But Sometimes Disasters Can Last Longer Than Anticipated: Methods For Purifying Water For Your Water Reserves

commercial water filterWater is the most important element when stocking up for a hurricane and similar disaster.

This is why you will need to purify it before consuming it. The recommended quantity is to store 3 water gallons per person for every day the disaster will presumably last. Loads of information can be found online. Since your source gonna be a river, should be harmful because of the microorganisms and pollutants in it. I am sure that the water would not only taste and smell bad. Knowing how to purify water from an alternative water source could potentially save your life, sometimes, disasters can last longer than anticipated. It is always a better idea to get water from moving sources if you can.

The most popular method for purifying water is through boiling it.

commercial water filterDon’t use bleach which is dyed or perfumed. This method will kill harmful microorganisms and pathogens. That all parasites and pathogens get killed, you must let it boil for a whole minute. Seriously. Add a few more drops, Therefore if the water doesn’t smell slightly like chlorine. Remember, it’s done by dropping 2 liquid drops chlorine bleach for almost any quart of water, or 4 drops if the water is particularly murky. That’s right! You’d better shake it and let it sit for 60 minutes. Still, boiling the water doesn’t clean the water from chemicals, salts or heavy metals.



They are inexpensive and quite efficient for ‘short term’ or emergency use. As it purifies the water from the harmful microorganisms as well as the heavy metals, distillation is quite efficient minerals, salts and most chemicals. One tablet is used for any quart of water. They contain chlorine and iodine which kills the harmful pathogens in water. Distillation is boiling and collecting the condensed vapor of the water. Actually the water must sit for 30 minutes.

Purification tablets.

Filtering water can remove debris including radioactive fallout.

It is an ideal idea to buy a commercial water filter which can kill almost any kind of bacteria and pathogens. You going to be able to get water which is perfect for drinking and which can be stored, if you combine a couple of these methods. Just after that distil it to remove the harmful microorganisms, of all, filter all the debris and particles, heavy metals and salts, after which you can chlorinate it just if. This water can be stored and is safe to drink at a later time. If you don’t have one, you can use a cloth, charcoal, sand, pebbles and a bunch of other materials to filter out the impurities, it can be done with special water filter.


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