But Without Atmosphere Can There Be Life On A Planet With Water: But As It So Happens

deionizationWhat are the technical/scientific details behind the process of water deionization?

The mechanism is to apply external pressure to water and force it to go through a layer or layers of semipermeable membrane. The question is. How does deionization machines like those manufactured by Millipore work, right? Most cost/energy efficient method to make deionized water is reverse osmosis.

There’s really no such thing as a planet or moon without any atmosphere. As it so happens, the object in our solar system most often pointed out to possibly harbour life is Jupiter’s moon Europa, atmos P

a =1μPa

=1\mu Pa, that probably has oceans under a thick layer of ice.


The answer to the top question is a likely yes.

Which means all life on this planet is relegated to underground / under ice conditions. For the most part there’s no surface liquid water on this planet.

Answer to the remaining questions is purely speculative. For the most case, what we consider ‘Earth like’ all finds it’s energy roots from the sun. In the far depths of the oceans on Earth exist my be hard stretched to even call earth like. Furthermore, it’s way more likely that this life gonna be completely alien to us in plenty of manners. In the vast depths, sunlight is no longer available and life relies on some creative techniques to get it’s constant supply of energy. Yes, Therefore if you are willing to extend the title of ‘Earth like’ to a lot of the alien looking creatures at the bottoms of our oceans.

Because of its close orbit to Proxima, studies of similar systems indicate that atmospheric losses can be relativelyvery small I’d also like to point out that a tight orbit does not imply tidal locking as is commonly assumed, Proxima b suffers from ‘X ray’ fluxes that are approximately 400 times that experienced by Earth.

This is especially favored for an eccentric orbit, and large planets farther out will drive that eccentricity. Look at the case of our own planet Mercury! Basically, having an odd half multiple for spin/orbit resonance is a more stable situation and now thought to be a regular case, as this lecture explains. A well-known fact that is. Orbital inclination will cause ‘north south’ movement of the sun in the sky.

With little or no needs, the main proper consideration we may have is underground or aquatic life forms, or different ways for acquiring oxygen, and similar fuel substances. This way, it should work, as it’s definitely not unusual for life to evolve in such environments. Other sources there’re many that’s just the way Undoubtedly it’s answers in biology that a solitary way we do it here. Whether it’s written in java or perl the app still runs, and I therefore it’s quite possible something that lives in water should be at least as familiar as a bit of our locals.


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