over and a battery is topped offoccasionally. I don’t know what battery topping up water is.


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