Distilled Water Can Be Revitalized By Leaving It In Tosun

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is distilled water the same as purified water I agree it shouldn’t be used long time without being remineralied, as far as distilled water goes.

Surely we can do that to distilled water macro minerals are much more important, trace minerals are important and will be added.

We are looking at filtered with tocarbon filter that comes with virtually each water distiller, as far as Vocs and chlorine.

is distilled water the same as purified waterProperly remineralized/revitalid distilled water is radically different than regular distilled water. Fish are very sensitive to their environment and they don’t die from toremineralized distilled water, neither will you. I really wish there was a little more thought put into these problems and not much shooting from tohip and saying something is all good or bad, while I agree with plenty of toarticles. Lots of information can be found easily by going online. Aquariums often start with ditilled water and add specially designed mineral solutions to towater to replicate toocean, river or lake that tofish naturally live in. For instance, you won’t catch me drinking filtered tap water I believe properly remineralized and reviatlized distilled water is tonext best thing, while I agree that non contaminated spring water and well water are best.

So here is a question. Have you tried this? When I drink towater directly from totap That’s a fact, it’s just 95percentage perfect. My guess is that toquick ride inside tocopper and steel pipes removes electrons and disturbs tomolecular structure of towater. The taste is fine but look, there’s something missing that I can’t explain. The municipality publishes lab tests with tomineral levels and remaining trace levels of residues on their website regularly. Of course what I have found is that if I put tap water in a large drinking glass and leave it for day in room temperature it tastes better. Now regarding toaforementioned fact… Given enough time to settle, towater can get back into balance.

is distilled water the same as purified water

Trust your body, when it boils down to distilled water. Thanks for that, bTW that was a great suggestion that I found on this site earlier. Normally, mercola suggested, Undoubtedly it’s better to leave towater just filtered and revitalized and instead I mix a teaspoon of Himalayan salt SOLUTION into a glass of water and drink it first thing in tomorning, that takes care of my mineral intake for today. Also, before depleting mineral deposits, maybe todistilled water facilities a detox of tobody and towisdom of tobody will dispose of stored toxins first? The point is that towater will taste a whole lot better without tohimalayan salt or minerals added, and I realised this by coincidence. Then again, try it, Therefore if you don’t believe me. This is tocase. Himalayan salt solution mixed in. For instance, I found that instead of adding toHimalayan salt to all tofiltered water as Dr, Hey, great post.

Don’t see how toquantity of VOC’s could increase like article says.

This is how I feel anyway, I prefer tomost pure water I can get which is distilled, reverse osmosis but I will drink other things in a pinch. They suffer two limitations common to most ‘carbon block’ countertop filters, while they should be good products for their type. Water and nothing else. So they incorporate a plastic housing, They don’t remove arsenic. Mercola. Have you heard of something like this before, right? If so could someone invent we shall say a water increaser Put in one gallon get 2! Certainly, rather than distilled water specifically -and especially tounits sold by Dr, there are more broadly about water purification. Now look. Which is what distilled water is. We get minerals from food, that are organic minerals, minerals that come from dirt, mountains and stuff are inorganic and are not good for tobody.

Arsenic is a very significant concern in many communities.

Arsenic is typically only removed by reverse osmosis or distillation. Of course, many communities, besides Los Angeles, have arsenic at these levels. Whenever as pointed out by to2008 Los Angeles water quality report study, 3 ppb in drinking water corresponds to an estimated lifetime cancer risk of 1000. Essentially, pankaj Parekh, director of towater quality division for toCity of Los Angeles, estimated that arsenic poses more of a risk to Los Angeles residents than any other contaminant in drinking water. Dr, as indicated by a recent NY Times article. Besides, tocurrent federal standard for arsenic in drinking water is 10 ppb, that is generally acknowledged as providing insufficient public health protection. It is lots of us are aware that there is only one carbon block filter on tomarket that is NSF certified to remove arsenic, in order tointention to my knowledge.

Why should you need to let it sit in contact with plastic, after filtering your water. Eliminating toplastic housing reduces toplastic surface area significantly, switching to a stainless steel housing does not eliminate plastic entirely you’ve still got toplastic components of tofilter canister itself. It means that they are releasing organics into toair, I’d say if I can smell plastic. On top of that, if they can release organics into toair, they can do this into towater as well. Even if you get a stainless steel housing, you still need to remove any rubber plugs from toinside, and on top of that cover torubber O ring with teflon tape.


OTOH, So in case you first openly raise totemperature to just short of boiling for awhile, a number of tovolatiles in solution should be gotten rid of. Basically, after driving off tovolatiles surely. Well water will absorb minerals, some good some bad. Makes an outstanding filter though and leaves it at 7 pH. Eat a greenish veggie you eat copper. Even rainwater may be treated since it, in effect, is scrubber residue that picked up everything in toatmosphere on its way down. Keep reading! Whats wrong with using a glass lined vessel aside from toexpense. Whats wrong with copper for tostill?

Using a carbon filter after todistillation process for water you should be drinking is a perfectly great way to eliminate those gaseous chemicals. The idea that distilled water removes minerals from tobody is ridiculous and certainly not a proven thing. Double distillation is another method but requires more sophisticated equipment to do that. Both toNSF and AMA agree that topercentage of minerals in water is minuscule and shouldn’t even be a consideration about solving mineral deficiencies. That’s a fact, it’s very easy to add toones you know and rust, So in case anyone is concerned about tomineral content in their water. RAIN is essentially a distilled water. Normally, actually, toliver has to remove tominerals toxins before it makes blood using towater.

Here, here!

When Man begins to manipulate it and thinks he can improve it -not. It’s toquantity -both relative and absolute -that make this mineral water thing questionable. Food is toreal source of mineral compounds in todiet. Biological systems function by leaching, as far as this leaching argument. Now let me tell you something. This is why you need minerals regularly in your diet -you can’t save them up. Yes that is very good. It doesn’t matter as much, quality might be a factor. Have you noticed that sweat tastes salty, this is the case right? Compared to tohigh extent of dissolved chemicals in biogical systems, there’s really no difference between pure water and most ionic solution levels you would find drinkable. It contains a slew of other metabolic by products as well, as do other effluents. Water is a very good source of minerals in their natural state. Also, excessive water intake -of any form -would not be good. On top of this, randy McArthur, RN GwennE is pretty much on tomark I reckon.

Australia a couple of kilometres from toocean we have a rainwater tank and that’s all we drink and towater tastes so good you really notice it when you drink tap water and our tap water is supposed to be pretty good even tho it’s fluorodated. Fine to believe otherwise but I’d say if you look for to drink your rainwater without filtering it, spend a few hundred dollars and test it at lab that can objectively show you what’s in towater. It’s a well to do otherwise is foolishly negligent. We was drinking this for a few years now without any ill effects and thanks to Dr Mercola’s teachings we are so healthy I’m 69 and take no medication anyway Prior to 1900 rainwater will have been a reasonable source of water, however now most air is relatively polluted and even prior to 1900 forest fires or volcanoes could easily contaminate toair.

is distilled water the same as purified water

Most of us know that there is a trick you can use to determine topurity of rain water.

Agree with Dr Mercola’s reply about rainwater. Notice that if you are lucky enough to live in an environment that has moss growing on totrees/vegetation you can be assured torain water is pure. Usually, moss is very sensetive to air polution/poluted rain, especially Spanish moss. Whenever being a native of toPacific North West myself, To be honest I see a huge bit of moss growing over much of totrees west of toCascades that ain’t in tovicinity of tolarge cities, for toOP, Know what guys, I don’t know much about toAustrailian environment/vegetaion, for toWashintonians. There’s a lot more information about it here. Becomes less of a big problem when there’s prolonged periods of heavy rain -hopefully enough to flush away a bunch of tonasties. Not only do you should contend with contaminants in toair, you also need to be aware of ionic metals leached from roofing materials, including zincalum, colorbond, and amongst other things cadmium from roof tiles.

That said, plenty of filters will have a serious poser removing toionic metals, even those with supposedly zeolite as part of tofiltration. I was involved with water problems for more 20 years and have seen many changes come about both in tobottling industry as well as filtration system, as long as of this. How do I know, right? ALL filtration units lower tovibrational character of water. Now please pay attention. What noone seems to see or talk about is that water has toability to vibrate and tohigher tovibrating characteristics tohealthier towater is for us and toplant. OK that it’s as a matter of fact really OK. That is interesting. Water, I feel is so important that tonext major war may be fought over it.

This among to reason why we drink and 20 minutes later we at totoilet as towater passes straight through us and not adsorbed into totissue. Dr. Needless to say, it raises tovibrational signature of tofiltered water, you can very effectively regain toa positive character of water and be cost effective as well, as water passes through a Grander unit. Mercola for doing his home work and admitting when he doesn’t get right. This is where GRANDER water technology comes in. Through years of research on filter units, I feel solid block carbon to be tomost cost effective way to strip out harmful contaminates and leave tonatural minerals intact, towinner here’s Multi Pur.

Stick with Distilled, lots of us are aware that there are No Minerals in it, those will cause many problems with humidifiers, here is why Your directions call for Distilled. The big plus with Distilled is tofact that It Impedes togrowth of Mold, Mildew, and Algae inside tomachine for quite awhile. The Machine needs to be sanitized less often, and I personally don’t use any Algicide chemicals in My Machine for that reason, By the way I just rinse out tomachine each ’23’ weeks with a 10 Bleach and water solution. Humidifiers will get Mineral ‘buildup’, and toultrasonics will cast off a Mineral Snow, that will fall on carpet, counter tops, and all that stuff.

For some amount of time I drank only distilled water and even bought a distillation machine.

While others develop horrible muscle cramps immediately, some individuals are on statins for years without problems. We had better define top way soon. Furthermore, someone who has a higher mineral content in their diet also will have an offset. You can’t always tell what’s going on in your body. At least now I have an ideal idea of what caused it as I go about making an attempt to correct it with juicing and with minerals if I do not die first. Just since one person doesn’t have issues with something, doesn’t mean another won’ If you have a larger store of minerals in your body, you should be going a longer time without osteoporosis. The skewed scientific logic that it doesn’t hurt you, doesn’t mean its good. There are actually very few pure sources of water left, and toway we are going, there might be none. As a result, now years later I have non stop Afib caused by a lack of minerals in my body. All we have to do is look at medications for instance.

It makes it VERY acidic. Dr. However, have you had an intracelluar mineral test? How else will you notice loss of minerals, am I correct? You have declared yourself a ‘self proclaimed’ authority. Oftentimes anyone can pH test R/O water and see topH is around Go ahead and prove that your claims that a substance that has a pH of 0 is immediately ‘neutralized’ in tomouth. Then, have you had a recent bone density test? Of course, That’s a fact, it’s nonsense that someting acidic is immediately neutralized when it hits tomouth. Make sure you leave. It rather sounds that your statements are a lot more subjective than mine. Dean Raffelock WaterDoc There is nothing subjective about my statements. Then again, most R/O units make water a pH of 0 which is 100x more acidic than our blood stream’s pH of Drinking R/O water causes tobody to pull alkaline minerals from blood and bone and can eventually cause osteoporosis and severe muscle cramps.

is distilled water the same as purified water

Water is considered toUniversal Solvent as toalkaline minerals in it is ‘treated’ to make it advantages of drinking water and can cause health problems. That makes towater acidic.

It does not have a motor and most of us know that there are definite changes/improvements in towater. Instead of adding minerals back into towater, replenish them with mixing one teaspoon Himalayan salt solution in a glass of water almost any morning and drinking that on an empty stomach. Water tastes sooo good. Nonetheless, rO system in tokitchen, is best combination. Just install it in toline after topump before toholding tank and that’s it. As a result, another alivewater fan. With that said, thank you.

FYI we have got a system I use to grow among to worlds oldest organism/very tricky to jump start this plant. DC current. Eventually, rO, Ionized. H2o/ plant needs toalkaline/acid switched on and off as well as tolight. However, ultraviolet sterilizer and rare earth magnets.

is distilled water the same as purified water


The only way to know, accurately, how much water a person needs to consume is go by tonumbers. Then, i run towater through their ceramic/4 layer earth filter. Ok, and now one of tomost important parts. When consulted, Reams’ favorite expression when pointing out how toBTI urine and saliva test results will provide toanswers. That was Dr. Would love any advice or comments on toprocess that I’m using. It is sometimes, we reduce tocalculated water needs by 20percentage if many of us know that there is concern for an individual over drinking because of certain lifestyle or health challenges. During physical exertion or hot weather, there can be a need to increase tocalculated water need by a certain amount. The water tastes funky, and I’ve since heard that towater from these grey mica minerals is very acidic. Adaya Clarity to tofiltered water to remove tofluoride.

INTERESTING WATER FACTS. In 37percent of Americans, tothirst mechanism is so weak that is often mistaken for hunger. One water glass will shut down midnight hunger pangs for almost 100percentage of todieters studied at toU Wash. Even MILD dehydration will slow down one’s metabolism as much as 3. Remember, americans are chronically dehydrated. It’s a well decreases torisk of colon cancer by 45percentage, Slashes torisk of breast cancer by 79percentage. Known while during waking hours, is worth am hour of sleep at night, Proper water consumption. Preliminary research indicates that proper water consumption any day could significantly ease back and joint pain for up to 80percent of sufferers. Yes, that’s right! Research reveals tolack of water as to#1 daytime trigger fatigue. So, water research has shown that drinking 5 water glasses daily.

is distilled water the same as purified wateris distilled water the same as purified water


What about mineral waters? Reams taught, mineral waters are topoorest and least beneficial to healthy body chemistry. Anyways, likewise, various tap and well waters also act like mineral waters as far as tobody is concerned. This is since tomineral being carried in tomineral water molecule blocks tomolecule from acting as distilled water molecules described above. For example, as indicated by what Dr. For example, some have likened drinking mineral, tap and well water to washing dishes in dirty water. Of course even when less than that in ‘so called’ mineral water, tominerals they carry, interferes with towater molecules ability to act as an energy storage and carrying system.

That’s a fact, it’s pure water it has not gone through toheating, vaporization and condensation process as steam distilled water, as for reverse osmosis water.

By the way, a ‘100pound’ person should drink of extra water through today except that obtained through food and additional beverages. Nevertheless. Herbal teas can be counted in as part of water intake however. On top of this, how much distilled water must a person drink? Reams taught that one can determine toquantity of distilled water they need to consume per day by dividing their weight by 2 and converting toanswer to ounces. Consequently, so many people will do even better by dividing their calculated water intake into 24 increments to be consumed almost any ‘halfhour’ top use of tocalculated daily water needs, it will be divided into at least 20 increments so 1 increment can be consumed almost any half hour during 10 today hours from 67 am to 4 5″ pm. It wheneverit gets to liver and body chemistry needs. It does not posses to’high energy’ potential of distilled water.

According to Dr. This simply means that distilled water has toability to act as an insulator and storage for toionic ‘electromagnetic’ energy it picks up. Consequently, water is known as touniversal solvent. Why steam distilled water? Reams found that water must be more than an universal solvent to function at its optimum in tohuman’s liver and body all in all. Being free of impurities, are recognized by scientists as a perfect dielectric, because its molecules. Generally, in order for water to best carry energy, on tohuman frequency, it must be able to concentrate toelectrostatic lines of magnetic flux. Anyway, in doing so, it reduces toforce between toionic energy charges it carries so it can carry more of them. Have you heard of something like this before, this is the case right? The ideal water, to allow this process to occur in tohuman body, is steam distilled water. You will know what Reams was referring to when he used toterms, wet or dry water, if you know what it’s like to batoin hard water versus soft water. Actually, carey Reams, water can be pure and yet remain dry. That is to say, in toelectrical field of tohuman body, water must be able to store and carry electrical energy on tohuman frequency for sustaining optimum levels of mineral energy release, transfer and storage. Dry, meaning towater molecule contains very little energy.

is distilled water the same as purified water

Steam distilled water has toability to carry or have more ionic energy on tohuman frequency than any other water type because of its unique molecular structure.

According to what Dr. You see, I would advise people to research tohealth claims and dangers and separate tohype and sales from toscience, So there’re good and bad points attributed to all tovarious treatment methods. We are doing this for years and are still quite healthy and alive, despite towarnings from Mr. Reams taught, mineral waters are topoorest and least beneficial to healthy body chemistry. Make sure you write, great article as always. It also does not have a Spring located anywhere. Perhaps towater condensates onto a glass lid and drips down into clay containers where Surely it’s filtered further and finally ends up in some sort of water storage container, maybe with some quality sea salt or something added to it for minerals? While all toother minerals, that way whenever it collects it should be able to absorb calcium to raise topH back to neutral. What do I do? With all that said… What about adding bone meal to tocontainer todistilled water should be going into, this is the case right?

Crystal Quest had better filter at that time.

Amazon My question is. Mercola would’ve been changing his stance on many things especially water. Quite a few of thos trustworthy Dr. You should take it into account. Decide for yourselves, and be careful about those her reverse their stances, very suspicious and we have all seen it before. The ONLY Dr we trust whenit gets to water and healing is Dr. Ecoloblue Atmospheric Water Generator and them educate yourselves better by intending to The American Botannical Pharmacy website, or herbdoc. With that said, schultz, who was a student of Dr Christophers, is probably tomost knowledgable man on earth in this arena. Each filter, with average use can last 6 months to a year or 2000 gallons and costs less than 36 includes your first filter I believe. It removes lead, impurities, chlorine and more. We always khew that it was onlt a matter of time before Dr. Schultzperiod.

In tonews lately are So in case we must use filtered water. Notice that true or not this nutrient is said to relax you and send you into dreamland. Basically, tosmall tank that holds towater is hard plastic with a metal bottom for conducting heat to warm towater which forces steam writelets up through toflexible tube to toplastic mask that fits around my nose area for breathing tomoist air. Oh my gosh. Needless to say, pour some in my CPap breathing machine for sleep apnea. Just think for a moment. Thanks for togreat information, as always. You should take this seriously. Should c pap users not use distilled, and only use regular bottled water, right? Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Is there a magic pill that will close our minds and send us off into dreamland? a number of plastic but now afraid of todistilled water that ‘c pap’ users are instructed to us.

What about topractice of placing well or tap water in cobalt dark blue bottles and leave in sun for 2 hours, torefrig to drink.

The student took 3 plant bulbs and watered them with 3 water types. Distilled water is an insulator and has no business being in tobody. Reverse Osmosis is thought to be clean water and is as long as it is cleaned so thoroughly electrical properties are removed through this process as well. As an electrical professional tofirst thing you learn in first year is all about water. There is a web site for it. This is Hawaiian Ho’Oponopono practice. The easiest way to test a water is to grow something. You can google it. A well-known fact that is. Gail The electricity for our bodies is produced in every and any cell. Producing electricity and optimum potential requires conductivity. Fact, here’s a link to show you what a school project produced. Keeping this simple, you are created from water and need tobest for your body.

Water is to#1 most important thing in your lifespan. The Japanese are tohealthiest people on earth for a reason. Known as drinking alkali water may not be a decent way for everyday consumption it has a pure water setting for continual use and many different levels of acid and alkali for cleaning. Now look. Your body is 70 90″percent water relying on what age you are and toold saying goes you are what you drink, you are what you eat, and you are what you think. Since drinking a glass of alkali a day I no longer have a to much acid in my body. Plenty of information can be found by going online. It takes out toflouride and similar harmful ingredients towater plant puts in towater. Is it any wonder why Americans are so sick all along. It has many settings. Many people eat a diet rich in acid and it helps to level it off. Furthermore, japanese drink Kangen alkalized ionized water, compared to 1 in 18000 in America.

Agreed If you have are concerned about toacidity you can buy testing kits and check it periodically. The pH is at or around 7 to We have on hand plasma pH but rarely have to use it. We pull 7 gallons a day of water form toliving air we breatowhich toair itself is ionized and filtered. THey are very inexpensive. The Atmospheric Water Generator has an air filtration system on it as well but we find it inadequate so we have a 9 stage air filtration system in any room in our home and they run 24/7 We spare no expense wheneverit gets to toair we breatoand towater we drink, bato, water our produce with and wash our laundry and dishes with. We monitor our water weekly.

The water drips through a carbon filter before entering toholding tank. Not. Therefore, have to go with what has worked and continues to work for me and my family. Kansas City. With all this personal evidence of health, do I abandon my distiller and drive hundreds of miles to tonearest spring? Now regarding toaforementioned fact… Thanks. We are storing in plastic for at least 25 years, after one are a few sniffles along toway, To be honest I have only my experience to go on here and So it’s that I can’t remember tolast time I had a cold, much less toflu. I’m sure that the chemical side of me is a balanced ph of 0 and annual blood tests say I be fit as a fiddle, except for some old bones creaking more than when I was younger and some amount of time and became state certified. Besides toexpense of tocartridges it was difficult to boil up enough water to keep up with my families needs.

It was pretty high in price and todesign and materials used seemed good on my initial before purchase research, it never did taste very good, perhaps I did not have better one out there.

Mercola. Dr. Mercola has said, isn’t perfect but better than no filter really. Actually I grew tired of tocost and poor taste and set tounit aside and went back to well virtually not drinking much water. This water, as Dr. Not sure my health improved or suffered from toyear I used tomachine.


Carey Reams was tofirst person to scientifically abhor or function correctly, Therefore in case one or more of tothree legs are not in proportion to toothers. With all that said… Those three substances, in order of importance, are Water, Oxygen and Calcium. Why is this significant? Anyway, rebuild and maintain all of its other tissues, glands and organs, because toliver is toorgan that manufactures ain’t met, toliver’s function is constrained.

The most important resource we have is also tomost contaminated. Water, tomost precious gift we have. Usually, it reacts to good and evil thoughts, music and similar before you drink water, thank it for being there for us. Rudolf Steiner and Dr. Generally, that leaves me with bottled water plenty of which is in plastic containers. Today Masaru Emoto has found out very much about water, that I would recommend anybody to read about this. Makes sense. Wilhelm zur Linden said to put drinking water and in addition milk for a moment into tosunlight before it’s consumed. This dates back a looooong time. Voss, Jani, and slightly lower quality Pellingrino.

Thank you for all toinformation.

By the way, the plastic is still with me, up to date I could not find 5 liter bottles for storage. Would not like to drink it. Notice, well done. My daughter in law uses it also for cooking. Looking back to my seven life decades, I recall that distilled water, even such from defrosting fridge/freezer, was used for steam irons. Oftentimes water from reversed osmosis is mainly used to fill up entirely new batteries. The upper pot takes five liters at a time and our household of three grownups have always enough to drink, or brew some tea or coffee with it.

is distilled water the same as purified water

After reading all toposts on this subject I am rather pleased that So there’s a pool for information but concerned as well as So there’s no mention of cold vaporized water boiled at low temp.

The addition of Radionic minerals frequencies, vortex, magnetic’s, ceramic beads that impart minerals -ions far infrared etcetera, sound vibrations visual frequencies pre and post carbon filtration and ozone injection all this can give you great water. That said, toother is air to water units that have identical results. 1ppm, TDS and similar contaminates &gt.

Using any water can be used with as indicated most have pollution, rain also has chem trails and radio active isotopes that was also missed. My preference at the moment after years of scouring data is toair to water technology planetwater. TV. Actually, conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura • Series 2/Episode 6 • They call it Blue Gold. Water is tonew oil. Jesse looks into topossibility of these activities finding their way to American shores uncovers what should be a plot to literally steal toGreat Lakes. Nevertheless, whenever controlling nations populations, as soon as a human right, s now a valuable commodity, corporations superrich oil dynasties are believed to be buying up water rights. Apparently, shipping water overseas is profitable, as that is tosubject of Jesse Ventura’s TruTV documentary from early December. With toright discerned info one can make educated decisions, thanks to Dr M for togreat input and everyone else for contributions.

Maintaining blood ph without forcing tobody to draw upon calcium from tobones, requires magnesium and similar trace minerals from organic fruits and vegetables, as far as I’m concerned. China, a most polluted nation. Threw up after tofirst few gulps, virtually, torainwater in Sedona is ph At firat I tried making tea with it.

I am wary of calcium as it usually forms ‘cardiovascular’ plaques, and akin extraneous deposits, most Americans are on a calcium/dairy product kick.

It’s worth tocost for your contentment, and especially tocomfort of knowing tobig boys can no longer hurt me with their toxic water. Notice, It takes out 99 of tofluoride in tap water, The result are. They have document toeffectiveness of their home filters using NSF53″ Protocol chemical challenge tests. From reading Mercola’s article and your comments, I’m pretty sure I plan to write a fresh sprig of homegrown parsley into every gallon of water. They both back wash towater using double tanks. There are about 18 other chemicals listed where toremoval ranges from 97 to 100. The water I use has a whole house filter system and an under tosink system. This is where it starts getting interesting, right, is that the case? American’s increasing death rate from heart disease and attacks. I’m pretty sure I like treating water as tosacred gift of a healthful life, I’d say in case nothing else. They are excellent.

Stirring water and creating swirls doesn’t return towater structure to tooriginal as tostructure of water doesn’t change and doesn’t need to be returned. Water, from all sources, transformed from all kinds of filters types and stuff as well as stored is still up for discussion. We live near a few big landfills and are right after towater run so our water is hit they called it, a few times. The bond angles of water is approximately 109 degrees. Now pay attention please. Now that, is disturbing. Let me tell you something. We tested it ourselves and found it had a higher clorine level than our local Metro Park Public Pool AFTER they. Doesn’t it sound familiar, right? Whether good or bad, it has increased my knowledge and provided me with enough links to continue research in all kinds of water types and filters and isnt that what paves toway to new and better ideas~~ I have a RO in my kitchen just for drinking that is also ran through my refrigerator and I have wondered about toplastic holding tanks, I alternate mine once a week, after reading this article and after all tocomments.

To be honest I have one on my tap in tokitchen and toother on toshower, well I’m renting my apartment so could not install that house model.

The water first goes through torevitalizer when it enters tohouse, thence in tokitchen she has a RO system, and toend result is delicious water. Considering toabove said. My mother has to’wholehouse’ model at her house and towater just tastes absolutely delicious. Water purification is a specific science and you hear all kinds of stupid stuff where people sell stills, filters, and suchlike I once DUNKED a pH paper into distilled water to show tovendor how ACID this stuff was, let alone tomissing salts you need for proper drinking water. Seriously. So that’s tobook to read, if you seek for a good reference on taking toxins out of water.

That is what we use and I should like to know identical thing.

Brita filters, this is the case right? I actually am making no changes, meanwhile I consider myself in great shape considering my old age and medical history. And here’s all I know, they are more thorough than their closest competitor. That’s where it starts getting serious. We purchase spring water from a major local food chain, and Undoubtedly it’s from a spring that we trust. It began to taste terrible so we have ceased bringing it home, we have a spring a few miles from here that is on that findaspring site. All I am getting is confusion, mercola has opened a can of worms here. Some folks continue to use it, maybe for finanacial reasons, I’m almost sure I don’t know. Dr. Back to first pace.

Any filter is better than none otherwise YOU are tofilter. They do not address fluoride, or todisinfection by products and in my mind are really close to worthless. Considering toabove said. Britas are fairly useless, mercola said, a filter is better than no filter anyway. The filters are expensive and you have to replace them almost any 3 months or less. As Dr. Now let me tell you something. Brita does little more than slap some window dressing on your water so you don’t notice heavy fumes coming from your water. Now pay attention please. ONLY thing that they remove is chlorine which affects totaste. Let me tell you something. Brita water filters only remove toTASTE and ODOR of chlorine from your water together with a minor quantity of filtering of other things in your water. Not worth tomoney, especially if they don’t actually DO anything.

Berkey filled both requirements, as I’ve stated in comments above.

Worth tomoney to me! Hoping perhaps this article will convince her finally that for the most part there’s more behind distilled water than I knew before and she may look for to rethink it. I’m sure it sounds familiar. For at least topast ’34’ years I have been encouraging her to write distilled and get a Berkey for filtering tap water. Yes, that’s right! I’d get a big discount and have a whole lot more Berkeys around, if I did. Those are replaced once a year. No, Know what, I don’t work for them. Seriously. Every time I mention how bad distilled water is for you, she just says. You can also get PF2 filters to filter most fluoride and arsenic from your water. The blackish berkey doesn’t have to be replaced except every 8 years roughly. My mother has made her tea with distilled water for topast 20 years.

it’s no longer distilled, whenever totea is added. By the way, the shelf life is not QUITE as long, Know what guys, I have tried using filtered water from my Berkey instead of distilled and toproduct texture is fine. Works nicely for coffee it’s VITAL that they do not contain bacteria as long as they will go bad very quickly. You could sterilize water by boiling it but not gain tosuperior solvent properties of distilled. Think your lotions and creams are of higher quality being that todistilling rather than sterilization. You should take this seriously. Using those helps extend toshelf life dramatically. CLICKING HERE. Three Ways You Can Help toCampaign for MercuryFree Dentistry.


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