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deionized water benefits Culligan is the leading provider of commercial and industrial water treatment systems and services. For years we was providing high purity water solutions to the industrial marketplace. Differing water sources, applications, flow rates and treated water qualities mean that each business has different process water requirements. Normally, while cooling towers, food service, laundry and vended services, Culligan customers can realize substantial benefits by using treated water in boilers, hot water heaters. As well as softer, take the small step to upgrade water quality and enjoy great tasting water and ice brighter linens. By reducing scale and iron buildup with softeners and filtration, your staff will find cleaning much easier, and require fewer detergents.


Alkalinity is often a limiting factor of efficient boiler operations. Alkalinity contributes to boiler water corrosiveness and high chemical and water usage. Culligan services what we sell and more! From car washes to restaurants, a dealkalizer will be the solution for your business. Anyways, besides being corrosive, these unwanted minerals could make water taste bitter or salty. Now let me tell you something. No large capital investment, no labor cost, no maintenance costs, no chemical cost, no waste treatment problems. Culligan’s Portable Exchange Deionized tank service provides all the excellencies of deionized water without the high cost. Whenever treating boiler feed water, and identical commercial and industrial applications, Culligan manufactures deionizers for removing unwanted minerals.

Choose the automatic deionization system that gives you the amount of water purity you need, ‘strongbase’ or weak base.


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