I First Noticed It About 6 Weeks Ago And Have Felt It Often Since

It’s possible that the water now is exposed to some sort of radionics or magnetic charge or it should be ambient EMF pollution which is getting worse daily.

The light yellow color is the NORMAL color of CS made with distilled water in the ‘525’ ppm range.

Color produced going to be dark yellow in the ppm range mentioned, I’d say in case you are using a low voltage DC CS generator with distilled water. They convince their customers that their clear color is the NORMAL color and the dark yellow color is bad, DC generators sold on the internet that use a current clamping circuit that lowers the voltage a lot. It should take 15 production hours time to get a dark yellow color! These people are hopeless dilettantes and yet they act like they are authorities on CS production.

They don’t understand what they’re talking about!

If more people only knew just how well CS works to stop infective conditions, as you say.

Wonderful to read about clearing up the acne with CS.


At the very leat, get a Bare Bones CS kit. Everyone should have a CS generator in the home. Yes, that’s right! Another fast way to test distilled water is to insert the test probes from a digital multi meter and take a resistance reading with the probes separated by one inch in the water. Fact, its predecessor, Walgreens, sold water that was labeled ‘distilled’ but it was far from distilled. Also, it should read ‘zero’ if you have distilled water. Sounds familiar? While water with minerals in it will give a lower resistance reading of roughly 500k900k ohm range, Distilled water will give you a high resistance reading of roughly from 5 -2 meg ohms, or lower. The only way to know for sure is to use a TDS meter and see if you get a reading or not.

The manipulation and manufacturing of weather systems by HAARP and allied transmissions from domestic military bases is a daily activity. As you say, the youtube videos of Dutchsense clearly demonstrates the momentary ring echoes on infrared radar that lead to severe weather systems ‘2448’ hours later. People also need to understand that those HUGE megatransmision communication towers in major cities around the planet are intended for total electronic manipulation and covert mind control/influencing. Also, eMF poisoning is getting worse. It’s very disconcerting and gives you a momentary dizzy feeling, you think it’s your eyes having trouble to adjust. Ron Paul knows that and he knows that he would’ve been killed quickly if he attempted to stop their chemtrail poisoning. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t prefer since he’s a far better choice than NWO sellouts Mitt Romney, ron Paul to be President Gingrich, or the Indonesian Usurper. No, Ron Paul should not attempt to stop chemtrail spraying since the 13 Illuminated families, the Rockefellers especially, and their Illuminated satanists in the Pentagon, the CIA, the NSA, Homeland Security, and similar, etcetera, are running the show and not the President.

The chemtrail spraying is certainly contaminating the crops and water supplies wherever they are sprayed.

It’s all remote controlled by huge, underground super computers called AI, or Artificial Intelligence computers.

There are no human pilots. She has to spend hours going from one supermarket to another to try and find selected foods that are not contaminated. Consequently, the US Air Force, in the past taken over by the Illuminated satanists, is the dominant organization overseeing chemtrail spraying operations. Normally, that most chemtrail spraying is done by drone ‘aircraft’. DNA frequency signature. Costa Mesa and around John Wayne airport emitting some sort of rapid pulse energy that would flash in a series of quick pulses which might be seen at night. They can have the onboard screen only show a blip for the party they are interested in and not show anyone else on the screen, Therefore in case the police or military are looking for a suspect. The state police wanted to show off their new toy to find suspect by identifying a suspect by his DNA signature detected from a flying helicopter.

They are radiating some sort of high energy, pulsed RF field that will cause a resonance response with a known DNA frequency signal on the ground.


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