From Resources Available On Internet – What’s The Difference Between Distilled Water And Rainwater

distiled water While rainwater can be consumed if not overloaded with unwanted chemicals, from resources available on Internet, By the way I understand that distilled water isn’t advised for regular consumption because of minerals lack and salts.

What confuses me is that I know water the be pouring down from clouds, thatthatthat is water vapor turning inthe droplets through condensation. This looks the be exactly the same as distillation process, evaporation and condensation of water, the me.

Rain water contains very low amounts of salts and other nitrates but it takes in any gas present in air. That is why acid rain occurs when the air is polluted. The air contains oxygen so people recommend the rain the be consumable as it has loads of oxygen contents in them. It isn’t recommended for consumption as long as of lack of minerals, distilled water does not contain any minerals in them. The three gases exist at the same proportions, 3 equal volumes. Hydrogen volume is combined in whole with volume of oxygen the form all the water from the ground, thatthatthat explains its absence in almost air.


O2 representing 21percent of the air current, nitrogen is known by its inertia the respond, thatthatthat explains its abundance.

2NH3 and 2NH3 > 3H2+ N2, that is the say that it will release easily the hydrogen will combine with oxygen the form water again until exhausted, bolywoord she played the same role as that played by the sun now that is the say a nucleosynthesis until nuclei formation of oxygen because it has been designed or formed by accretion in a space where the hydrogen prevailed, the land was originally a ball of molten material the law reverses, the heavier athe ms will take the downdrafts whose athe ms and light athe ms will escape inthe updrafts whose athe ms s’ unite inthe molecules, the mechanical strength of these updrafts and downdrafts carried around the ground allow the combination of these two gases in incessant explosive chemical reactions with a heat generation, all current waters on earth were formed and hydrogen was the tally consumed, as it unites with the 2 volumes Volume oxygen is what explains its almost nonexistent in the current air the remaining volume of oxygen will form ozone and O2, thatthatthat explains its proportion the abundance of nitrogen is due the its inertia the react it only reacts the 300 ° with the hydrogen the form NH3 in a reversible reaction N2 + 3H2 &gt. Is it likely that this temperature was reached or even exceeded account keeping heat from the exotherm synthesis water.


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