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Flouride and here’s the hyperlink on the research done.

You still have much to learn oh wise one. Municipal water that does contain Fluoride is a very Bad choice, for many reasons. One is that the fluoride isn’t natural but rather comes from industrial waste. Furthermore, two is that you Must research fluorides history and who started the demand for putting it in water. Even the CDC, now gets that. Loads of information can be found by going on the web. Third, their are other questionable chemicals in municipal water which after Independent research are shown not to be safe. Now let me ask you something. If toothpaste labels require a call to Poison Control if ingested why would anyone think it safe to ingest in water Bottled or Municipal?

Agreed. Extremely beneficial, fluoride isn’t only natural. You see, that’s not to say that fluoride is always beneficial, of course -in some municipalities, fluoridation plants actually have to REDUCE fluoride amount because the groundwater contains too much! Fluoridation is all about tweaking natural levels to a safe and useful amount, and is amidst the greatest public health successes of history. Known flouride ain’t helpful at all. Nevertheless, the state gives it to you by force. Therefore, same thing with the state/municipal putting fluoride in the water. Nonetheless, you don’t need it but the state says you do!

Your IMO there is very apt -your opinion notwithstanding.

Fluoride levels in the water help reconstitute your teeth. Certainly, it really is that simple -there’s nothing more to it. Actually, you’re using terms like medicine and force to distract from the issue, which is that it’s perfectly safe and never shown to cause harm. Indeed, did you know that in some areas the fluoride program exists to reduce NATURAL fluoride levels, is that the case? Water naturally dissolves fluoride from local sources, and all fluoride programs do is locate a healthy level. This world is really full of trash food, trash water and if anyone, me or you or anyone else wants a clean world. Let me tell you something. Heaven has the best water but to reach heaven I must follow the 10 commandments and I fall short everyday. However, this world fkn sucks.

Water too is bad for you -it can kill you. When did you hear of someone dying of rhubarb poisoning, arsenic is found in rhubarb. Basically, what you don’t understand is that whether something is a poison or not depends on dose. You think a slice of bread or a single ice cream cone is ‘harmless,’ rather than a delivery system of many dozens of different forms of damage within a single minute of consumption, right, am I correct?

The eco ignorance is staggering.


Have to love Diane McArthur’s. Eventually, if toothpaste labels require a call to Poison Control if ingested why would anyone think it safe to ingest in water Bottled or Municipal, this is the case right? Now THAT sounds a bit more like ‘eco expertise. It is thank you Ms. Now pay attention please. Whenever providing all of us w/ definitive demonstrations of Darwin’s truth, your words will connect w/ some, utterly fail to connect w/ others.

PS. Whether by intent or not, not a few dozen. Thousands of chemicals are added to drinking water every year. Far, not one of these chemicals have ever been shown to deliver not too disaster to the human body, however slowly its effects can be noticed. Have you heard of something like this before, this is the case right? Learn new facts every day rather than boldly describing yourself as a ‘ecoexpert,’ because knowledge is more useful to you than opinions. Now look. True, or not? Completely silly the body has zero tolerance of Flouride if that were the case, all the areas where it occurs naturally, the people would all be dead. What about millions hundreds who take it in toothpaste, this is the case right? If there was zero tolerance -they’d be dead too. In fact it’s in my toothpaste -I’m living proof that I at least, have some tolerance to it.

Look up skeletal flourosis.

Flouride is of no benefit to the body, and is toxic to the body at any dosage. Like radiation, no level is safe or beneficial, the body can tolerate low doses no problem. Avoiding ingestion is the best bet, flouride does have some benefit to the teeth enamel. An infant has no use for flouride supplements with proper dental hygiene, and the potential damage to the pineal, thyroid, skeletal and developing nervous system is greater than any benefit to temporary teeth. Everything is either ok or a poison according to the dosage. There are many world areas where the levels are acceptable and safe naturally. Equally many where the level is such that it is toxic. The reason you shouldn’t swallow toothpaste or mouthwash is because the levels are much higher. As for your religious type belief that fluoride isn’t good for the teeth -because you don’t ingest it -is because you don’t understand how it helps remineralisation. A well-known fact that is. Your argument is the same as saying that topical antibiotic skin creams can never work because they are applied to the skin not consumed.

Your explanation isn’t necessary. I wouldn’t call it religion, while I do believe in facts. Again -fluoride isn’t recommended to infants as it is unnecessary, and the detriment to the body outweighs any benefit to the temporary teeth. Notice, you are correct and I apologise for misreading your comment about teeth.

I would expect we’d see significant health issues on the population scale, if fluoridation of water is so unhealthy.

Are we seeing that, right?

AND necessary and gave her children fluoride SUPPLEMENTS while obsessing over which water was safe for them. How can you accept this credibility article when she’s so illinformed on other important issues. From a place called Mother Nature Network this is a shockingly good treatment of available different types water. Excellent, and a good reminder about both fluoride necessity and the poor, awful regulation surrounding bottled water.


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