Demineralized Water – All This Plastic Takes 47 Million Gallons Of Oil To Produce

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Pick up a reusable water bottle, and fill it with perfectly pure, ‘steam distilled’ water that you distill yourself.

All this plastic takes 47 million gallons of oil to produce, and only 20percentage of these plastic bottles are ever recycled. Stop wasting money on bottled water. While in line with Mother Nature Network, bottled water produces 5 million ns of plastic waste any year, In fact.


Now let me ask you something. Your best option? An efficient design will likely have a counter flow heat exchanger thereby keeping the temperature difference between the opposing streams as high as possible theoretically leading to a great efficiency. You should take this seriously. The issue with domestic appliances is going to be that they are unlikely to recoup latent huge amount heat energy available when the steam is condensed anywhere near as efficiently as a centralised producer could.

Something to note when you see filter system companies talking about distilled water leaching minerals.

Some people add a small quantity of dolomite clay powder or Celtic or Himalayan sea salt to get a better mix of minerals than what you get in reprocessed tap water, and filters dont get the drug and anti biotic residues out, whereas distillation does. For example, just a tip. Minerals amount leached out of your body in a day from drinking three distilled quarts water can be replaced by eating a single grape, as indicated by leading health expert Andrew Weil.


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