Filtration: The Best Water Filters

industrial deionized water system We’ve pored over water filters for business applications in commercial, industrial, and municipal facilities.

High efficiency, in depth filter system using a layered bed of anthracite, silica sand, and two garnet grades for excellent filtration down to the order of ‘510’ micron.

Multimedia’ has the highest service flow rates available in a ‘pressuretype’ filter and is suitable for final filtration of most city water and well water supplies. General service filter system using a ‘non hydrous’ silicon dioxide media for suspended solids removal down to the 520 micron range. The fractured edges and irregular surface of the media create less pressure drop by allowing deeper sediment penetration without caking and blinding the bed surface. Precipitates are so filtered and removed by the backwash step.


industrial deionized water system Soluble iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide are thence oxidized and precipitated by contact with these oxides.

Inlet water to activated carbon systems gonna be relatively free of turbidity and iron for optimal performance.

Manganese greensand is formulated from a glauconite coated with varying kinds of manganese types oxides. Filter system capable of reducing iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide using manganese greensand filter media. Oxidative capacity of the media must be restored through either periodic regeneration with a weak potassium permanganate is designed for the reduction of tastes, odors, and dissolved organic material from municipal and industrial water supplies. The most common application is the removal of free chlorine from water supplies as pretreatment to other water treatment systems just like reverse osmosis. Media will need to be added periodically as it depletes in the filter vessel.

Acidic waters slowly dissolve the calcium carbonate on contact to raise the pH, that reduces the potential leaching of copper and similar metals found in piping systems. Calcite is a crushed and screened calcium carbonate media used to neutralize acidic or low pH water supplies to a neutral, less corrosive effluent. Let the experts at Hausers Water Systems install your water filter. Even top-notch water filters aren’t effective if they’re installed incorrectly.


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