Demineralized Water Is Water That Is Said To Be Completely Or Almost Completely Free Of Minerals – Inspired Water

This past weekend I noticed a new water refill station in my local grocery store.

You may know what I’m talking about, it’s a small station where people refill large containers of water for a minimal fee. These stations are often seen at your local super store, drug store, pharmacy or health food store. According to The World Health Organization, this kind of demineralized water may be harmful to your body and bones, although it may seem like a good idea. As a result, off, let me explain what demineralized water is. Demineralized water is water that is said to be completely or almost completely free of minerals. This demineralized water is produced any of a number of way including -boiling, deionization, filtered through a thin membrane or electrodyal.


Health experts have reported that the longer you drink demin water, the more likely you are of flushing out vital minerals in your body and as well placing your body into an acid state.

It was known almost since time beginning that minerals in tap water are good for your health. Natural water sources usually contain small quantities of some essential elements and micro elements, including copper, manganese, cobalt, iodide, molybdenum and zinc and suchlike The essential elements and micro elements in water usually exist as free ions. Basically, they are more easily absorbed from water compared to food, where they are mostly bound to other substances.

such lack elements in drinking water may have a significant impact on your health, since the modern diet quite often does not provide adequate minerals and microelements. Some brands of bottled water are produced with demineralizing same technique fresh water, only they add certain minerals back to the water for a desirable taste. Such water may still lack other essential elements and microelements that are normally present in natural water sources. Better solution and sustainable method would be to use an effective water filtration system to remove chlorine, heavy metals and other major contaminants from your tap water, it may seem ‘ecofriendly’ to refill large jugs of water.


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