How To Build A Hho Generator And Run Your Car On Water – Hydrogen Generators For Cars

di water generator Back to your youth when gas costs were under a dollar a gallon? Rates increased and hovered around $ 00 per gallon, and everyone was amazed that they had to pay very much for gas. Running your car with this conversion kit results in cleaner emissions, more engine power, and most importantly a whole lot better fuel economy. Imagine being able to partly be able to power your car with something as cheap and plentiful as water. However, also know as Browns Gas that is generated from water, HHO is a gas.


As a result, major news stations have done feature stories on the designs of these watertogas conversion kits. The kits use plain tap to water to generate a mixture of hydrogen and water gas know as HHO. Expect these retail kits to cost around a thousand dollars.

It’s possible for you to have your personal HHO kit for much cheaper.


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