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reverse osmosis water health With tap water health being questioned a lot now a days, Reverse osmosis systems have definitely become more popular in recent years. What was once only used in printing and photo processing methods is now being used in the residential sector. This kind of system exposes water under pressure to a ‘semipermeable’ membrane. What they are ineffective at doing is getting rid of the THOUSANDS of synthetic chemicals we use in our society, for the simple fact that these molecules are much smaller than water molecules are. As a result, because they are smaller in molecular size than water is, What it does best is eliminate most inorganic chemicals and trace minerals.

Even with a carbon filter, there’s one major problems with reverse osmosis systems.

The human body is a water machine.


reverse osmosis water healthThey take out the beneficial minerals that we need to function properly. Of all, it’s been shown that the longer a person drinks demineralized water, the more likely they will develop mineral deficiencies. Demineralized water produced by reverse osmosis systems contains more hydrogen, and is more acidic than alkaline. It’s been proven that as bodily fluids become more acidic than alkaline, the production of free radicals increase, that causes an increase in cancer. While keeping the trace minerals in it, It filters out a great method assure tap water health is to use a multifiltration system in your home, without a doubt.

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