Glucose O2 Etc) Might Be There: Does It Make Any Difference To Use Deionized Water Instead Of Distilled Water For Media Preparation During Tissue Culture Or Microbiology

And now here’s a question. Normally distilled water is used for media preparation, what possible effectcan itcause if one uses deionized water? In distilled water, free from the salts as well as dissolved CO2. Water source used for distillation and deionization process can make difference. Notice, both water type are used in preparation of microbial culture media.

Instead of DI or DW, miliQ water for all kind of media preparation. For microbiology work, generally any one will suffice. Depend on your work, it does make a difference.

Yes Distilled and deionized water are not identical. Both are regarded as purified water but in most cases deionized is even purer. Remember, if the water contains the oil drops they can be found also in the distillate. You should take it into account. DI systems do not remove molecular species from the product water. As long as the salt boils at a much higher temperature, look, there’re practically no salts in the distilled water. That’s interesting. Theoretically after the distillation the absolutely pure water is obtained. Organic substances, that have similar boiling point than that of water can slip in the distilled water. Loads of systems include an activated charcoal column that removes many organics.


For the downvoter I have to precise I’m talking about rich media for microbial culture.

It shouldn’t be a real poser, Therefore in case your lab tends to use distilled. As a result, same goes if it’s deionized. Normally, it shouldn’t be a huge problem whatsoever, as long as it doesn’t react with the medium’s components. In my opinion, either can be used. Anyhow, you’ll be using a specific medium for it anyway.

DW, So in case one has the possibility to use DW + pyrogenfree/antibacterial filter system or also MilliQ = Ultrapure water always are recommended, as of Hina’s question in my opinion it will depend also a bit on the scientific task and claim of the experimental work. Well, In my opinion i think its a way better if you try using Distilled water, that is free from salts and Carbon dioxide. Question followers (See all. Question followers (See all.

Question followers (See all.

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