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Separation Equipment.

Lantec HD Q PAC high capacity plastic coalescing media increases water flow rates and improves oil recovery through oil water separators.

Separators using the media can operate at liquid rates up to 12 gpm/ft2 and at similar time remove as much as 9999percent of oil droplets 20 microns and larger. It does this in a single process with feedwaters containing up to 450 total ppm dissolved solids. The media’s high coalescing surface is two to three times the effective surfaces of competitive media. Of course the ‘Eco Tec’ TriFlo Demineralizer produces very high purity water required to feed critical and super critical boilers.


Oftentimes space requirements for the unit are significantly less than for alternative equipment.

Serfilco offers chambers to provide lots of systems for virtually any ion exchange need, including deionization, dealkalizing, and water softening applications. Whenever mining and boiler feed applications requiring deionization, the company offers deionization systems in separate bed and mixedbed configurations, For ultrapure. With a resistivity of 10 megohms or higher, product water is low in dissolved solids. Silica.

Resin chambers.

Nextteq has released the Gastec Sulfide Ion Detector Tube no.

This tube provides a method for detecting sulfide ion levels in a solution. That said, in just 2 to 3 minutes, direct reading tubes produce a quantitative color stain that quickly pinpoints problem areas. Fact, parker Hannifin Process Filtration Div. The calibration scale, printed directly on every tube, provides on the spot results that are easy to read. Known no color comparison chart is required in case you want to help determine the results, unlike the traditional methyl blue testing method. The MegaFlow Series filter cartridge provides flow rates up to 250 gpm per 40 inch cartridge, manufactured with FDA compliant polypropylene.


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