Health Advantages Of Drinking Pure Water

pure water solutions Plain old tap water.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, most tap water is contaminated with a host of pollutants that increase your risk of serious health problems.

It’s easy. It’s convenient and it comes right out of your kitchen faucet. Actually the level of arsenic in US tap water is incredibly high, as I have been stating in my articles about water since 2001. This poisonous element is a powerful carcinogenic, that has been linked to an increased risk of the development of a few kinds of cancer types. The Natural Resources Defense Council estimates as many as 56 million Americans living in 25 states drink water with arsenic at unsafe levels. Did you also know that the aluminum found in your municipal water supply can cause a wide types of other health problems, you may have heard how aluminum increases your risk for Alzheimer’s disease. You’ve fallen for a cleverly devised ‘massdeception’, So if you still believe fluoride in your drinking water prevents cavities and helps build strong teeth. Of course, fluoride is anything a cavity fighter, as this recent study done on children in India shows. So it’s not the case.

pure water solutions You may was told that if you dispose of your unwanted or expired prescription and over the counter drugs in the trash instead of the toilet that you do not run any risk of it ending up in the water supply.

Some drugs that were never meant to be combined are mixed together in the drinking water you consume each day.

Millions of people have drug allergies. Then again, whenever conforming to studies, human cells do not grow normally when exposed to even minute amounts of prescription or ‘overthecounter’ drugs. Are you among them? Let me ask you something. In my video, Tap Water Toxins -is Your Water Trying to Kill You?, I interview water filtration pioneer Robert Slovak about the dangers of disinfection byproducts.

Most tap community water supplies are treated with chlorine and although it may not be the healthiest element you can consume, Surely it’s far better for you than what actually is left behind.

It is important to note that while consuming chlorine is certainly not healthy, DBPs are TEN THOUSAND TIMES more dangerous!

Disinfection byproducts are the result of disinfecting water with chlorine. Well, an independent test done by the Environmental Working Group found these and 36 other harmful pollutants hidden in bottled water. That said, the arsenic and DPBs you were striving to avoid from tap water? So, 40 bottled percent water is just bottled tap water, that may or may not have received additional filtration, as I stated in my article about the deceptions of bottled water.

You read correctly. Drinking from plastic bottles isn’t a perfect idea. It’s simply not true, as I’ve stated before. For example, some health conscious people been misled into believing that distilled water is healthy for them. The problem with distilled water is that So it’s boiled and evaporated away from its dissolved minerals. The water thence becomes acidic and seeks to balance itself by drawing minerals right out of your body. Considering the above said. Like disinfection byproducts that are thousands of times as toxic as chlorine, What’s worse. Just like volatile organic compounds, might be condensed and actually concentrated in the finished distilled water.

What you end up with is water that contains even more dangerous contaminants than what you started with! Drinking it longterm, however, will most probably invite health problems. Detoxification is mostly about one benefit of alkaline water, and this benefit is limited to very SHORT TERM USE. Notice that an additional concern is that many individuals have stomach dysfunctions like GERD or ulcers that are largely associated with having consequently lead to an upset of your body’s good bacteria, that can thence open the door to parasitic infection, ulcers and malabsorption. Long term use of alkaline or ionized water can interfere with your body’s natural digestive process by reducing the acid needed to properly break down and absorb food. You should be disappointed by what I have to say about them, if you’ve recently switched from soda to vitamin water as you believed it to be a healthier choice. Now look. Vitamin waters are nothing more than a clever marketing scheme designed to promote a product that is just as unhealthy as soda!


Vitamin waters often contain dangerous high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, additives, preservatives and caffeine. Which, what’s even worse is these manufacturers use distilled water to make their products is amidst the worst kinds of water types you can put into your body! The most economical and environmentally sound choice you and your family can make is to purchase and install a water filter for your home. Removing chlorine, inorganic, and organic contaminants in your water, a RO filter will also remove about 80 the fluoride percent and most DPBs. The major drawback is the expense of installing a RO filter as most need a plumber to get up and running. Nevertheless, this system actually softens the water or exchanges naturalforming mineral ions in the water with its own ions, thereby neutralizing their harmful effect of creating scale build up. Seriously. Ion exchange is designed to remove dissolved salts in the water, similar to calcium.

The ion exchange system was originally used in boilers and similar industrial situations before becoming popular in home purifying units, that usually combine the system with carbon for greater effectiveness.

In choosing the right water type for you and your family, you seek for to aim for pH balance.

The ideal pH of your water should’ve been between 5 to 5, that is neutral. Distilled water is on earth as long as it is living water. Anyway, mountain spring water is in this ideal range. Living water, like living food is in its raw, natural state the way nature intended.

The main reasons I am this particular advocate for eating raw, organic vegetables is being that these living foods contain biophotons, small units of light stored by all organic organisms, including you.

This is a great way to get back to nature and teach your children about health and the sources of clean water.

When I mention mountain spring water, Know what, I don’t mean the two gallon jugs you see sitting on your grocery store shelf. There’s a great website called where you can find a natural spring in your area. It is important to bring either clear polyethylene or glass containers on your trip to collect the water so no unsafe chemicals can contaminate your pure drinking water on the way home. Surely it’s advisable to increase your water intake as needed, I’d say in case you are outside on a hot day or engaging in strenuous activity. You see, And so it’s also important to note that as you age, your thirst mechanism works less efficiently.

Older adults need to pay more attention to the color of their urine to see if their water intake is adequate.

Coconuts are an excellent source of fresh, pure water and electrolytes, as I mentioned in a previous article.

Coconuts are also rich in lauric acid, that is known for its ‘immuneboosting’ as well as its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties so it’s an ideal choice when you’re sick. Of course an even better pure healthy water is vegetable juicing. Here are only a few of the many health benefits you and your family will enjoy right after you make the switch to pure water,it will I know that the extensively researched and fascinating book, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, will be required reading by all, and definitely belongs on every health care practitioner’s bookshelf.

You’ll notice in the video about STRUCTURED WATER that an experiment was done with a woman’s blood cells at the 43 minute mark.

The cells as seen under the microscope were clumped together.

The technician explained that so it is because of them having lost their electrical CHARGE. She explained that this clumping of cells is called a Rhulo, associated with number of serious diseases including heart disease, lung disease, arthritis and more in the future.after drinking some structured water which is also high in M energy. While healing and longevity rested in the bone marrow and in the brain, The Chinese have known conclusively for at least 1500 years that the key to true health.


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