I Was Using Rzilla Water Conditioner

demineralized water Just wondering if anyone uses or knows anything about using distilled water, demineralized water, and all that, for turtles.

RZilla water conditioner.


Is the Zoo Med Reptisafe a great choice and can you recommend a better choice perhaps? Although. With that said, currently I use Zoo Med Reptisafe, it says it instantly removes Chlorine and Chloramines, Ammonia and helps prevent it’s accumulation, adds essential ellectrolytes including calcium, aids in rehydrating, stimulates slime coat, and reduces pH. Hi Matt. Usually, rO/DI take out. Generally. It’s a well rO water you should have to use an additive like Replenish to put back the good stuff. Anyways, rO system with a DI.the reason Undoubtedly it’s good for me is that i dont like to add chemicals in my tap water. Also, centaur activated carbon filter for the entire house. On top of that, rO will remove fluoride. Anyways, these methods do not remove fluoride. This combination removes virtually 100percentage of the chloramines and reduces the hardness significantly. Known turtles are not as sensitive to water as fish are.

demineralized water ReptiSafe added. They breath air, while fish have to breath the water. Pure distilled water without any additives could in theory contribute to electrolyte depletion in the turtle, and use of nothing other than distilled water without any additives to ‘replace the good stuff’ as previously mentioned, ain’t recommended. Lots of us tap water, a dechlorinator. That said, it’s worth testing your tap water for hardness and pH to get some idea of what it’s like.


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