Hard Water – Common Hard Water Problems Include–

Hard water can harm your home or business in quite a few ways, and Culligan has the right water treatment equipment for each situation.

Here’s why you don’t need to find arsenic in drinking water, and how to best avoid exposure.


It’s also a typical contaminant found in our drinking water today, while arsenic may was known as the king of poisons in 18th century Europe. Here’s how to remove lead from your water to protect yourself and your family from this harmful contaminant. Let me ask you something. Is there lead in my drinking water? So, it’s an ordinary question we’ve been answering lately. With that said, are you suffering from dry, itchy skin or dealing with dry, lifeless hair? Are the stains in your bathtub or spots on your clean glassware driving you mad? It gonna be due to hard water, that can wreck havoc on both you and your home.

Culligan is deeply concerned about the citizens dealing with the water cr in Flint. Thank you a lot for taking the initiative to repair our water softener over the holidays. Appreciate the timeand service you send our way. Whenever replacing and servicing our softener, Please send our thanks to allinvolved with testing. For example, we hope to raisethe quality of life by purifying its most essential element. Sounds familiar? For was to deliver highquality water treatment products that will benefit each part of our customers’ lives. Any information collected may be used solely by Culligan Southwest to follow through on your request for additional information.


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