Demineralized Water: It Has Nothing To Do With The Acid In Your Stomach

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Comments You can pour your RO water into the pitcher and have great water that is both clean and remineralized.

The pancreas dumps bicarbonate into the small intestine if the incoming pH fluid varies from a 1 pH level. Bicarbonate is an incredibly effective buffer which means it will quickly modify the pH to the level the body requires.

That is why every RO system seller takes a Cal/Mag supplement of some sort.


On top of this, the guy ld me I was an idiot for believing that long period of time consumption of RO water without taking some type of Cal/Mag supplement was unhealthy. Well, the thinking has changed day as people now understand that drinking RO water long period will deplete your body of calcium and magnesium unless you use supplements. Now look. VP of a water company that sells tens of thousands of RO systems per year. You are correct that the membrane in a RO system is essentially a very fine filter. With all that said… So, drinking water devoid of minerals will cause long period health problems.

It has nothing to do with the acid in your stomach. One bicarbonate teaspoon mixed in a glass of water will neutralize more acid that 10000 pH liters 10 water as water ain’t a buffer. Feeling horrible and concerned. When we put in a RO on our fridge I started drinking what I thought was good water. Also, rO water was removing essential nutrients and I am convinced that is what caused the nightly cramping. Anyway, after a couple weeks of drinking only RO water I started cramping nightly! Did you hear of something like that before? With RO water, the filter is really a dispenser as the equation filtration part is done by the RO system. The cramping stopped within the week! Consequently, we left to my daughters house to visit for three weeks and I started drinking regular tap water and smart water in bottles. That said, let’s say, tDS before a RO system will typically have higher TDS after the RO system than an entirely different source water that begins with a lower TDS. In the short run, it doesn’t matter what any pH is food or drink that you put in your stomach as long as the body uses bicarbonate as a buffer in the GI tract.

Maxx for a couple of years in my kitchen and my family loves it.

You are wise to be skeptical being that the internet has lots of agenda driven advice. There are also many places where drinking well water without a RO system can cause serious illness. Buy a low cost, if you look for a less expensive solution. I’m sure you heard about this. On top of that, we have the water delivered from a local water company who provides us with reverse osmosis 5gal containers that we mount on a water cooler machine. The water ionizer industry has earned a bad reputation for slimy behavior among the various owners companies. Just keep reading! That’s right! Now pay attention please. It really depends upon what actually is in the source water. Seriously.

If you are worried about minerals -get them from food/supplements.

Let me ask you something. Why should you injest poisons just to get a tiny quantity of minerals? Do you know an answer to a following question. They say injedting fluoride and getting vaccines is fantastically healthy! RO takes out the poisons. Nonetheless, with all that said. If the soil is depleted of minerals what makes you think tap water is beneficial? That said, the body doesn’t leach calcium out of teeth and bones and magnesium thyroid out since If a RO system must be used it’s vital to remineralize the water. Anyone believing what the WHO says about health is simply naive.


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