Deionized Water – Deionized Water Is Just Water That Has Had The Ions Removed

deionized waterDeionized water has a name that defines exactly what it is.

Deionized water is just water that has had the ions removed. That your tap water has many ions derived from the ground, pipes, and similar sources. Deionized water is nothing like your tap water. Think of it as similar to ultrapurified water! Humans shouldn’t drink deionized water since important minerals attained from drinking regular water are removed. Continued consumption of highly purified water would leave many body devoid needed minerals like calcium, magnesium, and sodium. In fact, hard consumption water or water with minerals is encouraged due to its association with beneficial cardiovascular effects.


There are many reasons why industries will ‘de ionize’ water.

deionized waterThe ions in water can cause interference with a few different substances. Of course, chemists often use deionized water to conduct experiments to determine what was contained in soil or smoke. The contaminants could interfere with the experiment result in the wrong conclusions, if they used regular water. Additionally, deionized water does not conduct electricity as much as water with ions in it does. As a detergent, deionized water is also used to dilute concentrated anti freeze in the perfume industry, in creating circuit boards and other technological equipment, in automotive cooling systems, and even in freshwater and marine aquariums! There are plenty of industries that currently and will continue to use deionized water.

It must be regulated, since deionized water is used in so many industries.

Under the International Organization for Standardization, purified water was classified into three grades. Water that is Grade 3 is the deionized least purified water while Grade 1 is the most purified. Victory Blue uses Grade 1 water to ensure purity maximum amount is maintained, the highest grade required for DEF is Grade 3. And now here’s the question. Why does the urea have to be dissolved in purified water? The answer to that lies in the Selective Catalytic Reduction system. The SCR system is extremely sensitive to chemical impurities and minerals, that could lead to damages and then losses. Using tap water for DEF could create corrosion or even a total system malfunction. DEF must be created using the purest water available!


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