Does Oxygenating Tap Water Remove The Tap Water Flavor: I Have Found However

water deionization processI want to ask you a question. What are the technical/scientific details behind the process of water deionization? How does deionization machines like those manufactured by Millipore work? Most cost/energy efficient method to make deionized water is reverse osmosis. I’m sure you heard about this. The mechanism is to apply external pressure to water and force it to go through a layer or layers of semipermeable membrane.

Additionally, I actually have family that lives in Ohio and if anyone has ever tasted Ohio’s tap water after living in a place like Washington which has extremely fresh water, you know that Ohio’s water is disgusting. Would the interval the water has been refrigerated continue to dissolve more oxygen into the water, if so. Basically, how long might it take for oxygen to reach it’s equilibrium amount of dissolution?

Is there any reason, associated with chemistry, that oxygen rich water will taste better than water not saturated with oxygen?

water deionization processMeaning, does the oxygen actually have a welldefined effect on the flavor of water, or is this simply answered by the fact that most people like the feeling of cold water more than luke warm water and hence I identify cold water as tasting better? Many public water systems spray water into the air or trickle over rocks to let some dissolved gases bubble out. This also may make the water less acid and thereby precipitate dissolved manganese and iron.


Not oxygen, that is why miners kept canaries, Know what guys, I doubt anyone actually tastes dissolved oxygen (the human body can sense O






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