Distilled Water Is Dead Water A Fish Cannot Live In It: September

distilled water By the way I constantly make the statement, Eat absolutely no food and drink distilled water exclusively, when I refer to fasting in this book.

Distilled water is pure H 2O -which means it’s a compound of 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen. Or fruits fresh juices and vegetables, remember that all of this liquid had been distilled by Mother Nature, if you drink rain water. There are no inorganic minerals in it, So in case you drink rain water or snow water. Notice, it is 100 ‘mineral free’. You are drinking distilled water plus certain nutrients such as fruit sugars, organic minerals and vitamins, if you drink fruit and vegetable juices. That’s interesting. River, well or spring water, you are drinking undistilled water, plus the inorganic minerals that the water has picked up, Therefore if you drink lake. While meaning it has high inorganic mineral concentrations that can cause health problems, me of this water is known as hard water. Let me give you a short lesson in chemistry. There are two chemicals kinds -inorganic and organic. Actually, the inorganic chemicals are inert, that means that they cannot be absorbed into the body tissues. Then again, our bodies are composed of 16 organic minerals which all come from that which is living or was alive. As a result, that substance is living, when we eat an apple or any other fruit or vegetable. Notice that every has a certain survival time after it was picked before spoiling. Quite similar applies to animal foods, fish, milk, cheese and eggs if you eat them, we prefer the vegetarian diet.

distilled water

Many years ago, I was on an expedition to China when one country part was suffering from drought and famine.


distilled waterThey died horrible deaths because they could not get one nourishment bit from the earth inorganic minerals. It is for years I have heard people say that certain waters were rich in all the minerals. Now please pay attention. What minerals are they talking about, this is the case right? And now here is the question. Inorganic or organic? Known we’re talking about inorganic and they are burdening their bodies with these inert minerals, that may cause stones development in the kidneys, gallbladder and ‘stonelike’ acid crystals in the arteries, veins, and identical body parts. Virginia where the drinking water is called hard water. It is heavily saturated with inorganic minerals, especially sodium, iron and calcium. Nearly all the people were prematurely old because the inorganic minerals would collect on their inner walls arteries and veins, causing many to die from arteries hardening, strokes and heart attacks. One of my uncles died at Johns Hopkins hospital when he was only The autopsy doctors stated that his arteries were as hard as clay pipes because they were so stiff and corroded with inorganic minerals. You will hear people say, Distilled water is dead water. I’m sure you heard about this. Because it needs the vegetation that grows in rivers, a fish cannot live in freshly distilled water for any length of time, lakes and seas. Then, imagine you were shipwrecked while on a passenger ship going to Hawaii and you became a castaway in a lifeboat for days on the open sea. Should you say, Rain water is dead distilled water, To be honest I won’t drink it, So if a solitary water available was rain water. No, you would never say that. Nonetheless, you would drink pure rain water and survive until rescued!

Having done my own research, distilled water is better than any other water since it contains no contaminants.

Mercola’s website talks about why he is against it but his article doesn’t contain any studies to back his claims.

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