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pure water solutions We were about to move in to our recently purchased rural home and I knew that the well water had I’m pretty sure I called Ross to schedule the install, and he was there the next morning at We had completely safe, healthy and delicious drinking water before lunchtime. Thanks. Oftentimes they do it all for me and I don’t necessarily need to break my back lifting those heavy water bottles. Never need to lift bottles or even maintain cleaning it. My office was using Pure water Solutions for problems. Ross was so helpful and competent. Thanks for the excellent water and great customer service. Ross had me sold when he said I would never have to lift another bottle in my busy office again. Make sure you leave suggestions about it in the comment box. Does not take very much space in general and the water has no smell or bad taste anymore. Of course, great service and great water.


Being a physical therapist I new Ross had a great point when he said getting top-notch water while working out is crucial to your muscles and overall health. Great water system that almost any business must have. Water Softener. On top of this, the other companies were either they’ve been not forthcoming with helpful information. Whenever removing iron and installing a brand new water softener, Ross Rambach, PURE WATER SOLUTIONS, was The Best regarding the providing Free Water Analysis. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Ross gave us a money back guarantee and could not been nicer to work with, AND the system he installed is excellent. You can find some more information about this stuff here. Highly recommend him! I’m almost sure I can’t say enough about his customer service and his professionalism, He gave us a bunch of important information that helped us make the right decision. We are very pleased with the water softener and reverse osmosis systems installed by Pure Water Solutions. For instance, the price was better than competitors. The difference in water quality is amazing. Ross explained everything and was installed within two days.


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