Digestive Dilution Enzymes Makes Little Sense: Demineralized Water

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is deionized water good for youThere can be exceptions, just like concerns of transient bloating if excessive amounts of fluid are consumed while the food remains in the stomach.

Digestive dilution enzymes makes little sense, as enzymes attach themselves to specific parts of a specific food component. The issue there’s molecules number of enzymes versus molecules number of their food component target. Obviously, there a serious issue for those with gastroesophageal reflux, as the extra volume in the stomach might motivate some sloshing up onto the esophagus while the stomach is doing its thing. Water ain’t a target for enzymatic action so it has no huge impact at this stage.


There is aerophagia potential issue, the swallowing of air while one eats or drinks that subsequently leads to belching and is mostly confused with indigestion.

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is deionized water good for youIn fact, it can contribute to satiety and decrease calories total amount consumed, The point is that consuming water, or a ‘water based’ food, is fine. On Nutrition, Ed Blonz, c/o Universal Uclick, 1130 Walnut St. June 2005 Obesity issue Research looked at overweight women on a calorie controlled ‘weight loss’ program. That said, it was reported that having a soup with a lower energy density at a meal start led to more diet than consuming similar number of calories in the type of a highenergydensity snack food. Certainly, due to mail volume, private replies can not be provided. Nevertheless, kansas City, MO, Send email inquiries to questions@blonz.


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