Demineralized Water – The ‘010 Milligram’ Per Liter Mcl For Hexavalent Chromium

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On May 28, OAL approved the regulations, that were effective on July Readers interested in hexavalent levels chromium in their drinking water must refer to their water systems’ annual Consumer Confidence Reports.


The ‘010 milligram’ per liter MCL for hexavalent chromium, equivalent to 10 micrograms per liter, became effective on July 1, The regulations are included in Drinking WaterRelated Regulations, in the Drinking Water Law Book. In 1991 raised the federal MCL to 100 µg/ California did not follow US EPA’s change and stayed with its 50µg/L standard, the US Environmental Protection Agency adopted similar 50 µg/L standard tor total chromium. OEHHA also prepared a PHG fact sheet. Anyways, many CCRs for California water systems are available on the US EPA’s CCR website.

Chromium6 is regulated under the 50 µg/L primary drinking water standard is a required nutrient.

In August 2013 CDPH proposed a MCL for chromium6″ of 010 milligram per liter and announced the proposed availability MCL for public comment, as rulemaking part process. By the way, the CDPH Office of Regulations’ webpage includes the regulations, reasons initial statement, the final statement of reasons, and identical information. The public comment period closed in October CDPH reviewed the comments submitted by interested parties and responded to them in reasons final statement, here’s final part hexavalent MCL regulations package.


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