City Rates Take Effect July – Saving Water In Santa Barbara – Most High End Ro System Have A Drain Ratio Of 4-1

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Here are Sol Wave Water we are committed to helping our community with water conservation.


Let us a brand new softener, you need a professional to check the settings and calibrate it for today’s water hardness and salt efficiency standards. That means that for each one purified gallon water you make you are sending 4 gallons to drain, Most high end RO system have a drain ratio of 4 1″. Our new OnetoOne reverse osmosis system is the cutting edge in water efficiencyfordrinking water systems. Our first visit is free. We can help! Most water softeners, or soft water systems, are not calibrated correctly.

New Water rates will go into effect on July 1 and could be reflected in August utility bills. The contract for construction is expected to be awarded by Council in July, and the desal plant is expected to be online and supplying water in the fall of 2016 at a capacity of 3125 acrefeet per year. On June 16, City Council approved the design contract for the reactivation of the desal plant. On top of that, additional revenues are needed for this new supply. The city is currently in the 4th year of historic drought and is relying in all customers to practice extraordinary conservation to reduce water usage and preserve remaining water supplies. Usually, the City’s updated water rates reflect the cost if reactivating the City’s Charles Meyer Desalination Facility with intention to meet the City’s water supply needs. Due to the drought, the City is facing increased costs to maintain essential water service, including the cost of water supplies form ground water, water purchasing and desalination. Keep reading! Due to better loan terms, and a design concept that will save in operating costs, the annual cost of desal is less that originally estimated.

Even with desalination, we are relying on our community for extraordinary conservation measures and a reduction in water usage of 25percent City wide compared to 2013 usage.

In connection with your water softener your dishes might be cleaner using less soap products and shall not require you to re rinse to remove soap that hard water leaves behind, This is as you are starting with clean water. Oftentimes for more information, visit SantaBarbaraCA. Our water customers are doing a nice work so far by reducing water use by a cumulative average of 24 compared to The city’s Water Conservation Program is here to help customers evaluate and reduce landscape watering, check for leaks, read their meter, and learn about rebates and resources.


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