I Need To Buy A Completely New Ro Water System Have A Nice Day: Why Purified Water Is Bad For You

During nearly 19 clinical years practice I have had the opportunity to observe the health effects of drinking different kinds of water types.

Many health fanatics, however, are often surprised to hear me say that drinking purified water on a regular, daily basis is potentially dangerous.

Quite a few you would agree that drinking unfiltered tap water going to be hazardous to your health because of things like parasites, chlorine, fluoride and dioxins. Distillation is the process in which water is boiled, evaporated and the vapor condensed. Since of this, Purified or reverse osmosis water is free of dissolved minerals and, has the special property of being able to actively absorb toxic substances from the body and eliminate them. Basically, fasting using purified water can be dangerous because of the rapid loss of electrolytes and trace minerals like magnesium, deficiencies of which can cause heart beat irregularities and high blood pressure.

Studies validate the pros of drinking purified water when one is seeking to cleanse or detoxify the system for short periods of time.

While making it acidic, Purified water is an active absorber and when it comes into contact with air, it absorbs carbon dioxide.

While making the water acidic and even more aggressive, carbon dioxide from the air is rapidly absorbed. While being essentially mineral free, is very aggressive, in that it tends to dissolve substances with which That’s a fact, it’s in contact, as pointed out by the Environmental Protection Agency, Purified water. The more purified water a person drinks, the higher the body acidity becomes. The most toxic commercial beverages that people consume are created from purified water.

Studies have consistently shown that heavy consumers of soft drinks spill huge amounts of calcium, magnesium and identical trace minerals into the urine.

There is a great deal of scientific documentation that supports this type of a theory.

Meats, sugar, whitish flour products, fried foods, soft drinks, processed foods, alcohol, dairy products and identical junk foods cause the body to become more acidic. There is a correlation between the consumption of soft water and the incidence of cardiovascular disease. The longer one drinks purified water, the more likely the development of mineral deficiencies and an acid state. However, cells, tissues and organs do not like to be dipped in acid and will do anything to buffer this acidity including the removal of minerals from the skeleton and the manufacture of bicarbonate in the blood. Besides, almost without exception, people who consume purified water exclusively, eventually develop multiple mineral deficiencies. Anyway, purified water tends to be acidic and can only be recommended as a way of drawing poisons out of the body.

The ideal water for the human body should’ve been slightly alkaline and this requires the presence of minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Water filtered through a solid charcoal filter is slightly alkaline.

Ionized Water is top possible drinking water. Longevity is associated with the regular consumption of hard water. For example, ozonation of this charcoal filtered water is ideal for daily drinking. Considering the above said. Disease and early death has high chances to be seen with the long time drinking of purified water. With that said, zoltan Rona is a graduate of McGill University Medical School. Now let me tell you something. Dr.


He is the author of the Canadian bestsellers, The Joy of Health and Return to the Joy of Health.

Water on its own has some amazing properties that are often overlooked in this modern age.

In the winter of 2008 I was hospitalised with bacterial pnuemonia and had to have my almost white blood cell count monitored while my bodies natural defenses went to work against the illness -the doctors were astounded that my liver was the healthiest they had ever seen for a person my age.

Our bodies are naturally 75 percent water and that includes intracellular processes that require water free from any impurities to work correctly. RO water might be good for you but it using it to detoxify the body sounds like good judgement. The carbon fibers are replaced by the company any four months.

PH degree of the water after the carbon filter was replaced and the digital PH level reader showed a reading of 8”. Reverse Osmosis Unit in my house which uses two carbon filters in its 5 stage cleaning process. RO unit. Please could you check and advice if this product is trustworthy for healthy drinking water. RO water is perfectly healthy to drink everyday.worried about lack of minerals, drink a glass of orange juice, it has identical quantity of minerals as drinking 30 harmful gallons flouride loaded tap water, take one vitamin tablet and has similar quantity of minerals as a months worth of toxic tap water. It is to suggest that we should just drink rain water…. Cmon…. Notice, you can see the lies and myths about purified water. RO water system, Have a nice day! This is the case. Notice all the claims that are made are from doctors, they don’t need people to be healthy, will put them out of business. Eventually, your way better off not drinking rocks your whole life. Actually, it’s true that pure water absorbs nutrients VERY EFFECTIVELY, simply being that there is more capacity available in pure water to absorb it.

You’d have to drink something like 5 water bathtubs everyday, Therefore if you mainly rely on the minerals available in nonpure water.

The WHOLE purpose of water in our bodies is for mineral transport.

Water never was meant to be a source of nutrients. It’s job is the carry nutrients into all the cells and flush waste out of the cells, only after water enters our body. BUT that doesn’t make it bad for our health. BUT you have to eat a balanced diet to have enough nutrients available for delivery to your cells. Both kinds of water types will only end up flushing waste from your cells will have nothing to deliver to your cells, if you don’t eat a balanced diet. On top of that, pure water has the advantage here. Consequently, unless your water is contaminated it doesn’t matter what water type you drink. The fat soluble ones are stored in the body fat and used as needed.

Your cells, via the cellular membrane, control what can be brought in and what can be flushed out.

Digestion breaks down food, and water absorbs these nutrients to deliver to your cells, when you eat something.

It absorbs these water soluble minerals and vitamins and is used as it flows into the cells but excess after that, gets flushed out as the water flows out of the cell. They are more difficult to flush out but instead are used up. Notice that the water soluble ones in addition are constantly flowing in/out of your cells and not stored. If you intake if water is so acidic, we will taste it. You get your calcium and magnesium mainly from food than water. Generally, ok, minerial water is better off than pure water, if one is only drinking water and not eating.


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