Demineralized Water

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H20 Labs 4 litre water distiller to produce pharma quality 0ppm pure water in original structure H2 Pyramed ionic silver maker that produces 400ml per hour net production at 8 10ppm ionic solution.


The big pharma trolls are striving to combine these with silver so they can patent the application. Hundreds of natural foods have antibacterial properties. Hundreds of ounces of pure silver. Seriously. On top of that, source of water. You don’t need antibiotics. Most illnesses are caused by chronic mineral deficiency. Berkey water filter for initial clean up. Because it has no oxygen molecules it needs all the oxygen molecules from the germ which kills it dead. You see, personally I don’t drink it but many people do and have done so for many years without ill effects. However, you have to drop some comments about it in the comment box. The nano size silver ion is small enough to pass through any cell wall known pathogen or virus.


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