Citations – See I Didn’T Make This Up – Why Nursery Water Isn’T For Babies: The Joke’s On Us

is distilled water the same as purified water And therefore the fluoride is added, I’d say in case you drink city water. Mixing infant formula with tap water should cover your baby’s needs. Huzzah! Anything less than 3 ppm fluoride will mean you can supplement with Nursery Water without worrying about overdosing. Fact, if you drink well water you will need to get it tested. So here is the question. Would you so recommend using tap water? Chicagoland area. Also, tap water tastes a little funky to me. For example, lake Michigan is good for us as we have plenty of freshest/cleanest water in the country. Just think for a moment. Melanie, To be honest I live in the southeastern Wisconsin area, and I will run our tap water through a filter like Brita or something. Besides, every year we get a pamphlet from the city laying out how our tap water tested, and I use that as a what are we doing this year kind of guide.

I would try the purified water, if the tap water tastes a little funky.

Hope this can even when you should be a little low on the natural minerals, your baby’s formula, breastmilk, and eventually solids can make up that difference. You should use that for toothless infants. You should take this seriously. Nursery water also has a nonfluoridated version. For instance, when fluoridation started it was always a risk/reward proposition. Furthermore, less tooth decay for increased fluroosis. Lots of information can be found easily online. Even alternative health organizations can have high research standards, and the ones he cites just don’t cut it, Although Mercola provides references, they tend to be misapplied or unreliable. What about the nursery water without any added flouride?

is distilled water the same as purified water So it’s steam distilled specifically states NO ADDED FLOURIDE on the container, That is what we use to mix our formula.

Than great, which would’ve been better. If I am mixing powdered formula with bottled water….which is what I use when I make powdered…is it preferable to be using Distilled Water, or Pure Mountain Spring Water for the minerals? Any ideas? Distilled…but therefore read online that And so it’s stripped of everything and it So it’s actually better to use Spring. Worst case, you could alternate from side to side between purified and spring. That said, if you’d rather not toss those spring water bottles, I don’t think it will hurt her to use those. Needless to say, hope this helps Pamela!

I would choose purified water first, So in case you’re avoiding tap water.

I’m happy to have your comment to let people know that option is now available, with that said, this article was written with the information I had A non fluoride option did not appear when I did the research for this article ‘ohsomanymonths’ ago.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard/seen a ‘non fluoride’ added version. As a result, there’s nothing wrong with purchasing a nonfluoride version of water, just double check whether the price reflects the product, and not the marketing. Fact, we have a scientific research study done from the most prestigious Universities in the World. She keeps an awful rash on her bottom that the doctors say is a yeast rash.


Pls post back with comments and advice!

It seems like she was having problems with her bowl since she came to the premises.

We can’t find out what’s causing her upset tummy. Therefore, are giving my five month old daughter nursery water since she was three months old. We have switched formulas a few times but still the diarrhea continues. Fact, has anybody ever seen this when using nursery water? Hi. Therefore, she was a preemie and I’m the nicu for the first three her life months. At her first appointment, the pediatrician said it’s perfectly fine to use our tap water. For the first week or so, we boiled water to make formula, hereafter had to cool it. By the way I had no information people used special water to make formula, before I had my first baby. The water type is printed in upper right corner of Nursery Water label. You need to buy the nofluoride added version to mix with baby formula. Nursery Water comes in both added fluoride andno fluoride added versions. Just read the label. Walmart usually has both versions, about $ 88/gallon. You can find a lot more information about this stuff on this site. My teeth are quite rotten, and I wish that we would have had fluoridated water when I was a kid.

Our kids have gotten fluoridated nursery water from day one, and we have given them each vaccine we can get.

Whenever splitting hairs to some, the proper usage would lend veracity to your article.

They are both very, very healthy. Fluorine is the element Fluoride is the ion of Fluorine. Of course it seems like many parents outsmart themselves whenever it boils down to medical problems these days. It isn’t fluoridated and it’s only $ 88 a gallon. Now let me tell you something. Hi talking about this fluoride. Like a dollar when she goes through a gallon in about a week well the next week we went to the store we found this baby water brought out by gerber. Well the things the doctors didn’t tell me about nursery water. Make sure you write a comment about it in the comment form. Well we bought the nursery water and it was kind of expensive. Nothing for that matter. Europe and most countries has now removed flouride from a lot of their products altogether!

is distilled water the same as purified water

Where did you cite your facts that fluoride is in breastmilk?


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