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does reverse osmosis soften water Amid the study researchers works for a company called PlastiPure, that is working to develop EAfree plastics. Whenever requiring that all the chemicals that are added to plastics be certified ‘EAfree’ as well, with intention to do that, the company hopes to create a EA free supply chain. Let me ask you something. As for our good old #1 PET disposable water/soda bottles? Nonetheless, it’s generally touted by its manufacturers as safe simply being that it doesn’t come from petroleum. That said, guess what. PLA is a kind of compostable plastic created out of starch, usually corn. Fact remains that like all petroleumbased plastics, they are not biodegradable and will cause harm to the environment when not handled properly Whether whether they will turn out to have other harmful health effects,, or not the new EA free plastics are safe.

Whenever meaning pellets of the basic plastic before any other chemicals are added to it, The researchers also tested barefoot polymers.

While a few of these barefoot plastics, a new plastic being used to replace BPA in hard plastic bottles.


does reverse osmosis soften waterWhat did they find? Consequently, among others, Born Free brand bottles are created from PES. The researchers also tested water bottles created out of PETG, a copolyester like the new Eastman Tritan which has replaced BPA water bottles. I’m intending to stick to my stainless steel travel mug and water bottle, as for me.

No plastic water bottles for me. As for my plastic lid?


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