How To Handle A Water Damaged Drone – As We All Know Accidents Do Happen

deionised distilled waterPlease Note.

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Electronics and water don’t usually mix very well so drone pilots are extremely unlikely to fly their quadcopters into the drink deliberately. Of course as we all know, accidents do happen. Drones are either expensive toys or vital pieces of business equipment but, whatever they are to you, you can’t really afford to get them wet. It concerns you, The first important advice doesn’t concern drones. Sales and pilot training visit Heliguy, if you are looking for a company that specializes in drone repairs. Since you may be endangering your life, Don’t go diving or wading into water to rescue a wet bundle of electronics, however much it cost you.

As soon as your drone hits water there’s a great chance that amidst the ESCs will blow like a fuse. Fresh water is better than the salty variety but even tap water will have chemicals in it. That’s good news as it saves you having to do the first urgent job which is to switch off the power on the craft and remove the battery. Anyways, distilled water won’t have chemicals dissolved in it so that’s the reason why it’s the preferred option. Let me tell you something. If you’re unlucky therefore it’s probably best to do something that’s counter intuitive. There’s one connected to any motor and some are even integrated into them. Put it somewhere safe and fireproof since lithium polymer batteries can become unstable and burst into flames, Therefore in case it has. Not many people are planning to have a lot of that lying around, dunk it into some fresh water or. Rinse it with deionised/distilled water. With that said, it’s full of all sorts of corrosive and ‘electroconductive’ chemicals. If your drone doesn’t have a separate on/off switch just disconnect the battery and check that it hasn’t been damaged in the impact. Now look. So do not crash into sea water, Therefore in case you have a choice.

Dry off any exterior water with a cloth and check for any obvious water on the motors.


Surprisingly drone motors tend not be badly affected by water as they are brushless and rely on magnets rather than a commutator and brushes. Your dealer or the original manufacturer might be able to look at your craft’s flight logs to see if it was pilot error or product failure, if you think your crash was caused by a fault. You should take it into account. If you start unscrewing the top cover of your DJI Phantom 3 you will invalidate your warranty even if you have got a set of the specialist screwdrivers that are needed. I’d say in case your drone is under warranty, there’s very little else you can do except keep it in a dry, warm and well ventilated place to dry out further until you can send it off to your supplier, right after that. Try to tip out any water that is still inside the plastic shell, if your drone has one, while you’re doing this. If it was the drone’s fault as a rule of a thumb, be entitled to a replacement.

With hobby drones the heart of the machine is usually housed on one printed circuit board so a replacement of that is usually a solitary option. On larger rigs like the DJI S900 or S1000+ plenty of the components are mounted separately and connected with cables so there can be more scope to replace only what’s been damaged. The main board costs 650plus fitting. Also, when you start getting to that sort of figure you’re probably better off biting the bullet and getting a brand new drone. Although, the flipside is that the parts could’ve been more expensive.

Take it apart and dry the individual components, Therefore in case you built your drone yourself or it’s out of warranty and you feel confident enough.

You have to resist the temptation to switch your drone back on when you think it’s dry enough. It is another crash could injure a lot more than your pride and your bank balance. The problem with water damage is that its effects are not always visible. Water damage has this nasty trick of making you think that you’ve got away with it but consequently coming back and biting you. Fact, you’ll either get plumes of smoke straight away or you’ll get it flying again only to see it crash after a few flights without any warning. Certainly don’t take any chances flying your drone until you’re 100 certain that it’s dried out, checked over and repaired.

There are attempts to waterproof the electronics of drones with patented processes like Liquipel -the system that can be used for mobile phones and tablets. Whenever doing a thorough pre flight check of the aircraft and the location where you plan to fly is essential, I’d say if you can’t, It’s probably easier to avoid flying over water but. We’ve had no definitive evidence that it works but look, there’re videos on the web that claim the process is successful. Your drone gonna be battling a head wind on the return journey. If its computer realises the battery is at a critically low level it will land your drone in the water without thinking twice about the state of your overdraft. Put a fresh battery in and allow an extra margin for error when bringing it back in right after your flight.

Mira Mesa, Lemon Grove, or anywhere throughout greater Southern California, we’re here to help, if it happens that you need should you need help with home water damage repair in San Diego.


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