Health Through Reverse Osmosis – The Shocking Truth About Such A Water Purification

reverse osmosis water health Whether in print or by word of mouth, for anyone that was told, that your family can attain great health through reverse osmosis, I’m pretty sure I have other news for you.

The truth is that home reverse osmosis systems can’t live up to the promises of the manufacturers for a few reasons. There is no way your family can have better health through reverse osmosis unless you live outside the service area of your city or town’s wastewater treatment facility. Although, pond, or stream,, yes, you will need this system to ‘de mineralize’ your water, So if you are amongst the few people that draws your water from a freshwater source like a lake.

Demineralization of your drinking water is all that home reverse osmosis systems do. For a number of us hooked up to a mainline water system, that has already been taken care of by the water treatment facility. Since the porous filter they use is incapable of stopping many chemical agents, you can not attain health through reverse osmosis, microscopic parasites, and cysts. Knowing that 2100 possibly cancer causing chemical agents was found in our water supply, so that’s not adequate protection.


reverse osmosis water healthHome reverse osmosis systems are also very wasteful water purification systems.

They run on electricity and can make your electric bill quite expensive. They also waste lots of water throughout the cleaning process, often pumping out five wastewater gallons for almost any one gallon that they clean. Most people can’t afford to be this wasteful. So there’re alternatives that can keep your family happy and healthy, there is little hope of better health through reverse osmosis. Three more filters that will remove every category of contaminant from your drinking water, what you need is a true home water purification system that contains not only an activated carbon filter for your protection.

Water purification systems that include, in addition to the activated carbon filter, a multi media block, a sub micron filter, and an ion exchange offer you complete protection from the impurities in your drinking water. Home reverse osmosis systems can’ With the use of an unit utilizing all four of these filters you will remove 99 of the impurities that will slip through with only a membrane filter. Consequently, with a system like the one described above you most certainly can, you can’t have better health through reverse osmosis.


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