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Its exceptionally high ceilings put the roof as high as a typical ’35 story’ downtown building.

An automatic ‘selfcleaning’ screen filter is located on the full flow of water leaving the cooling tower since the HVAC system was installed nearly 20 years ago.

However, so that’s no ordinary commercial building, The large cooling tower sits atop this 28 story building. Press release from Aquatic Life.

Aquatic Life Introduces TwistIn Reverse Osmosis/Deionization Water Systems Creating highquality filtered water with a twist Expanding on its line of reverse osmosis and deionization water filtration systems,Aquatic Life is excited to introduce itsTwistIn RO/DI Systems into the aquarium marketplace.

Available in three stage and fourstage units, the new models feature twist in cartridges with pivoting heads for fast and easy replacement of filter media. What we found was that changing the cartridges was often the most. We took a step back and looked at what makes using RO and RO/DI units difficult.


This is the case. The new shape of the Mitras betrays the complete redesign of the cooling system, that now significantly better isolates the electronics from.

You’ll notice that the shape is somewhat different, while the general form factor and size of the Mitras remains mostly unchanged.

With the latest and greatest diodes, and lots of changes under the hood, the next generation Mitras has virtually identical LED cluster as before.

September 20 2016, Jake Adams -The Mitras LX7 is the first redesign of GHL’s fully featured LED light since the original Mitras LED was introduced a few years ago. It would’ve been a great, I wouldn’t expect to see one of these on a serious reefing aquarium. Aquarium magnifiers aren’t anything new and we’ve seen more robust looking setups like the Iversus Portal magnifying viewer that looks nice, is magnetic and will actually clean your glass, the simplicity of the Look In Sea appeals perfectly for kids.

This aquarium magnifier is shaped like a ships steering wheel and attaches the tank with a suction cup. September 20 2016, Brian Blank -Captain Gill’s Look In Sea a novel way to get kids excited about aquariums. Their extensive line includes smaller foods such asbaby brine shrimp, rotifers and spirulina, and larger meatier offerings of cyclopies, krill, silversides and clams. Needless to say, September 20 2016, Nicole Helgason -V2O foods offer highquality frozen food for corals, fish and marine aquarium invertebrates. That is interesting right? On their new website you can find foods conveniently grouped by specific aquarium livestock needs with a short description of any food. V2O Frozen Foods Two of their. Navigating their product line and choosing the right food for your needs can be overwhelming, and luckily V2O has justlaunched a totally new website which aims to solve just that.


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