Demineralized Water: Energy Is One Of Them

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Treated municipal wastewater is a virtually untapped resource. It is critical that we seek to spur increased adoption of water reuse -a strategy that allows the world to take advantage of a water source constantly replenished every day regardless of drought or climate change. Energy is one of them. For example, it also means we can capture other valuable byproducts from wastewater. Known it’s a gap that needs to be closed. It’s a well less than 4 that percent water is reused, in North America, 75 wastewater percent is treated.

There is a growing focus, mainly in Europe, on removing micro pollutants from wastewater streams.

di water system designAdvanced technologies like GE’s MBR with MACarrier, that combines membrane bioreactor technology with powdered activated carbon, can be a simplistic, stable and costeffective process scheme for micro removal pollutants. Nevertheless, switzerland and Germany are two such countries leading the way. Let me tell you something. Certain regions of Germany, for the sake of example, have adopted targets for removal and are providing significant funding for research, feasibility studies and plant upgrades. Therefore this technology is also proving beneficial for other treatment contaminants of emerging concern.


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