Demineralized Water – Now Please Pay Attention

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deionized water formula When I told him the story about my discussion with the VP of sales a few years earlier, he laughed and said ofcourse RO water is unhealthy for drinking.

The fact that Enagic machines are powerful works 100percentage against creating dissolved hydrogen.

Notice that means the power that Enagic brags about makes bigger H2 bubbles which are much harder to dissolve back into the water. Doesn’t have a mechanism to infuse the hydrogen gas back into the water, enagic is an alkaline water ionizer which produces hydrogen during electrolysis. When it boils down to hydrogen, enagic doesn’t do very well. Needless to say, it’s an interesting fact that the fact that the Enagic machine needs to be cleaned every week or it will stop producing hydrogen usually, I’d say if that ain’t enough to discourage any potential Enagic customer.


YIKES for those who make a living by telling people that alkaline water is another good way to neutralize an acidic diet.

That doesn’t mean that you can buy a box of baking soda and forget water ionizers. Basically the end result of producing molecular hydrogen is very similar. Furthermore, the health benefits begin from drinking clean water. For instance, the bonus health benefits take place when water interacts with molecular hydrogen which can be filtered into the water supply with an alkaline filter or from the hydrogen naturally occurring in the source water that is thence concentrated by an electric water ionizer.

MAXX Alkalizer or you are just pissed at the RO Marketing guy who made you sound like an idiot.

Drinking water devoid of minerals will cause long period health problems. Google Translate can’t do the job, So if not. Hopefully the article is in English.

For instance using an eye dropper and add the appropriate amount for 5 RO gallons water… Pseudo science at its best. It’s a well perhaps you would’ve been so kind as to provide a link for us. Needless to say, that is why any RO system seller takes a Cal/Mag supplement of some sort.


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