Emergency Water Filtration Options To Get The Funky Chunks Out – All Cotton Is Preferred

commercial water filterUse an old sock to filter out debris.

Fill with sand to provide an additional layer of filtration, I’d say if possible. All cotton is preferred, as synthetic fibers are By the way I wrapped the top of the sock around an old wide mouth canning ring, and huge the contraption off of our deck stairs, to make it a little easier to pour the water in. Now please pay attention. Therefore in case there are any, it might be noted that the first flush of water through the sand filter will likely wash out loose dirt particles, therefore the water may initially be cloudy. If took me a several cups of water through our sand pile sand to get a clear flow of water. I’m sure you heard about this. You could use part of a coat hanger, will be a perfect choice? This is where it starts getting serious, right, am I correct? Just take a section of branch about four inches long, skin it and whittle it to size to fit inside a section of hose or a bottle opening. Soaking that thing once I got the stick in the hole provided a nice, snug fit. However, whenever allowing the natural passages within the branch to act as filters, Let water gravity feed through the branch plug. It was a little tricky for me to get the branch just the right size, as I have not spent much time on my whittling skills.


In a study of the dechunking abilities of different fabrics, Cloth Filter and Turbidity Research on the Effectiveness of Using Cloth as a Filter to Remove Turbidity from Water, burlap was the clear winner for filtration effectiveness.

The researchers hypothesized that the polyester was shedding bits into the water. Triple folded burlap provided better filtration and the fewest number of cloth fibers in the filtered water, while all the natural fabrics tested all offered filtration. Either way, the results are clear -stick to natural fabrics. Generally, among the most interesting results of the study was that filtering the water through polyester actually increased turbidity readings.

Pricing is pretty similar between the various online retailers. We purchased this unit with the ceramic filters for our home use. My water sucks. Can you imagine the awful taste of ice tea with chlorine treated ice cubes. They do qualify for Prime free shipping, if purchased on Amazon. Our post sponsor carries them, certainly, or they can be purchased directly from Berkey. So, it smells more like the old city pool.


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