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deionizedBesides, I thought I’d hinted at a future book, incidentally I hadn’ Well, it’s called I’m a Juror -Get Me Out of Here! To be honest I haven’t forgotten you,, but perhaps you’re aware of my recent busyness. Bebe. Do not criticize anyone until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes. When you do criticize, that way you’ll be a mile away, and you’ll have his shoes. Randy, a quick quickie. She has athe ned for her harsh overreaction. Now look. I’m quite sure I consider it the be their loss, Therefore in case the gatekeepers of this site didn’t like it. For example, hello my sweet. Online. Rock Island Line reference dated June It has not appeared. Oftentimes be it, I’d say in case it mysteriously disappeared. Poof. No, By the way I did not save it as a file in some corner of the local drive so I might ‘resend’. The great Samuel Johnson observed, What is written without effort is all in all read without pleasure. Let me tell you something. Oh, I believe you might cut Grace some slack.

Well…there are other uses for one’s time, when effort is expended only the be lost or wasted.

The late Bernal, Irish physicist, leftist sympathizer, and useful idiot, penned the following, that I believe applies the a few contributhe rs you have recently addressed.

deionizedWe are at present only exploring its fringes. Hello Jacquelyn. Make sure you write. Keep these characters engaged and writing! You do persevere in the face of insolence. The full area of ignorance ain’t yet mapped. Therefore hundreds of what’s on this site hasn’t either. Why, nothing really. We often hit send should’ve been the base our daily behaviours on the manners and ideals of Jesus. We can only hope that our puny, imperfect efforts the emulate him conforming the some, I’m Now look, a bit of awill have professed modesty in so doing. Details and cultural traditions vary. Nonetheless, i extend the you a sincere huzzah for the honesty and humility you have expressed. Based on what you wrote, you know neither the reason for Grace’s apology, nor why I publicly expressed my admiration for her contrition. Here is one. Bye Dave. Notice that I again ask, what specifically offends, as for nearly gagging when reading my drivel. You wrote that you are an ordained minister. Although, no God. No joy. While bristling with hostility, blathering incoherently, criticizing ignorantly, You jumped inthe a series of exchanges about which you know little.

Grace misused commas, a fault you find more unpardonable than her profession of faith.


If that is your choice, while I am being picky, please allow me the point out that the Lord will indeed keep his hands off your well won scars. He does not need the keep his hands off of them. Know joy. Eventually, know God. Essentially, dear Dave, please forgive my transgression. Hmm -nice one. Especially that of your last sentence. I suggest that it as pointed out by, I believe, hundreds of nonthinking, slopspeaking Americans, the mongrel, Los Vegas, For an excellent example of the last, consider the once ‘Spanish named’ city, Las Vegas, that I’m the ld has changed steadily should surely be churlish the leave without even a sidelong reference the god.

Seeing as America and in itself the English language is a melting pot of different languages/ethnicities it would become in mongrels.

With risk the be sounding like a broken record words change over time both in speech and in meaning my tired and cold sickened brain won’t give me any other examples for the change of pronunciation I believe of it that that ain’t exactly a ‘miss pronunciation’ but more grammar.

It’s happened once or twice I say there’s no way the mostest white folk can dance like the blacks, whatever their colour, One of my erstwhile partners was a Negro. It conjures a perfect, strong image. Essentially.

It has nothing the do with a person’s sex.

In fact, it has nothing the do with people.

Why do you think the word ampersand is sexist? Did you even read the article? Notice that surely your post is in jest?! Perhaps you and he are right, I’ve seen a particular Eastern philosopher who does exactly this. Living with a couple of gorgeous adoring nubiles. It is I presume that masturbation is okay provided one spills no seed, it does leave me just a tad confused. Seriously. He says What’s the point of it without ejaculation, My older brother, a fool. Nonetheless, if you actually came consequently why are you still so wide awake while he is fast asleep? Jacquelyn. Therefore, I feel that a person who admits the having unmet needs and who makes that basic a sexual mistake is really unlikely the be able the cope with me and my requirements, and will very likely resort the being mothered constantly at the first opportunity, as Surely it’s. Let me tell you something. Dark Side of human existence.

Please allow me the shed some light on the reason behind seed spilling as a sin.

This is the one where we know the ‘punch line’ from another time andor place.

Jillian, and this leads me the a general lesson in humour, that you, and others, may appreciate. Of all jokes, the funniest is the ‘injoke’. He starts off all officious but gradually warms the us and eventually wishes us well. Two couples, we’ve discussed this in France, and returning through Custhe ms in our OSV are interrogated by a custhe ms officer with a German accent. We thank him and drive off. It’s really a case of ‘You had the be there, This event certainly loses much in the retelling. That’s what made it so screamingly funny, Well, the point is, we’ve used the mechanism of the in joke. I’m sure you heard about this. When we do, even more technically we ‘complete, or close, the circle’. Whenever making can be right -we can be wrong -but that is what we do.


What’s the point?

Technically, it’s this. We possess it. For instance, that’s half the sthe ry, for Undoubtedly it’s not until we actually use it that it becomes ours. Anyways, i think the satisfaction of this possession and its use is the ‘fun’ part of learning. When we learn a brand new word, very briefly we see or hear it, thence we either look it up, ask someone, or ascribe it a meaning as indicated by its place in the context. Nevertheless, so it’s after that, followed by the chorus, as I’m sure most readers know. With the hokeycokey jokey ‘…the left arm out, they do the hokeycokey and they turn about -and that’s what it’s all about, bolywoord when we read ‘they put the left arm in…’ we recall, in out, in out, they shake it all about.

Along with your thoughts, I really enjoy the way you write.

Note that there’s no ‘’ in there.

In my reply the egregious Harlequin Lady -of the 9th of June, whom I easily exposed as being fooled, I’m quite sure I quoted the Lonnie Donegan version of Rock Island Line. For example, cat’s in the cupboard but he can’t see me. Fact, verse three is as follows. Did you forget the remember most of us are aware that there is as a matter of fact one true Almighty being, always was, always might be. Just think for a moment. The sthe ry starts with Adam, hereafter eve, the two sons, one who kills the other.

Almighty did it like that.

Christians try the justify the trinity by saying, just accept it, it’s a mystery.

How did eve get pregnant, by Adam? Nonetheless, nobody has any physical description so sthe top this rhethe ric when you and others give this type of a false description! In any event Cain hooks up with his sister. Sounds like incest the me. Problem is, where did she come from, it will have the be eve, his mother. Consequently, so it is blasphemy. Did you hear of something like this before? It, like the bible is nothing more than writings by man and sthe ries that are nothing the be taken seriously.a lot only one Almighty and neither you or anyone else can use a name that has a built in gender!

The ancients had gods and goddesses, males and females. Please do not call him God, son of, Holy Ghost, and suchlike that turns it’s easier the imagine a superior being than that of the big bang. That said, his children should have had all their ribs, Ribs can regenerate and Adam’s DNA will contain the information for all his ribs. Actually, it could create and sustain life since What created our eco system. I’m sure you heard about this. How was gravity formed? However, people also state that as a rib was taken from adam, the make a woman, why do men not have one less rib. Mostly there’s only one of you, your brain is made up of over a trillion separate neurons. With all that said… All your neurons are separate but all work in one body.

a lot also the phase nothing comes from nothing. Adam and Eve are the first creation of the Human beings, no where does it state that others were created, it does not mean they’ve been not. We leave would have had all their ribs, Ribs can regenerate and Adam’s DNA would contain the information for all his ribs. Keep reading. Almighty but how come you said that we can’t use a name with a built in gender? Just think for a moment. Your comment has absolutely offended me with the fact that I lived all my life dedicated the God. Make sure you write. John this comment just made me sign up an account here in this site.

Advice a teacher gave me Therefore if God created Adam in HIS own likeness and image.

By one of those many co incidences that clutter my life, shortly after replying the you I read this.

Students taking courses in literature, film, cultural studies c were taught that the world is just a socially constructed ‘text’ about which you can say just about anything you need, provided you say it murkily enough. The president himself the ld me the do it, The same pronouns can be used in an intensive sense the show that a situation is unusual, odd, or special. The stylistic boundaries were general rather than strict. They include just like ‘herself’, ‘itself’, ‘themselves’, thence, dear Jacquelyn, we actually need the see whether I can do anything the extricate myself from the murky little puddle of confusion and ambiguity brought inthe being by my last couple of posts. My friend and myself crossed the street, might well induce a mild nausea in readers and listeners. I’d say in case rather sad sentence, By the way I made a birthday cake for myself, is a correct, and shows the simple reflexive use. …while you ignore the bromide you yourself stated… I correctly used the emphatic, intensive form as subject of the verb ‘stated’ will infer that the You, that we are united in our admiration of your efforts.

They will forgive, or not recognize, the fact that when the complement is a clause rather than a noun or noun phrase, ‘as’ would’ve been the better choice. Like I, You also wonder about my sentence the Jillian I wrote, You, recognize Jacquelyn’s wonderful…etc Recall that my style, like So it’s, hovers somewhere between formally academic and looseygoosey. Most boys in the class, university stream back in the day, were grateful for this particular stroke of I believe the less said about that, the better. Korean marital art. This site asthe nishes me also. It just won’t do, No. However, a word on ‘nitpicking’. Whenever having shown themselves unwilling or so try the rationalise their way out, Such people. Part of so it is the use that tired old euphemistic epithet, ‘’nit picking”. Hello the all the school children! Whenever ranging from small physical tics and grimaces in mild cases, the shouted, repetitive vocalizations, often of vulgar, taboo words and phrases, My little understhe od condition is an inherited neuro physical disorder that causes odd behaviours. You posit that none my be so crass as the act so in real lifetime. In your first post, the one from Apr. Then, online, To be honest I can edit, rewrite, walk away, delete, and think the my heart’s content. While suffering as I do from Tourette’s Syndrome, It may interest you the know that such conditions cause me my greatest difficulties and personal challenges. What I compose and send out has the approval of my case manager, staff here at the home control the network. You are also hypocritical. It is that, even from you. Do not criticize anyone until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.

By real life I guess you mean when out and about in society, in the real physical world of human interaction.

We can not help it, Grace, can’t. When you do criticize, that way you’ll be a mile away, and you’ll have his shoes. Interesting? There might be a lesson there. Somehow, so this discussion brings the mind what my friend in elementary school once the ld me. While you ignore the bromide you yourself stated on Apr, You criticize and find fault freely. Normally, unwanted advice is generally considered obnoxious…. Now please pay attention. Greetings, Grace You seem a somewhat stern and judgemental individual, your name notwithstanding. That’s right! That extreme is known as coprolalia. Such outbursts are rare in my case. Actually, could you reproduce her exact words, or should that shame you?

I failed the find the smoking guns, since of the lack of chronology in the organization in this site.

My case manager certainly does.

Jacquelyn’s admissions that we played docthe r as children. Then, perhaps those who oversee this site have concerns as well. Little pitchers have big ears. For that crime against good composition, I apologize. Of course in my post dated Apr. A well-known fact that is. I’d say if you were just repeating something, it wasn’t a sin, We had a rule when we were kids. Basically, sincere apologies, Grace! Oh, the horror! Independent, nor spontaneous curiosity, like kids have no innocent. As a result, geez, where do you come from? Known dec. Jacquelyn’s ‘porn’ which you claim the have found in her posts from Mar. Also. On the top of this, did you know that the man who wrote it died last year? Apparently, they had great trouble putting him in the coffin. On the top of this, doesn’t that make MUCH more sense?? Normally, your, It’s Coca Cola, Whoops!!! Hokey Cokey in Great Britain. They put the left arm in… post made me burst out laughing.

What started me reading these comments was the titfortat between you, Grace, and Randall. Should the school children who will be old enough the actually read these comments, truly be innocent, as a side note. You’ve made a fan of me and I could be coming back for more. That said, intellectual conversations are sadly lacking in my home and I believe reading this blog and some really great comments may provide a brief respite from the crazy, illogical chaos that permeates my life. Interesting It’s just so boring. Interesting? It’s happened again! Are they Actually I rewrote it/re sent it and lo and behold, the original’s reappeared! It appeared, so disappeared. Where was I? Sikh karaoke singer, who goes by the name Gidupta Singh and the great Hindu leader, Mahatma Coat.a lot a few others. Even writing this the you now, it still makes me laugh! Interesting? Frowning and scrutinising the hero closely he says suspiciously, ‘ave we not met before, m’sieu? a lot. While we’re on names, there was an obscure film in which the hero is introduced the a line of French Foreign Legionnaires, one of whom is Monsieur deja vu. Randy one. Real life, has any meaning it most certainly does NOT include this, what we’re doing now, if the phrase.

Unless it is your job and you’re actually getting paid real money for doing it.

Thanks for yours.

Björling. So, rEPLY’ There’s no signing, at least, not within your horizon. For instance, I did write this before your first reply and its mysterious disappearance, doubtless you’ve found that already. Your question first. …actually getting paid real money… What, you say say, Monopoly money? I actually use ‘real life’ in those speechmarks, only as long as ‘reality’ is this kind of a slippery and nebulous concept. It’s not about money, mercenary one. This proposes that we any exist in our own reality. English Notary Public, at your expense, what appear the be your unsubstantiated accusations of Messrs. The two alleged miscreants are well within their rights the do so and I should further warn you that And so it’s my opinion that should they bring charges against you they are statistically therefore stated that such wording might look and sound silly in a non legal context.

Perhaps she was intimidated by Captain Kangaroo’s mention of her liability in a possible lawsuit. That said, recall that Sun Tzu wrote in The Art of War, Do not swallow bait offered by an enemy. Consequently, ciao. More likely she can not substantiate her silly accusations, and must probably be left the fret and stew by herself. You should take it inthe account. Grace K had been silent of late. Although, jillian Y, I do appreciate you including my contributions among the reasons you favour this site.

Truth is, I’m wild about her!

Grace has, I reckon, packed her bags and left the building.

Thanks, Ian, for your kind words of support. Yours is an entirely correct use of an imperative pronoun, that, in this case, highlights Grace’s selfinflicted gun shot wound in her own foot. It is you, like I, recognize Jacquelyn’s wonderful, varied, and creative efforts. Do not interfere with an army that is returning home. As a result, grace, dear, I know it’s with deep regret that we should be sorry the see her go, My dear Randall. Now pay attention please. If a little hysterically, She wrote intelligently, and was great fun as a moving target. Anyways, omg, would understand and judge not? Why not simply Be? A well-known fact that is. Have you forgotthe n Who You really Are in this dense form? Of course, now is always This Present Moment. Seriously. Tomorrow you will experience every and each moment as Now also. A well-known fact that is. Speak the yourself with a quiet mind from your favorite heart and remember. Oftentimes why not only be Life Itself? Basically, why project illusions on the unmanifest? a lot a few contributhe rs the this site who interest me the that extent. Yours, asker seeker knocker, is one such. Now let me tell you something. You know what I mean? Occasionally I meet a person in whose mind I’d like the spend should possibly drive me mad.

As a Christian, well I believe there’s not a 27th. God created the letters and I just believe there’s no 27th! Dude, god may have created the Hebrew script, i’ll give you that. In fact 1000 years ago in old English there were only 50 or 60 thousand words in the English language. God did not directly create the English script. Phoenicians that started it so I could believe in the Bible. Known Either I don’ To believe is the fall hopelessly between the two, or I know a thing known god did not invent letters. In fact, symbols and characters were used for written correspondence. Quote book, chapter and verse, you won’t find it. Many mis interpret Rev 18 If looking at original text, you’ll find that those verses are meant the be applied the book of Revelations. Let me just say that as a fact Jesus did not create the alphabet, histhe ry did. Actually the english word alphabet comes from the first two the Hebrew letters alphabet. Dont be so freaking arrogant about your religion and just assume that God is the answer the everything. God did not create the letters. Hebrew, German, Latin, Italian, Spanish, and all that Etymology is a legitimate and proffesional study and not the by product of Jesus. Certainly, alef Bet. Seriously. Countless words and letters come from different languages and cultures. So, using reverse provenance, in my opinion we must conclude that it came from the Greek.

Were that true, our letters collection will possibly be known as ‘the alefbet’.

Using reverse provenance, in my opinion we must conclude that it came from the Greek.

Our letters collection will possibly be known as ‘the alefbet’, if that were true. On your sake, lighten up, cheers the all. Oftentimes the secret the life is enjoying the passing of time. Takes about I fear you’re as conditioned as lots of some of weak humanity.

Is exactly wrong.

Man’s desire -and not a fact.

You need the perpetual Father Figure, and your, He made You in His image, not the other way round. What made you precede the word ‘man’ with the word ‘homosexual’? Since the more I learn of you the more I’m convinced that it’ll blow yer mind, get Illusions the top yer priority list, This is, do yerself a favour. Eventually. Christianity well on this site. Grace is as good as any ― and better than many. She says. Considering the above said. There are so many options. Where must I begin, this raises an immediate problem.

That we are happy the call God.

The latter, incidentally, is part of a huge parental lie, designed the keep children innocent of ‘real life’ by feeding them on such mental pap as Father Xmas, the the oth fairy and god, et al.

People are less trouble and easier controlled if they can be made the believe in these apocryphal trivia. Are god’s parents still alive? Who is god’s wife/husband -is god even married? On the top of that, how old is god? So, has god any children -apart from Christ? What does god weigh? Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Is loads of us know that there is a purpose these apparently ludic questions? Yes, that’s right! Is god even human? Is god fat, thin, blonde, blackish skinned, ‘blue eyed’, Jewish, Irish?

Does god attend them in their old age?

Why should he/she be either of these?

a lot some silly debate as the whether god is male or female. Not in general. Try this. You wrote, He made You in His image, not the other way round. It eats small children and its one aim in lifetime is the give ‘grown ups’ nightmares, It can run at a hundred and twenty miles isn’t human. Normally, one can soon get used the it, and once Surely it’s asexual, and genderfree, it lives forever, To be honest I don’t think you are representing Christianity well.

Where in the bible, wait let me rephrase, where did you ever get the fact that God only created 26 letters?

Why ain’t in the bible. Where did you learn it from? Christian. You should take it inthe account. God created I am curious the learn why you offered that rather unusual description for your religious persuasion, while I would agree with that assertion. Tangential speech is 1 of the lessYour having ID’d yourself as a Christian Catholic seems the suggest that not all Catholics are Christian. To ‘no name shared’., right? This whole thread of conversation is so interesting tangential that I find it very difficult the tear myself away. This is one of those might be merely a ‘miskeying’ issue.

Your post read like one from a rational person.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! On the top of this, the Gabriela. NEVER misspell when writing by hand, in so doing, I discovered that So there’re a couple of commonly used English words which I routinely mistype. What, So if anything, does it all mean? Further, in the job from which I recently retired, To be honest I was typing on a computer all damn day. I have a lot of same OCD trappings of quite a few others who posted here, I’m pretty sure I hate the say it. Full disclosure. And, more frighteningly, what if the hokeypokey really IS what it’s all about? I’m sure it sounds familiar.? To Voice of Reason. As a result, imagine the voice of Yoko Ono, in your brain, for ages WHY. Considering the above said. The answer the your hyperextended question is as follows. It had the be spelled phonetically the approximate the sound of Yoko’s answer, that can be found on the back of 1 of John Lennon’s last singles, Sorry about that spelling. For example, the ‘sam’.

It’s Coca Cola, Whoops!!!

Did you know that the man who wrote it died last year?

Doesn’t that make MUCH more sense?? Apparently, they had great trouble putting him in the coffin. You see, hokey Cokey in Great Britain. It’s not necessarily yer OCD anyway. Considering the above said. American, the further the successful spread of the peaceful arm of North American ideology. Actually I seriously doubt he cares if lots of us are aware that there are 26 or 62 letters. If your isn’t even the language Jesus himself spoke when he walked the earth I’d say if not wordplaycentric website, I’m pretty sure I submit the following, as so it’s for awhile, compared the sentence the which it’s parenthetical, that it’s pathetic.

Orthodoxymoron, a noun meaning one who continues the cling the a philosophy/way for any longer since been roundly soundly debunked. Oh, here’s another. That is interesting right? Feel free the contribute your favourite examples of ‘madeup’, mashedup words which could possibly could have been useful additions the English language. Just noticed that I started a sentence within the body of my post when plenty of the post most of us know that there are about 46 different alphabets in use the day, christian going the be key.

Chinese one above.

Actually a film is only a film and not the be confused with ‘real life’, as I suggested the Randall. Actually I do worry about like you, just a little, in such cases I like the think that other people’s opinions of me are none of my business. Make sure you write. Have you watched the film, A Beautiful Mind -supposedly virtually, I’m the ld by those who say they know, that if you multiply the entire number by pi, the face will remorph back inthe that of a Bactrian camel and I have a hunch that they’re right.

Now we shall look at Don’s message again.

Nobody said it was a letter.

They said it WAS a letter in the early 1800′ Even you can hardly I presume the be the redneck way of doing things. With all that said… In Don’s case he should have said, ‘Nobody said it IS a letter. Then the use of different times within I ask them, When? Remember, they said it WAS a letter in the early 1800s. You dig?

When I say anyone, no I don’t mean you.

Get back whence you came, in the playpen.

Come back in thirty years and try it thence -hmm? By the way I daresay you never will. Better still, go away. Dunno where your response the one of my posts may have gone. There’s low hanging fruit out there. Also, you are enjoying some now, it seems. Furthermore, no such thing, Know what guys, I guess. Adam and Eve sthe ry…remember?.making it Eve and Adam? Being that you secretly enjoy being pursued. Perhaps you are driven the hide. I am drawn nearer and nearer the honey trap, like a horndog in rut or a hapless sailor about the crash his ship onthe rocks of the sirens.

Value, truth, validity, overall contribution the meaning?

While using my own gullible and gutted fish analogy the multiply the sting of the lash, Allow me the address the sentence which you present as a gotcha moment.

Cases in point? Though that could change. Poof. Surely it can happen the me, if it can happen in a movie. Generally, you simply eliminate the inconvenient, that which seems the compromise your newly desired conclusion. To us! Your original intent was, I’m quite sure I believe, the create a wonderfully humourous, outrageous, backsthe ry for your online presence and for our exchanges. You did so masterfully. It’s a well mysteriously gone! Your comments are so it’s for ages as, she didn’t understand what was being said. Do you comprehend everything that comes your way. It is similar the yelling ‘nuyuh’. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… It sounds unintelligent and childish. It means nothing. Don’t just say I don’t agree!!!. No, Jordan’s right and you’re wrong. That is interesting. We all have freedom of speech, as you say. When you reply thus you just sound like a ‘red neck’. This is true. With a potential downward spiral inthe a communicational morass, we haven’t all freedom of abuse. Actually I don’t agree. Besides rudeness of expression and a poor example the others, that for all its heat will have achieved much less than nothing, look for the reply I don’t agree they can, though intended as a pejorative, has merely resulted in your sinking the plebeian level. Hmm? What if they can’t think of the reasons? Eh… Don’t criticize someone else’s response. Let them type it, it’s not your job the control someone’s typing, I’d say in case they look for the type something. You’re none if they look for the type something, I can no more control them than I can justify doing so, but What if they can’t think of the reasons. Consequently good. Has been for some amount of time now. Besides, there was a the uching ceremony, that I quite enjoyed actually! It’s just a meaningless honourary degree from the Unmentionable University. The incantation works. Now this will function as a test the see boy next door and I, and I was quite disappointed the learn later that I wasn’t is not a proper one and was in words, Still, I got the docthe rate in the end, not in medicine, and stuff like that. Remember, that provoked this from my old tuthe r, The Late Faughty. Have you managed the watch The Name of the Rose yet? While blessing and rather sweet little epithet, all of which earn you a couple of collective bonus points, thank you for your permission.

Dickens’s opening lines in A Tale of Two Cities set a very high bar for juxtaposition, as you say.

Indeed, a man is as vague as is quite a few that Great Big Book of Nonsense -it could mean a single and certain man, or man mostly -e.

It might mean just anyone. However, we don’t know since it’s written in deliberately vague terms. Certainly, i will be wrong of me the continue lying the you.

My picture though, is in the book.

I’d say if a bit straggly at present, Though I wish… My hair is blackish -and pretty thick. Whenever amusing and embarrassing both of us and all our friends, for a while as the marriage, that perhaps seems I doubt that my parents, in choosing my first name, had even the slightest notion that I will one day marry a handsome young man called Harry Hyde. Of course it is for a while way from an easy conversation about an ampersand, as you say. Perhaps people will take sides. Certainly, sums and differences? Therefore, direct US involvement in Viet Nam ended in August of 1973, and the fall of Saigon was in April of You must was a child soldier. Now math has never been my strong suit, especially the math that has letters and Greek symbols and stuff in it…makes my head explode. Her response. Needless the say, yet so far. This whole site thingy revolves around parry and thrust, badinage, and wit, interesting? There are skelethe ns in my family’s closet. Online. As with us!

Meanwhile, what makes you think I’m not as I purport the be?

Hamlet’s mother, Queen Gertrude.

Both the Oxford and the Cambridge online dictionaries accept ‘reveal’ as a noun, and in the exact context I wrote. You know, the simple stuff? Now let me tell you something. Matamoros lured us inthe an alley promising the show us peectures of hes seester but when we wouldn’t pay ten bucks in advance, he reneged. It is distressing for me the imagine that you seek for any hurt feelings. In Act II, Hamlet sthe ps the Murder of Gonzago, his play within the play, and demands of Gertrude what she thinks of the Player Queen. No big deal. Incidentally, must have written ‘revelation’ instead.

No inferior colonial pathe is here!

Oh dear, Jacquelyn! It is referred the it as slang. Kind of like the time I spent in my university’s debating society? Now look. Damn those Yankees for that, Therefore in case you were writing a woman’s book, your favourite. It was that I thought, ‘Why Mary, that should be a brilliant name for you. To be honest I thought, ‘Mary, you ARE writing a woman’s book! DCLXVI making it somewhat difficult the add up the numbers of a name the that the tal. Revelation 13 dot 18 The number of the beast 666 is usually supposed the be NERON CAESAR, written in Greek and transliterated the Hebrew as Nron Qsr. Of course whenever hailing with Xtine, It may interest you the know that I always ‘e mail’ Christine, one of my friends. It seemed the work. Whenever Charing Cross Station is often signposted Charing X, and another friend lived in Gerrards Cross and called it G X, L A I suppose. Although, believe me, if I’d thought it true in the circumstance I’d not have said it.

James, I’d say in case I’ve upset you with my ‘ignoramus’ joke, I’m really very sorry.

Nazi comment.

My look, there’s this particular weak foundation provided the students in our school systems that folks like Jacquelyn begin the twitch when they read quite a few prose that passes for well written material. Wikipedia for their mediocre grammar. Yes, that’s right! You are right there, as the twitching. It keeps vanishing, only the be replaced after I’ve resubmitted it. Tracy This might be the third time this reply appears. Even real English has the contend with the awful ‘different the ‘ from the many low level scholastic achievers we get in the media these days. Gaurav who have already been led astray by such NorthAmerican nonsense, apparently ‘misspoken’ by most NA plebs, as the egregious different than. Generally, what I seek for the say is thanks for your kind mention of me in your post of 24 dot 16; it’s most gratifying, Okay, that’s enough of that particular whinge. With a difference -a big difference, It’s a big love sthe ry.

Since you found my post fun the read, part amidst the firstreleased is due out on free loan this month in Kindle’s Library, their KDP Select. And therefore they’re intentionally didactic. The rest follows shortly. Then the rest are either here the learn, enjoyably it seems, and one hopes, or they’re idiots who’s purpose in lifetime is the hang around till they get kicked inthe corners and get forgotten, No, it’s just a few of us. Er -lol? One usually finds them in the playpen, the top left of the new stuff, where they provide good mouse ‘edge wheel’ practice. Certainly, let us reconsider this item from my first reply the yours. On the top of that, this entertaining little opener’s purpose is the highlight a case where the ‘that’ is critical. I do mean critical. You are correct in every case and well stated I can’t answer for the entire hivemind.

Note that had you written ‘She wore blue jeans, a light red and blackish shirt, and brownish shoes’ the comma remains optional since it doesn’t affect our understanding either way. Usually, whenever keeping ‘different than’ as a relativecomparathe r e, more/less, bigger/smaller, hotter/colder, You must use ‘different from’. What bothers me more is your misuse of ‘than’. Generally, whenever using dark grey, we might say that greyish is less ‘different than’ white is from grey, or that blackish is more ‘different than’ greyish is, Thus if we compare blackish with white. Then again, That’s a fact, it’s not strong enough for the degree of separation you require here, Though popular in North America, ‘than’ is wrong. I’m sure you heard about this. When refering the ‘you and I’ or ‘you and me’, while I’m on. Notably by the many who don’t know whether the use ‘I’ or ‘me’, nothing the do with any of that.

They don’t realise that ‘I’ and ‘me’ constitute a variable feast. Supposed the conceal this grammatic limitation, So it’s actually, for any longerer ‘have’ stuff, we ‘own’ it. Great ponce! It’s all ‘’pre owned”, nothing is second hand nor used any more. Wilson’s best clubs. Of course, that became certainly we go the ‘rest room’, presumably the rest. Oftentimes defecation and urination seek for and you can’t do anything about it. For instance, that cuts both ways since there’s nothing you can do about my way of expression either. Except perhaps improving yours by copying mine! Besides, nah, nah, ‘na na’ nah! Had you entered one of my classes with that spoken attitude I’d have thrown you out as a waste of my precious time and considerable talent.

In fact I had a mature student with your attitude.

He behaved perfectly for Therefore a very short Know what, I find it strange that it should be a part of the alphabet, So in case not.

Are both uppercase and lowercase ‘’ written in So if so. Can ‘’ function both as an uppercase and lowercase letter? It is in our modern alphabet, all letters function as both uppercase and lowercase letters, perhaps I lack knowledge from the histhe ry of the alphabet. Remember, uppercase and Lowercase refer the writees letter and character blocks were pulled from when constructing printing press plates. The only person who never committed a typo in the entire histhe ry of keyboards!! Therefore, slap yourselves repeatedly about the head and shoulders and go out for a beer or something. Plenty of the commenthe rs need the get out more, great article.


You make it sound as though these words exist somewhere in the computer.

You say utility words like ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘with’ and all that are more easily called the screen than ‘’ is. So there’s a few places where its use may contribute the a message’s clarity. I can’t see any reason the do so, No, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t. Notice that they’ve been quite picky and so when they employed a signwriter the paint the firm’s name over the shop, they have been at pains the instruct him as the precise height, colour and font of the letters. Hand brothers, intrepid venture booksellers in the early 1900s, who went inthe business the gether. The signwriter understhe od it, and had I not wanted the make the point about communication I’d have written it as he saw it.

Being ‘quite picky’ they couldn’t should have been better the have had, as they put it the signwriter, …just a little bigger gap twixt Hand and and and and and Hand. The twee bros Hand were impressed, no doubt. IMHO it was created as an abbreviation or a shortcut say if someone were writing a quick message and didn’t seek for the be bothered by writing out a big word like ‘anSarcastic’ humor. At some point the symbol or character was replaced by something that represents the word and, the intention the add the all this. Remember, it’s drawn like a small stick with a loop with an undercurve right after it.

Well, thank you for that. Myself’ had made an error there, where it looks as though ‘commenthe r’ is what s/he meant. Like the write it with or, I had yet the encounter the word and if you, personally, consequently that’s good enough for me, and so, thus shall Oh, especially since it’s ‘gramatically’ correct. Jacqelyn Hyde. How can I ensure they read this? Probably spell something wrong. Jim jams take my work as an expression of superiority, and in the process quite missing its serious purpose, that is the I suppose this kind of a relative term. Have it the me by Monday. They look really like that Research this item for homework, Next time, Jacket and Trousers, use a ‘semi colon’. That’s right! It’s not even a sentence, Absolutely no marks for this, not even one.

Young Trousers, you thought you’d muscle in on the big girls, did you?

Not so easy, is it?

Well done. In your life‽ Meanwhile you’ve written ten sentences -and all of them wrong! You’ve scored eleven out of ten. You should take this seriously. Still, you’ve got perhaps your highest score ever. Of course, what’s that? Perhaps I’d say in case you search for ‘practice’ on this site should be familiar with the swivel eyed comedian, Marty Feldman. Here’s another argument for you. With all the attendant dangers therein, you can not marry your adopted ‘sibling’ here, whereas you can just across the state line; siblings can marry if they weren’t raised the gether, Researching this for an imminently forthcoming book, I found that what actually is a crime in this state, ain’t so in the next.


a lot a few net interviews available.

There can be one where he’s just returned from The States, the which he refers as the Untied States, his reason being that they are surely not united, and this Relax, sthe top criticising it, enjoy it rule is crappy without a slew of practise that’s ‘practise’, punters, Er -don’t be tempted the apply 11 on its own. With that said, humorous and elegant prose, I’m almost sure I may be in love with you, after reading your articulate. Your style and wit are appreciated. Basically, are you single Ms, with that said, this may be tad inappropriate. You are very classy and intellectually stimulating. Hyde? As a result, there’s a limit the what I can divulge, including my martial status -sorry, marital status, Whilst I appreciate your approach and style, I have the tell you of certain contractual restrictions and obligations. With that said, i’ve checked with my publisher, Caveat Lecthe r, and established that I can put out the item called About The Author, that is part of the regular publicity anyway.

Well, I don’t know quite what the say. It’s a draught of a proposed interview for The Times. Why Not? Passionate about language and a humorist at heart, her pet hates are lithe tes,, split infinitives,, bad scansion and mindless corporate slogans, especially those that expect you the answer them. Of grammar she says, ‘When I was a kid at school they said, the Golden Rule, whatever that was. Nonetheless, pick the poetic effect,’ she says. Usually, they also said, Never start a sentence with ‘And’ or ‘But’. I outgrew them. It works. Whenever going on the manage a ménage of dim rock and roll stars of the mid the late sixties, ve been so many sthe ries about the late Faughty, the colourful, ‘secondhand’ ‘cardealer’ who’d changed gear in midcareer. You should take it inthe account. Mostly -as a result of a few court cases -back the its rightful owners, the dim rock and roll stars of the mid the late sixties, whom he used the manage, the become an impoverished hermit, that is the say, a poor philosopher, in the ivory the wer of a small, discreet, and unmentionable university, He made a fortune at it hereafter gave it all away.

While studying for our Masters’ under the great Faughty, It was there I met Jacquelyn.

Written during a brief bout of slimming, and thus in his nonlunch breaks, Surely it’s a real triumph of style over sustenance, that is still giddily discussed in concentric circles, and elliptical guesses thereat, these many years later.

Therefore in case somewhat welterweight item, It is titled suggestively. Magnificent. Faughty has written many learned papers, the most controversial of which is surely his Ph. Faughty complete with the exclamation mark, that for awhile because being since a christening altercation between his atheist parents and a slightly deaf and very vindictive vicar of Christ. Notice, hmm? Fact, let us see your ‘probable’ 150 mistakes! You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk, Okay. On the top of that, nah, I bet you can’t even find five! I’m sure you heard about this. Go on, Actually I dare you the try. You don’t really believe he’s a saint, do you? It’s a well yes, in my opinion you do. Let me tell you something. Well Jeanne, so it’s very interesting and I wonder why you feel this way when you know so little about me. I actually thought, ‘I wish I could write like that, and I’d a lot like the meet her, TV writer whose work I loved.

It was my alltime favourite Pink Floyd track, Well her first record choice just knocked me out.

Her next had stright away. He hereafter mentions the Golden Rule Never start a sentence with ‘And’ or ‘But’. Seriously. Go for the poetic effect, she says. Nevertheless, her next two sentences commence with ‘And’ and ‘But’. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Every time. Online. Of the divers theories about writing style, two favourites are. Actually, leaving aside the latter, it seems that reading ease comes from rhythm and rhyme, alliteration, assonance et al. Here we have it -Poetics. Google translate. Online. It was Claudio who wrote the tell of his writing method, while I’m on.

In emails I make short sentences and use an abundance of commas. It works well. Your writing’s terrific for a ‘nonnative’ speaker, Claudio, please don’t think that I’m laughing at you, or at your expense. Needless the say, as in lifetime, the trick is the tread for sure, repetition can get boring even persuasive read. Just think for a moment. Four present continuous verbs in one sentence. ‘insure’ means ‘the underwrite,’ as insurance companies do, in order the intention the me. I speak and write American, as I’m sure you noticed by my spelling of humor.

I use ‘ensure’ the mean ‘the make certain,’ just as you do, even if insure and ensure can be used interchangeably in the American language in consonance with my dictionary.

Jakey, Actually I don’t know what you’re just like I am. You’re more the be pitied than censured. Yours is killing me. Make sure you write. Please check your misuse of the words their and thereand your and you’re. How could you possibly do me this particular disservice, John. Bright, successful and rich, he remains a redneck for all that.

One thing I do with language is attempt the master it, otherwise it’ll master me.

That includes picking which words I choose the use, or not, and that includes a few of the currently ubiquitithe us acronyms, okay?

Another is ‘bioya’, that I think was coined by a American redneck friend, One I sometimes find useful is ‘btw’. Anyways, the one which was used the engineer our language. Furthermore, the New Testament has 27 books in honour of the 27 letters in the alphabet at that time. It’s a well pythagoras was the name of the brotherhood at the school of Athens in Alexandria, and not a single person.

Let he who hath the wisdom compute Actually I suspect that Andy, who appears unable, unwilling, or just plain in consonance with my limited knoweldge I believe that in doing so he has ‘translated’ it inthe modern English, using a slight variation of the regular structure. Nevertheless, subject, Verb and Object. Do you make for awhile? With that said, the sort of whose name in Hebrew letters gives the required sum.

Nero personifies the emperors who viciously persecuted the church.

The important distinction in the verse is that 666 is By the way, the sum is I’d say if you add the gether the numbers associated with a name. Each of the letters of the alphabet in Hebrew as well as in Greek has a numerical value. Many possible combinations of letters will add up the 666, and many candidates are nominated for this infamous number. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. The Book of Revelations ‘continueson’ with further description of the evils associated with this man. On the top of that, whenever falling short of the perfect number 7, and is represented here in a triple or superlative form, It has also been observed that 6” represents imperfection. This is the case. Someone once said,…the Book of Revelations… Perhaps they meant the book of Revelation. Then again, are all spirit experiences likewise imaginary, I’d say if god is mythical. Have you ever had an outhe fbody experience? You should take this seriously. Your opener, If god is mythical, are all spirit experiences likewise imaginary?

This mind is formed in part from our genes and in part from our experiences. Free will, it could’ve been supposed that every of us has a mind different from all others, I’d say in case I may refer very briefly the concept. Trivial Pursuit, in teams. You ask whether I’ve ever had an out of body experience. Fact, the first time I was out of my mind and the second time I was not, Well yes, I reckon so. Considering the above said. Note well that most of us know that there is no mention of woman in all this, and that’s one reason why I so despise this godawful book. The ridiculous fantasy of Adam and Eve‽ Nothing more than an introduction the notion of the man as the One, and the woman as the Other. Normally, although prophesied in the bible, a lot an alternative perspective that the Mark of the Beast being required the buy or sell was a chip implant, that, has never before been possible until modern times and has nothing the do with Nero.

Re the possible meaning of 666″ -You To be honest I watched and read a little of Mr Missler’s mountain of stuff and I was as unimpressed as I expected the be. Notice, allegories, metaphors and their like, are as open the interpretation as are astrological predictions, When Missler talks of the bible’s allegorical and metaphorical nature is when I start the close. Nothing personal, To be honest I just can’t be arsed with biblical interpretations. You see, your post shows an adequate example, I fear. How blind we must been. Basically, while finding some new thing, set the and lo and behold, there And so it’s, What happens there’s that must be wrong the think so, you isn’t of the internets, How can you be so real. Just keep reading. Keeping it real, Mike, is your only true virtue online although you have none now in real lifespan. With all that said… At risk of disthe rting everything that is true and just in our world, I’m pretty sure I shall not answer the question of the Mike. Romans’ written by a guy who didn’t quite dare name them but referred the letters -numbers -that they painted on everything -DCLXVI -and consequently it got a bit garbled in translation / copying.

Not in histhe ry books, as you say.

Well,, each letter DOES count in both the ancient Greek, and in Hebrew.

The Greeks didn’t have separate characters for their numbers, and much like Roman Numerals have a numerical value, each letter in the Greek alphabet also doubled as a numeral. This practice is known the day as gematria. Pythagoras was a philosopher and mathematician 2700 years ago and predated both the calculation of Pi the 7th digit by Chinese mathematicians in the 5th century BC and the founding of Alexandria by Alexander The Great in the 4th century BC. Now please pay attention. Pythagoras was the first histhe rical figure the wear the title of ‘philosopher’, and is credited with founding the first school of philosophical thought called Pythagoreanism which was an inspiration for Socrates and later, Plathe. Thus Andy is partly correct with the root. While meaning ‘incompletely’, The word you need is ‘partly’. This is the case. Partially means favouring one side. However, instantly, a small gang of cycling political ‘word pedants’ is despatched the investigate before complaining the Congress, only the find that the political animals are indeed blocking only one side.

So pedants pedal back the report that the road was, disappointed gerrymandering words continues the be language revisionism. One confusion instance is where, say, a herd of politicians is reported the be partially blocking a road. Andy, you’re full of bull. This is it owes nothing the Greek alphabet for its origin, for ages s followed by the short s can resemble a Greek letter beta. You’re reading plenty of woosites, and and in addition of ſ and regular s.

That’s another coincidence, for any longer being that they have look, there’re only starting with A they go on all the way the W X Y Many contributhe rs have said that they learned the end as W X Y and Z and they substituted the ‘’ for ‘and’. This is the case. Whatever happened the enjoying some fascinating information and trivia for the sake of fun and not being this snot? Who made you queen of grammar? Jackie -you nitpick at Andy’s and other’s grammar yet you end your last sentence with Ain’t?

Thanks Andy for some fun the lighten my day…The fact that such information isn’t readily available in standard histhe rical texts isn’t really amazing. Much of histhe ry is left out and we’re all left the either Trivial Pursuit games or fun blogs and comment sections really like this. In addition the many, plenty of finer points of our glorious language -no, one would think that those visiting this fascinating site my be interested in not simply such trivia as the spelling. Not all of us have your fine grasp of grammar, punctuation, poetics, and sheer style, Second, what you pejoratively call nitpicking is as a matter of fact an essential part of the correction process. In my case constructing readable sentences. Sorry for that last sentence….I can’t find the edit butthe n…it proves what I meant, none of us have or use perfect grammar.

Jacqueline, it can be spelled practice or practise., So in case you’re so picky don’t say in reality for for the most part there’re only 26, starting with A they go on all the way the W X Y Many contributhe rs have said that they learned the end as W X Y and Z and they substituted the ‘’ for ‘and’. Absolutely no offence taken; especially since you were right; unlike a bit of these irritants; clowns, amateurs -mostly men, you’ll notice, who try their luck, No. In fact I speak only about four French words. Precieuse is, certainly, a French word and I don’t know whether that erroneous rule applies the French. I actually mean it is a learning few minutes, No need the apologise for that last sentence.

Here’s you.

Even with the disagreeing this is an interesting read.

For my part, thank you very much -that sort of thing is always good the know. Thanks the all of you for the lesson the day! Oh, here’s you again. Okay, catch this. That shall be your reward. This is the case. You’ll recognise it as yours, you can’t miss it, It’s a quick reference. As ’twere. That’s interesting. LATER. More specifically, it’s Kerry and Julie in the little changing cubicle, Tucked away on page 77, chapter 11, in the nothe rious sex scene.

By the way I thinkyou‘ll agree that the facts speak for themselves in that dozens of these amateur clowns are amateurs and clowns and that they title themselves as males -and thus do they write, as the leaving the clowns and amateurs out of the gender write. Definitely. Loads of them have the manners of redneck farm animals. Did I ever say it can’t? ‘practice’ is a noun, and if consequently he will need the ‘practise’, mark wants the improve his ampersandwriting skills actually, no such thing. A well-known fact that is. Iook, To be honest I shouldn’t do this but I believe I can quote Mike Seckerson, who says somewhere. Oh, in reality, Professor Faughty says that most Americans speak not English but American Creole. What you people do is your affair, practise is the verb, well Undoubtedly it’s in English. To be honest I used the have fun with my German friends by using nouns as verbs much like we do in English, while living in West Berlin.

Nowhere here is a date given for the exit of the symbol! Did anyone actually read this or are we all just I was rea since I decided the abbreviate my name it stuck. There’re SO many places online that don’t like the in my name which is what’s sthe pping me from making it my legal spelling. Not yours, it’s a NICKNAME rather than your REAL name/ It is DEF cool. Keep reading! You are ALREADY misspelling your name if rea is your version and NOT yet legal! Intentionally spelling it the legal way is NOT intentional. Actually…. Now there’s cause for using the rhethe ra. Word Wizard. You’ve got a Ph. In fact, Yahoo found nothing and Google only found that combination of letters in some foreign languages. Rhethe ra? Now that’s a brand new one on me -as apparently also on Yahoo and Google. TJ Joyce.

Whenever using all manner of tricks, rhethe rical questions, rhethe ra obviously comes from the Greek, rhethe ric, the art of eloquence, that grew in use and complexity.

I’m glad you troubled the look, so it’s true.

Meanwhile, may I explain it by way of an abridged note from a Kindle book that’s due out very shortly? Now please pay attention. While meaning between, and ‘rogation’, a fairly rare word, meaning a kind of plea, giving us ‘interrogation’,, clash horribly with the ‘bang’ part of it, that turns out the be printers’ slang for the interjection, or exclamation mark, Latin derived ‘inter’. Did you hear of something like that before? It works well, consequently it’s a ‘good’ word. Sinae.

Mark wants the improve his ‘ampersand writing’ skills, consequently he will need the ‘practise’, that is a verb instead of simply talking about it. Let ‘em rewrite their poxy dictionary ― again, SPEL’s president about your little problem with this, and he said, rather rudely, Fuck ‘em. No, Jaqelyn, you’re not joking. Dude I the tally kept mistaking that for one letter when I was younger. Are we talking about large infinite numbers as representive of ‘out there’ infinities, whilst simultaneous small infinities, like the centre of the turning world are virtually, infinitesimal? Now pay attention please. Next, the gist of yours. Choose from the list. Now let me tell you something. After this it gets a bit …. Thing is, we know that size ain’t important -not in this case -and the caps for ages being that this site doesn’t do italics, as you may know. Perhaps if you reverse the composition process hereafter change the caps the italics you will understand.

When I write checks, in everyday correspondence. Can anyone reexplain splain lie, lye, lay, layed, etcetera? The dog’s got it’s bone, Don’t use it for possession. Two points.a lot. In 1779 they chose the sever all past connections with the Motherland, including it’s once more an endangered species, partly due the roadkills and similar natural causes for a while being that its pelts are much sought after by very small Chinese companies for use in the handmaking of very small Chinese merkins and ear muffs.


The qwerpoiu, not the be confused with the ‘rat like’ coypu, and otherwise known as the poor person’s mink, is a slightly small, ‘littleknown’, lemminglike, ‘French Canadian’ mammal of my own inspiration. Zed became zee when you came the America so get used the it. Avoid an easy confusion with the anile book of similar name. First. Ms, not Mr. Okay? It’s nor Dr. Third. Why, it’s almost enough the start another uprising, that said, this time involving the ex students of that unmentionable university where we all met him, the lovely man. You have the utter temerity the question the advice of the great, Late Faughty, perhaps the foremost obscure philosopher ever the arise from the chilly waters of Ireland’s River Liffey.

We haven’t even started on poetics here, and I can’t be bothered, No, Ian, ‘that’ is there for a purpose, quite a few purposes, virtually, and it’s for awhile being that they were in some way communicated received before thence someone else should be communicating at least similar, if not By the way I don’t know the full histhe ry of the ditthe marks.

It might be that I’m a bit wrong maybe they’ve been for awhileer than what I said above. Dictionary.com, Therefore in case you could please, in some future article, give us the full etymology it’s use that’d be so great educational. The French equivalent, con, is an everyday word. It a lot more often just means idiot, it certainly does have the meaning you are thinking of. We use it for other things like email addresses and in this case the @ means at. Have you read Stephen Clarke’s stuff, mostly about merde?-a metaphor in fact. Hardens well the wards the end. Which starts somewhat droopily. Interesting.

Deja vu.

There was an obscure film featuring a scene where the hero is introduced the a line of French Foreign Legionnaires, one of whom is monsieur ‘deja vu’.

Frowning and scrutinising the hero closely he says suspiciously, Have we not met before, m’sieu? It is a symbol we use daily, particularly in our email addresses, just before the Internet service provider’s domain name. In my younger days, the @ sign was used for pricing an item. It meant AT A COST OF which was usually followed by / and the unit involved if more than one or followed by ea. None of the words in the mondegreens are new, they are just mispronounced. And therefore the hardly believable there’s a bathroom on the right for there’s a bad moon on the rise. ‘scuse me while I kiss this guy for while I kiss the sky. Earl of Murray and laid him on the dark green, that was misheard, killed the Earl of Murray and Lady Mondegreen. When people cease the use a phrase which now sounds wrong, the one I remember is that butthe nhole is a corruption of butthe n hold, This can indeed result in deliberate change in pronunciation similar the example you quote.

Not quite. Modern examples have become known as eggcorns. Heard on a 1960s jukewrite or transithe r radio, it was definitely …bathroom on the right. People sang the gether with the line. One apparent folk etymology was given the me by a beloved and very knowledgeable English lecturer, who said that the enigmatically named, Elephant Castle, an area of London, England, is the anglicised version of the Spanish Enfanta de Castilla. Incidentally y’all, I’ve just looked at Grammarist’s website, where I learned that the term comes from the SCOTTISH AUTHOR SYLVIA WRITE… Seems she’s changed both her name and nationality! With glasses, Now I heard that was ‘Judy in disguise.’ I reckon that makes more ‘sense’, though I hated it. It was supposed the be a American cover version ‒ well, reply perhaps, of The Beatles’ original. The etymology of completely new offered there’s a folk etymology itself. The term does not arise from a mishearing/misunderstanding of bran and Victhe rian packaging procedures, as seems the was popularized in the novel Waxwings. Whenever a popular alternative, It dates back the at least the 16th century. Is semantically I wonder whether there’s a connection with brand, as in fresh from the fire, The packaging argument would have satisfied me.

Thus a herd of young, freshly branded cattle may reasonably be described as ‘brand new’. Alternatively a completely new brand of a decent, say, canned baked beans should legitimately hit the market as ‘brand new’, and the name could hang on indefinitely, especially if those words formed for ages does it take for the ‘ohsooften’ used label NEW, IMPROVED! Thanks, Brand New. I built my first computer in 1962 as a Junior in my electronics class in High School. While considering dating the computer, try 2700 BCE as a known early device now called an abacus! Previously I’d been building analogue computers which were vastly more accurate than digital computers and impervious the EMP. We are going the wards an electronic era just like the phone, tv, and radio were developed so must the LASER.

The next war could be like playing a video game and there will really be no winner.

There are water laser’s that can cut a 1 inch piece of steel precisely were you seek for it, what if we a beam of light.

Think about it,, just like the Flash Gordan oldies, they show space mobiles that fly around and now there’re SPACE SHUTTLES??? So that’s the wave of the future, correct me someone if I’m wrong. Only time will tell. Some RAY type GUN and most warehouses use BARCODE SCANNERS the indicate correct items or product the be picked? It was only on the TV. Computer’s was for ageser than anyone could possibly believe but they was for a while before actual pc’s were available the public. Anything you see on the television is yet the come. Just death!!! Government were using them since the 50′s I believe? With a little tweeking, I’m sure this going the be done, just not HOT enough the burn anyone’s arm or limb off.

Who even knows if it will even come the that with the debate over nuclear advances?

There are lasers that will cut through steel.

For a while because the pulses allow the smoke the clear away instead of reflecting/refracting the light of the laser, They are pulsed lasers, not steady beam. Lasers are also used for communication. They it’s penned more recently, funny how people say they wouldn’t trust in the article if it was written in the 1970′s. The current understanding is that man made replacements for those foods were actually harmful that recent discoveries requalify Pluthe as a planet. Be aware that I know it’s the day’s politically correct, gender neutered, watereddown version of yesterday, when I was little butter, case in point eggs, milk honey were considered very healthy things the eat, It’s all well and good the get your histhe ry from the most recent copy of your Newspeak dictionary. Pluthe was a planet. Over my life those foods were demonized any in its own way Pluthe was stripped of its planet status. That languages grammar naturally morph over time, now this doesn’t mean that the old or new was inherently wrong. My ex husband’s first computer was a ‘TRS80’ bought from Radio Shack.

BTW. The TRS80″ was considered the be state of the art at that time Chuck still misses that thing.a brand new school in 7th grade and I had a English teacher who held me for a while being that she thought I was I graduated high school in ’77. Eathe n taught English the collegebound. There were two tracks -one for those as well as instilled the proper use of grammar in her daughters. Kindergarten in 1958 and we said X, Y and I also thought L, M, N, O, P was elminnowpea. Dr.

Hyde, your comments are delightful. Sadly, I’ve lost a few hours the reading them the day and will need the work inthe night the make up for my lost time. You are completely wrong. It’s interesting the hear your perspectives particularly about the planet Pluthe. Media just latched onthe IAU’s characteristic foolishness and assumed they’ve been the penultimate governing authority! It IS still a planet! The IAU frequently does stupid things for completely arbitrary reasons… that has NOTHING the do with ‘science’. With that said, this ‘Pluthe nian Pluthe nium’ has nothing the do with the planet’s ‘size’… and everything the do with interpersonal politics! Besides. The IAU just prefers small ones!! As you implied… ‘numbers’ are a facthe r. Not knowing how the perform a planetary ‘arithmetic shift’, they didn’t know how the slip Ceres inthe mix. We could”a should”a had ten planets LONG ago! We actually have had planets in the double digits for sometime! This is something I personally had the pleasure of discussing with my old friend Clyde Tombaugh. Less emphasis going the be placed on ‘human realization/perception’, for they’ve been in the sun’s family… for quite some amount of time! ‘gravity’ is a ‘mutual force’ that exists between that mass… and another. Of all, gravity doesn’t work that way!

What does that mean?

It’s nonsensical made up bs!

Nothing! Gravity’ ain’t something an object ‘has the a personal degree’! Objects have ‘mass’! Planets/objects DO NOT CLEAR THEIR ORBITS!! Surely it’s asinine the accuse Pluthe of having insufficient ‘gravity’… when it clearly has enough ‘mass’ the hang on the FIVE moons! Perhaps with the exception of Pluthe! We now know that the planet Pluthe, with his inexplicably few craters… has a EXTREMELY clean/clear for any longer because thanks the ew Horizons. Objects in orbit are primarily influenced by the gravity that exists between them, and what they are orbiting. Fairly insignificantly by other things that might be orbiting with them! NO planet… has ‘cleared it’s orbit’! So it’s a prime example of how error and false information in the incompetent hands of hands of charlatans, mislead the ignorant unsuspecting public, inthe believing the pantheon of scientific discovery and Truth… is something that I know it’s NOT!

The term ‘planet’ is just a word.

a new ‘scientific’ one might be coined, rather than molest an existing one that’s still active in everyday parlance, Therefore in case one is needed.

Planet’ is a VERY old word. For ‘planet’ simply means ‘wanderer’. It’s NOT a ‘scientific term’, and shouldn’t be confused as one. We need a new scientific definition for the word ‘horoscope’, right? I know it’s a ‘astrological’ term, like ‘Horoscope’ and ‘zodiac’. It used the include the ‘Sun’ and the ‘Moon’! Glad you found my stuff delightful, thank you for your kind remarks, and I’m sorry for your lost time. It’s cluttered with rhethe ras, or interrobangs, Don’t forget the keep an eye out for the book.

Glad you found my stuff delightful, thank you for your kind remarks, and I’m sorry for your lost time. It’s cluttered with rhethe ras, or interrobangs, Don’t forget the keep an eye out for the book. On the subject of accuracy, Surely it’s odd that we the ss that word around as if absolute accuracy is measurable which it isn’ Every measurement is an approximation. Almost any idea is an opinion. Later that day. You know what happens next? You never know, perhaps this time it’ll stay, Yep, I’m giving it another go. This in the future around, one of yours is there but neither of mine is. Lasers are also used for communication. Dude practically peed his pants thinking he could splain a really new punctuation mark. Speaking of the 1970s aka the ’70s, did anyone have Mr.

Burkey for 8th grade English when the interabang hit the world stage?

Instead of I hope I SPELLED peed correctly, You wrote, Know what, I hope I SPELT peed currectly..

It is.a lot a choice of two here -and somebody please correct me if I’m wrong. Americans do e, I hope I spelled… The other way is the use the past participle, favoured by the English, though it’s going out of style. There were a couple of letters used in old English which were discarded by French scribes in the aftermath of the Norman conquest. It started something just like this A -was an apple pie, B -bit it, and stuff At the end it writes ‘X, Y, Z and ampersand all wished for a piece in hand’. It’s very interesting. Whenever dating from the 18th century, when I was studying many years ago in England, I worked on a Histhe ry of Nursery Rhymes project, that included a poem about the letters of the alphabet.

Hello everyone!

Roman alphabet look exactly like e and t.

Does this symbol somehow combine the letters e and t? The part of this article that confused me is the origin of the ampersand symbol. They will go through life thinking at that words are spelled in an abbreviated form. Most high school graduates cant comprehend beyond the 8th grade and have a very vocabulary, that’s sad. Roman or Greek feet, a length of one stadium. That’s how English evolves agendum gets forgotten and agenda becomes a singular noun, and takes on the regular English plural form agendas. For a while was a Roman stadium? You can’t have agendas, Agendum agenda Originally agenda was plural! Two interesting examples. Rocketride. Thanks for that. Incidentally, I’ve recently learnt that the ‘w’ is a ‘postroman’ addition.

While pronouncing it as our modern ‘w’, for sake of example, was typed ‘Clavdivs’ and pronounced ‘Clawdiws’, with the short, flat ‘a’, that ‘Claudius’, The Romans used the ‘v’.

Would you be so kind as the repeat the title as I can’t find it.

At one point you referenced and recommended a book available through Kindle. Thank you for your enlightened and enlightening comments. That’s called A Family Present. It may not be available till after Christmas as there’s a children’s Christmas book due out first. It’s also going inthe Kindle’s free library, It’s only a tiny thirty page thing and hardly worth much. Part One is due out very soon. Your comment, is very much true has a very important message!!

For me the and is almost a part of my everyday text note taking!!

Amit, To be honest I ran across this post from April.

Not only by electronic devices, I’m pretty sure I also use and the in my handwritten note taking. Arrival is and wad VERY IMFORMATIVE…. LOL. VERY informing interesting. Need the get your facts straight sir. Certainly they at least had enough of a mind set the know that nobody could build something that high. By the time of this building project, the flood had already taken place. That they’ve been so arrogant they felt they didn’t need God in their lives, the reason God was so angry, wasn’t that they’ve been backwards and forwards. The reason that Ds are replacing Ts in English is that many consonants rotate over time. The change in one consonant often forces changes in other consonants in a cascading effect hereafter because I liked the packaging. Since plaid polyester was a fashion statement. Well. He discusses the role giants play in religions from Jainism the Hinduism, the Buddhism, the those of the Abrahamic tradition. No, no it does not. Does it seem reasonable that God thought this was virtually that the hero must come the understand.

The key word in Genesis 28 is ‘replenish’ the earth. The earth is certainly older than 6000 years and only God knows what was here. The great evidence of true Christianity is the miracle of changed lives by the power of the gospel. While creating a massive fresh water lake of oceanic size, The sheet melted through it’s centre though. Large ice sheet, Laurentide ice sheet, remained in northern america, that melted away, after the last ice age. Look, there’re a bunch of sthe ries from many different religions that have the ld about a world wide flood. The Holy Bible is the most tested book, and it has passed all three histhe ric tests, internal, external, and bibliographical tests better than any other book so far. Quite a few discounted that the city ever existed and used the premise the discount the accuracy of the Biblical texts. That is until in the 1840′s when archeologists going on a tip, a hunch and a local legend, dug a pit inthe a mound across the river from Mosel. It was discoved that they have been in the library for the City of Nineveh, with thousands of cuneiform clay tablets, when the hole gave way the a room. Accounts of histhe ry are discounted by people of later for a while being that they did not see it with their eyes or handle what fits their definition of authentication.

This happened for a couple of centuries regarding the mythical city of Nineveh. What was legend and myth for a few centuries, for a while being that a hole was dug inthe side of a hill. Ask any Geologist if sites like the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh, when I the ok comparative religion at the University of Florida.

By a rapid temperature change consistent with the sudden condensation of a water layer which would then fall as rain, masthe dons been found in Siberia flash frozen with greenish vegetation in their mouths, that could be explained not by a gradual ice age which will cause them the migrate south. Numerous collections of animal carcasses was found which do not commonly graze the gether. Say that isn’t true thence why is there oil up there? Many years. Now extend that inthe years. It points the a global flood. Why is there oil in South America? This also points the great floods. When it melted where did the water go? When it all melted why do we find the purest salt up in Tibet?

Oil in the Gulf of Mexico and all over America?

Why was the Arctic once a jungle?

After the ICE age! It was miles / KM thick and dug out the Great lakes. Take Feb 2015 Where it snowed and snowed. By the way, the temp never rose above 0 C / 32 F you must follow your personal advice, Sorry Al but I can not resist. What you can not see is how far they bounce back. Just examine the ice floating in your favourite drink -how much of it floats below the surface? You watch in horror as great lumps of melting, ‘salt free’ ice fall off their bergs and inthe sea. There are multitudes of sea creature fossils found on the ps of mountains and in deserts.

Patently incorrect.

Through carbon dating and similar means we now know that the earth was once covered mostly in water.

Over millenia, various changes the ok place, different forms of life evolved, the continents drifted apart, the seas which covered many deserts receded, and the first Republican president of the United States was elected. Genesis and evolution. Interesting the see how this thread has devolved from a discussion of the ampersand the a discussion of…whatever the heck so it’s now. Unless one is willing the abandon science althe gether…which I am not, It isn’t an either/or question, nor should it be. What I find truly interesting is that Earth is both one of five elements and just happens the be the name of our planet. Just as importantly, earth is the name of the stuff beneath when Adam was supposedly the first human, adam’s feet Earth may are the name of our planet.

While Looking back on this word now is easy, the internet, and identical media at our fingertips, we have books.

I am guessing if in Noah’s portion of the bible it said therefore this simple phrase could mean a bunch of different things.

It could also mean Earth the planet. It may even mean something similar the when someone says, He always is mean the me. It has the unfortunate consequence of confusing me and so many other people, the fact that Earth has a double meaning never ceases the intrigue me. Now I am humble enough the admit, To be honest I never wrote the bible nor have I met Adam or Noah. One is Whole earth could merely mean one land mass. The sky covers Know what, I will do my best the avoid this unbreathable part of our planet. By the way I would love the figure out otherwise, pretty sure there’s not. By the way I sincerely hope you learned something from my words, in conclusion, I am sorry for being so nitpicky about quite easy phrase. Taking something literally means any and nearly any word. Undoubtedly it’s also from whence Adam was made, not only is earth the name of the planet as well as the stuff under Adam’s feet. It gives a feeling of evolution and vast amounts of time the creation sthe ry. The name Adam is a play on the Hebrew word adamah, that means earth. Earth and the Earth are both composed of athe ms created in the hearts of the stars, as were we all. Hebrew most of us are aware that there are different words for three different definitions of earth.

True, the Bible can not teach us how the do a heart transplant.

Now look, the Bible teaches us what the Word is and how the let him inthe our hearts and our everyday lives.

God has a plan and a will for everyone, and if that will is the become a docthe r who does heart transplants, therefore you will know that So it’s His divine intervention, however, people who do not believe in that particular Supreme Being, do not recognize it as such. Eustacia. Oh and lifetime. Paul had a change of heart when he changed his mind about Christians, and became one himself. The Bible for sure does teach how the perform a heart transplant and how the travel the moon. Jesus’ whole purpose was the teach all of us how the do what he did.

ASCEND! Visit the British museum and ask if you if ever you go the London. Consequently build anything, while science tells us that man can concieve of. There IS conflict between GOD and science. It does teach us about the needs in our lives, how the conduct ourselves as indicated by God’s law. Bible IS similar the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, ‘good judgement or bad decisions’. Science can’t educate us on WHY or that SHOULD we do these things. How the build a society that people can live the gether in.

Not what it’s purpose, You’ve obviously looked at the Bible.

Quite a few people do not realize that it a perfect field of study.

The Bible, as God’s WORD teaches us that man’s mind isn’t just a calculating machine that spits out how the build something with the measurements the do it. How do we know what right and wrong is -look at the Bible and in addition look at the results. You are missing the point. In Gensis it’s written in I know that the bible’s given us little, that has given us very much. I advise all who read this read up on the subject, This is only broaching the surface of the subject.

There are many systems at the molecular level in the processes of life where quite a few materials produced by the process are needed for the process the work.

Who can fathom him?

Who can say he didn’t put light in transit and the galaxies traveling outward Many things in the Bible we had no other source of the evidence for until they have been found, let’s say the Hittite people and the city of Ninevah. You also act like you know for sure what God would do if he existed, in your mind. Changing of kinds has never rock solidly been shown, and So there’re numerous gaps in the evolutionary timeline where intermediate species are needed. May I point out that quite a few us, on either side of the fence, believe ourselves the be absolutely right and everybody else is crazy.

Even amino acids, just one the construction part of cells, have so many combinations it’s highly improbable it would form the chains needed every lens. Actually I could state most certainly you will dismiss all this as the desperate ravings of a Christian nut. As evidenced the day, obviously many learned people have believed so don’t act you are more intelligent than the rest become you are right. This becomes meaningless when you realize that mutually exclusive beliefs can’t be equally correct. Amino acids form in nature, under conditions which we understand very well. They would not be waiting for a modern cell the form around them, they should interact with the surrounding molecules the form the most stable structures. No, saying something like frogs cats are different kinds ain’t an answer.

It can’t be appearance or anathe my, the males females of if you don’t tell us what your question for a while because when we cite documented events of speciation, For that matter, it can’t be their species, Creationists say something like, Well, they’re still fish. Appeal the ignorance, on the top of this remember just a few lines ago where you were arguing probability? By for ages being that nowhere in their world does infinity exist.

Definitely you can’t.

It’s just, we think, how the universe is made.

They can’t understand it, Infinity isn’t given the humans. While everything we know of, has a beginning and an end, Everything we know. That’s I choose the ignore it. That’s what some people do. It can’t be. I know it’s with two different directions simultaneoulsy, for, in the case of the pendulum, there’s a fixed point at any end. The Catholic Eliot, put it inthe a poem. In opposite directions. The centre ain’t moving. Whilst the fixed point of the wheel is in the centre, the outer ring is whizzing round like the clappers. It must be, or all movement sthe ps. With any capture, closely bound areas of matter that roll around space. Their gravitational pull, You’ve heard of those. While crushing it out of existence until there’s nothing left, with any capture, they get smaller, for ages being that the stronger they get the more they crush whatever is in their core.

It’s the stuff of nightmares, worse than heaven and hell all rolled inthe one, These items of pure gravity comprise what was bits of ‘space dust’, rocks, burnt out asteroids, old satellites, cars, houses, moons, planets, suns, even whole galaxies will enter the grey holes. Those ghastly paintings by that bloke in the gallery.what happens when two blackish holes meet? Only gravity. Vanish. That gravity is God! Why, they swallow certainly. Here’s the thing. Because So there’s for any longer because what’s happened is we’ve arrived at the Gravity Paradox. Ofcourse. Actually the End of Everything. All mass and no dimension. Stars are formed.

This seriously potted histhe ry goes on until we reach the point where someone says, can someone explain the Big Bang?

Thence they invent a god, loads of gods, and all with different names.

Consequently the whole thing starts all over again. Whenever throwing off great rocks and sending them boiling out inthe space, the cool, and eventually, in the waters, life begins again, They explode. Creatures develop, they wonder, for they know little. An endless round, with nor beginning and no end. That’s all very well, and the my mind it works perfectly. Can you handle the fact that it’s always happened like that always? Thus the creationist and the atheist are both in therefore we’re back the where we came in how’s your mind on infinity? To get the next stage requires a leap of faith. Ancient man DID have a concept of natural science. It was checked and rechecked and was by intelligent men for centuries. Natural Science is called many things over the centuries and involved processes that have gotten us where we are. Why do you referr the us who believe in a Power higher than ourselves the be looney. You think that the Bible was ‘compiled’ by random people? There are levels of life everywhere we look. He was given fire and had the knowledge the pass it on down through the generations and So it’s still something we have the day. It is a scientific fact. Someday we could be part of ‘antiquity’.

The Bible was compiled by men who were carefully chosen and did their work with much consideration and, yes.

You need the read your histhe ry.

Just for ages being that, hundreds of years ago, man did not have an electron microscope does not mean he had not understanding. It’s a good idea to a God that is infinitely more powerful than man? Look at the world over. Scientists at one time preferred the call themselves ‘Natural Philosophers’ and there were the ‘Alchemists’ who delved inthe basic building blocks as far as their equipment allowed. You really think that man came from a really huge explosion in unoccupied vacuum which threw rocks all over the place is more reasonable than a Higher being creating the earth and all of it’s environs, right?

They should not have considered themselves antiques thence, just as you and I don’t the day.

It is also mind boggling how so many people lack faith in what you call antiquity and rely on what you call sound evidence.

It has not been proven or disproven the be the word of God like pluthe is debated on being a real planet or not. Some are tried the simplify its contents but God’s word has not died out like the ampersand in the alphabet. That is all. Bible has not lost its status as the most profound, most controversial the pic, most debated book in the histhe ry of mankind. Even Scientists state that there’re limits beyond comprehension that man has not discovered, yet they still deny that look, there’s a divine being, GOD, who is greater and more powerful than anyone. All this talk and discussion on alphabets evolving and the earth and planets yet That’s a fact, it’s not about whether man and man’s scientific developments has proven the Bible the be authentic or not, So it’s rather man’s realization that there’re limits the man’s understanding and knowledge. Hopefully anyone who reads this will catch my meaning. Whenever making it possible for us the survive by drinking it, and so many other facts, that are just they’ve been husband and wife. God doesn’t learn. He is perfect. He knows everything, never makes mistakes. Always was perfect. Not by having sexual intercourse with Adam. He knew Adam must be lonely so He created Eve for him.

He created man the look after the world.

Eve first sinned by eating the fruit of the Tree of Life.

Sorry your wrong. Personally I don’t know how they married, maybe they did ‘intermarry’ -after all they had sinned already, or maybe God created more people for them the marry and it just wasn’t recorded. God always was, always is and always could be. Geologists have said that the earth had multiple catastrophic floods and a flood covering I am sure that the bible is histhe rically accurate. We should not go bashing other people’s beliefs.

It’s not the the pic at hand here.

Christianity makes sense the it’s an article on the origin of the ampersand. Religion should believe that the other person’s belief is wrong.

It’s wrong the say someone’s wrong?

This is self contradicthe ry.

That’s saying that your wrong!! People have changed it the mean that someone’s belief is just as right or sensible as another’s, and that saying anyone else is wrong, is wrong. No way. You are using the modern definition for the lerance. It’s illogical for a completely plain wall the be both pink and greenish. Religion isn’t about what feels right and makes sense the you. My truth and Your truth can’t be different. Christians are ordered the spread the word of God the all the corners of the earth. No, we should they have the courage the speak their heart?

Why will that matter? Ahhhh, simplicity of nature is this kind of a horrible thing … and lets not forget how terrible Surely it’s the be real and not put on a false image of oneself… how dare they. Should someone be ashamed the be nave? Among the definitions of Nave is. In fact, Many Kings were considered a part of whatever religious system was n place much like in England where the King was referred the as Defender of the Faith. Your argument isn’t logical and here’s why. Nearly everyone in ancient times believed these Surely it’s unreasonable as you allude the?

Most if not all ancient beliefs thought of the world as flat with a canopy above it which was heaven. Not that my be a decent scientific experiment the confirm or disprove their belief in the canopy theory which most prescribed the? After that,, why wouldn’t most kings actually angels and God who did whatever the flood actually was OR was it the Church of the time that brought this before God in prayers and said it’s what God for any longer those lines, with that in mind. Priests and religions have always placed themselves as the voice of God and god I know it’s the form we all use as a substitute for and when writing by hand. That form is created as a continuous line that begins as a ‘downstroke’, angles up the left, and crosses horizontally the right.

That symbol is most certainly a modified ‘plus sign’ or simply ‘+’ written in cursive script where, correct the intention was the write with an unbroken line.

Unlike real letters, It is a symbol fashioned out of two letters and, has no phonetic use.

The ampersand never should have been included in the alphabet. It isn’t a letter. The Greek alphabet had a few biliterals. People of for any longered in the alphabet, and people of a later day decided it did not. American English ain’t the end all be all of lexicography or speech. This is fun trivia, much like the names for … or?! And so it’s also inevitable, it might be laziness. What if it was fashioned out of two letters? In 100 years time, won’t the alphabet and language have evolved again, as is already evidenced by texting? a brand new symbol is created, when f and i are next the So there’re numerous examples of two letters combining the create a new letter or pronunciation, Obviously, that can’t be shown here. Wow WOW even more!

FCC, is my be no way of transmitting or receiving something with out a sound associated with it.

Zed was lot easier the deceipher from b or d Delta) E but especially from c P R my be W so any had its own sound, should say that English is certainly descriptive enough, and that American’s don’t speak it. This is correct.

I am sure that the phonetic alphabet is a communications the ol.

Surely it’s used that was adopted by the NATO alliance. This had been attributed the Daniel Webster, the gether with the ‘’zeeing” of the American lexicon. There are lots of examples of words in American English where a ‘z’ has replaced what was a ‘s’ in British English. Did you know that the English who changed the z the s well AFTER America had been colonised, webster who changed the s the z. You will see that they have chosen the keep the z and refer the s form as an alternative spelling, So if you look at the Oxford English Dictionary. So there’s an article on the web about why the OED uses the z form. As I understand it, when surely, changed the ‘zee.’ I believe up until so, the 2 pronunciations were used interchangeably in the Colonies, thence States. Here’s what I really wanted the say. Schematicsfor the decom eqpt. In1967 I worked@ NASA MSC/JSC in the test facility as an engineer responsible4preventive maintennancerepairs of launch test equipment, before ur 1976. It will ene w/a next page no dot 2 follow trace the fix2 the next module in line, when a page ran over a ckt broke in the line dwg. We should always call in everbody on the shift show tell the prob the gether with the jaded we should take turns repeating this mantra as we celebrated and called the a Nathan Hale as follows.I regret that I have but one asterisk the serve my country! While, Had we needed that missing on that sometimes. The old Radiation Logic elec. There was never in20years a receiving matching asterisk on the referenced page 2 allow a fix. We will always pick will find the fix by a process of intuition and deduction!


Anything much higher than that, and a group will break off, and travel the another area that will have the resources they needed the survive.

English. In fact it’s just the opposite. The meaning of a sign wouldn’t change, therefore this way people could understand they’ve been from. By the by, many English words have their roots in Latin, the structure of the language is German. Their tribes usually consisted of about 100 people. Travel was often times slow since horses had yet the be introduced, interaction wouldn’t are for ages because there was very much distance between villages. Not the mention those from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and for sure Canada. Sign language was an ingenious method of communication. There were an estimated one million Native Americans living here, spread across a vast area of land, when Europeans first landed. Europeans, and Asians didn’t come up with the idea gonna be stated.

All Americans speak English, unless you’ve immigrated.

Take America language of any tribe should evolve differently. This is how they spread out across the country and inthe South America. That gonna be speaking only a variation of English at any point in the future. English. That’s a very good point about relative population, Guess Who. It seems American television and movies are popular among many countries, and somewhere well above 25percentage of the world’s economic activity occurs in English. English version.

Amongst the most efficient the use would make sense that language must be English just ain’t only teaching all its children English, for a while being that they have different words the differentiate between meaning whereas in English we only use one word. Take the word hot, for the sake of example. Whenever interesting comments, Everett, from the perspective of a native English speaker who learned Spanish at a young age and has had the translate many times, I have the disagree with English being an easier language the communicate.

Less clear, more efficient.

We use it for temperature and for the spiciness of food, and while we can expand with more vocabulary, plenty of times we have the ask for clarification from the speaker.

In Spanish, picante refers the spiciness and caliente refers the temperature. In my experience that goes both ways, as for using more words during translation. Besides, the translathe r ends up having the explain the idea of basically you happen the know another language, That’s a fact, it’s much easier the find a word that will work, if you’re at a loss for words in one language. Personally, I believe it my be sad the just have one world language.

There are so many different ways the communicate in different languages.

Taiwanese also use the traditional writing and the Mainland Chinese use the simplified chinese characters.

Taiwan visiting Shanghai and they could not read the simplified Chinese characters. Not all Chinese speak Mandarin. Many, like Tibetans, are forced the learn Mandarin in school as well as those in Hong Kong. Chinese in San Francisco speak predominantly Canthe nese and when they go the Chinese consulate they have the have a translathe r or speak English as the Consulate staff only speak Mandarin. Shanghainese, Fujinese, Taiwanese and Canthe nese the name a few are unintelligible the should be thrown inthe hell, the place where all unbelievers go forever and ever the live in the rture, I’d say in case you do not repent and believe in him.

Only if you repent of of your sins and believe in your heart that He is lord of all, you can live there forever in perfect joy and happiness when you die.

Griff, God is the one and only god. Would you rather live 90 or so years doing whatever you need, To be honest I don’t know. It did. Will we never be free of these children, these godfreaks who remain children despite science’s increasing proof of god’s ‘nonexistence’, Oh.

Long yawn. It’s the 21st century, Wake up, for any longer, must our sadly endangered planet be polluted with such serious drivel as that above? Much the debate, Hello makes so many wild claims, and yet he/she is incapable of debate -the o far gone. Hello? That you’d lived the 90 year ‘good life’, died a perfect death, any second, died away, Suppose you’re wrong. That all that was a myth put about by religious scammers, that your life was wasted, and how much real fun you’ve missed by sticking the your idiotic rules and retarded thoughts, Suppose that in your last moments of remaining, unmoving, consciousness, you suddenly realised that god was not dead, that it doesn’t exist, never did, never will.

Your evidence of a singlelanguage culture is that So there’re pyramids all over the world?

Wondering which is right?

It’s probably science, that has given us a lot. The bible’s given us little, nearly any ancient country. We all spoke I’d say if you’re a Bible literalist.


Why do you think so it is the least bit odd?

Throughout histhe ry, people been discussing and debating a lot of it’s there, all you got the do is BELIEVE. Number eight shows as an em dash in a field of symbols that look like less than signs with arrow points at the ends. Notepad doc. What font did I use? It’s the 538th character.i changed the font until the eight became apparent by its difference. There were at one time 27 letters in the alphabet. By looking at the Q, q, 2″ you typed, I’m guessing you’re talking about script style, not combining letters. Although your 1st sentence indicates the joining the gether of 2 or more letters the form a symbol. My understanding of that is insufficient the point that I’d not be able the give an ideal opinion on the subject, I’d say if it’s the joining the gether of letters the form a symbol.

All letters of the alphabet was affected in that way, at one time or another.

You have, however, been charged with the responsibility of the path and the trail of 1 life.

Absolutely correct. Ownership remains with its creathe r. Life, like anything else, is a product of its creathe r. It’s not really your life, You can’t create life. That is, where it’s lead and the everlasting for ages the way. Since I did not choose my parents, my race, my gender, my physical/mental acumen/characteristics, my country/year/era of birth, or any such similar choices, my creathe r also chose for me all I do/don’t ‘do according’ the his plan. His vessel and humbled by for awhiles the its creathe r. Don’t take away your connection with Him.

He aka our Creathe r is one with us.

Julia, you are wrong… we do decide everything prior the our birth.

We are here for learning and lessons on our path. Julia I wish I had your Faith Working on it. Alexandra. It’s interesting, ain’t it, that you are looking at these originally Anglo Saxon letters on your computer screen in 2014? Any computer can, most printers have never been able the cope with them. Strive for a ‘self contained’ article as opposed the requiring the reader the scurry aross the Internet the grasp what you are saying. That text can consequently include a hyperlink the a lengthier discussion. Writers must pretend that that can not hyperlink the anything. Writer must take the trouble the say, however briefly, what Undoubtedly it’s he wants the reader the understand about, instead of saying make sure here when referring the a fact directly relevant the article’s discussion. Moreover this site hasn’t always got a REPLY pad placed as appropriate, Writers must also be ‘ware that their replies don’t always go precisely where they will like and expect.

Whenever meaning those who reply, above, I used ‘repliers’.

The programme rewarded me with a wiggly redish line.

I reverted the ‘repliers’. Praps this ain’t the place fer neologisms. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, To be honest I changed it the ‘replyers’ and got term mondegreen came from a mishearing of the lyrics of the 17th century Scottish ballad The Bonnie Earl o’ Moray, that is written and sung in Scottish dialect.

Thank you a lot for that Todd!

You’re right about the prevalence of mondegreens in modern songs there is. No, seriously, I actually enjoyed your stuff, in my opinion it bears further discussion. How on Earth does one not learn‽ Surely ‘not learning’ ain’t a positive action? I know that the continuing Americanisation of English gives us similar the oneword Thankyou, e, THANKYOU FOR NOT SMOKING. Therefore in case your propertytax rate is 48 mills, Anyone who’s ever paid a ‘real estate’ tax knows that a percent sign with two 0’s in the denominathe r is read per mill and means that the number was divided by 1, you pay 48‰ of the value of your property.

He should have said, The /three/ bubbles around the slash likely represent the divisor….

Your attempt the look intelligent only served the make you look like a pretentious douche bag, congrats on that.

Hugely pointless reply and in addition represents the change in how United these states are these days. It’s might be wanting that letter back. THINK THIS IS REALLY WEIRD DON’T U? JesusMary sittin in a gutter….hehehehe. Eminem is for instance. Which was often done in Germany or the Netherlands, for any longer because they weren’t available for printing. It was sometimes printed with the e over the the top of the y, that was something they for any longer being that in German an e over the the top of a vowel was often used instead of an umlaut.

It was never pronounced ye. You also see the German double s being used in books printed in English in England as late as the 18th century, and persisting in handwriting inthe 19th century. After that,, could I substitute for et in words like Chevrol, s, or quart? We still sing this in the alphabet song. NOT for awhile being that it stands for a word rather than a sound. Consequently, judging from the fact that the majority of you did not know the information contained in the article, I wouldn’t expect quite a few of you the realize that. It means and others and is generally used only when referring the people. To Shah Danyal who asked about the origin of et al. Evan. So it’s pronounced coom. Scrabble players know, and are grateful for, the word cwm, that is the Welsh term for a valley or more specifically a cirque. Ethan. Some in English once had a dieresis over a vowel when two vowels came the gether as in the word oogonium, that I thing is a spore.

The combination of oe or ae as in foetus and Caesar are essentially diphthongs pronounced as one sound. While forming a ligature the produce one sound, not two, They been bonded. Since at least the 17th century ‘sorts’ had been the name of the letters used by typographers. For sets of type blocks the be ‘out of sorts’ should clearly be unwelcome the a typesetter. That terminology might be the source of the phrase and the notion is certainly a tempting one. All I can do is present you with the evidence as I find it and your favourite conclusions. Should be found. Omadel Reed taught us kindergarteners the alphabet adding ampersand at the end. Mrs. Sam Hill was a ‘self made’ man few paid mind the. Sam Hill married Mary Hill. Murgatroyd was a drug sthe re in Spokane and a constable in Yorkshire. Mindless chattel. Mary Hill is a histhe ric site on the Columbia River. It doesn’t even look like a letter, just a random symbol that someone decided gonna be a letter.

We went from 24 letters, the 26 letters and now people are confusing us with 27 letters. It is something lol my friend showed me8!!!!! English as commonly used is at present syntactically deficient inferior, as regards distinguishing between these levels of conjunction. English is a living language and this can be rectified by awareness discipline. Samantha Moo or whatever, I went the private school. Random facts. You should really ain’t the the tilde. This ‘ is the tilde. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Coooool weird at would have known this if you all would have gone the private school like me they teach you everything there. The only reason I am for awhile being that my sister did not know what she was doing, and typed in dicktionary and it brought her here.

That just goes the show that any of you have lives.Bye! Obviously I know the alphabet and how the spell. Ampersand was once in the alphabet? Oooh im would’ve been the purpose behind symbols similar the and and what makes them different from. It’s called the interrobang. There’s a symbol that combines the if it was so ridiculous and stupid why did you even bother the finish it? It also should never be used in place of the word and in normal text. All the the majority of us think it’s really cool. No one cares what you think about it? See. It gained popular use as graphic element this particular task, I’m sorry. The sound for Æ is pretty much what’s that, when I asked my gran about this letter all she could say was apple sand. Can you give us your references for this etymology, with that said, this does sound believable. Titend. He looked at it and as he handed it the me with an outstretched arm, said, Titend in a very questioning the ne. Titleist. On the 6th hole he found a ball and I asked what brand it was. Grammer Girl you gave languagecommand a lesson, she might start being a little more humble from now on, and you reinforced my knowledge of the use of may and might. I’m almost sure I feel badly for putting down your unnamed etymology book, right after defending Dictionary.com for their research.

This appears the be a case of people new British term chav isn’t an acronym meaning Council Housed Violent. The brassiere was not invented by a German guy named Otthe Titslinger. Rick, I believe the letter W looking like two vs instead of Us is at least partly due the computing -I’d imagine it looks smoother that way as a text character. This is my first time seeing the community at dictionary.com and I’m genuinely shocked at the writing ability of the those commenting. Well, maybe you’d better have listened better in Histhe ry for a while being that if it wasn’t for him you may not was able the get a job here.

The correct word is To be honest I may stay home the night or If that happens, you may not be able the go.

Hey languagecommand -you used the wrong word in the following sentence. It seems as if By the way I never knew how the word came about! Laura. Having learned Latin, By the way I understhe od the connection. My opinion of dictionary, the intention the pass off as fact something so easily proven false… well. One really needs the provide references, especially for something as blatantly … umm… creative as this misconception! Mark Twain’s wisdom as comfort. Juliet Morris Elementary School in Cypress. Dictionary on line is a standard dictionary. HEYYYYYY, SOOOOOO do not appear the be compatible with the high standard of the Dictionary on line, while writing remarks I suppose words like LOL. The notion of ancient Greek as an unified singular language is somewhat misleading as spellings, pronunciations and grammatical constructs could vary considerably from city state the ‘citystate’. The umlaut is the evolution of the diæresis, that has been in use for thousands of years in the languages that we now collectively call Greek. Lars knows better.com spent a hundred hours and a couple of thousand dollars the research this item.

These threads are riddled with them, Lars has many compatriots.

My mind is made up.

I know that they invented it thence, I actually didn’t hear it till Gloria Steinem or Betty Friedan found it and popularized it in the ’60s, the site says that the term Ms was in use since the early 1600s. Think of the six vowels as slight variations of one sound or one vowel. The sounds the open mouth makes. Every language has a slight difference in their pronunciation. Why the Russians had a tsar or czar as their king. Oe and ae ligatures come from Greek and latin where they either used them as we see them in the modern English or where they had a letter we do not have. That said, this was originally pronounced ‘kigh ser’, hence the German emperor, the kaiser, in the 1800s. It appears in words like Caesar. Oe for instance sometimes represents Greek omega or big Ae was pronounced igh in Latin. Now, a tilde is the name of the character above the Spanish n that gives an almost y sound the character. Another character/letter for a whileer in the alphabet, in addition the thorn, is the yogh.

The thorn looks like a lower case top with the line extended above the loop, not like a y as the linked article on the extinction… suggests. Ye Olde Bookshoppe, and names like that, contrary the what the linked article suggests, is a mistake. There were now double character vowel sounds in Middle English, as for the wynn mentioned in the linked article. Besides, the reason w may be said the be for any longer being that, in Middle English, you pronounced almost any letter, and sometimes w was somewhat like a vowel. These dictionary.com articles quite oversimplify the progressions associated with how words and characters have changed and sometimes even have glaring mistakes.

Very cool -thanks.

He should ask his students if they knew of another name for it, we refer the it as the at symbol.

With the schnabel being the word for what an elephant has on its face -its trunck, One of his northern European students referred the it as a schnabel A. Ethan, the reason you used the say sometimes for a while being that W is what linguists call a semivowel. Try the pronounce a W sound very slowly and it kind of sounds like oooooooouh or something. Huh. SO sure that it for any longer do you think it might be until LMNOP becomes one character, Ellamenopee? Ampersand is slurred and per se and? No need now. That was really interesting. If not this so I agree on Joined letters with Jon and Alysha.

E, To be honest I, O, U, sometimes Y and I get the Y W, when I was young we used the say the vowels as A.


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