If All Else Fails The Heating Element Should Be Failing: What’s Top Water Heater Temperature Setting

water Can be adjusted for your personal preferences with only a couple of tools, gas and electric water heaters are set at the factory.

Actually I have no hot water or not enough of it, there’re a few factors that should be affecting the heat, So in case you have already set the temperature and are sayingto yourself. Then, the heating element should be failing, and needs to be replaced, I’d say in case all else fails. You can adjust hot water heater settings to get more hot water if you are unhappy with the recommended temperature. Oftentimes although electric heaters will require a screwdriver and possibly a small wrench or socket, Hot water heater settings are easy to adjust. Keep in mind that the thermostat is factory preset to a recommended temperature and changing the setting may increase the potential for serious burns.

Some factors that may affect your hot water temperature are the distance from the water heater to the outlet, how the pipes are installed, and the condition of the heating element itself.


Small bore pipes and long distances will require longer times for the hot water to reach the opening, for the sake of example, and pipes that run beneath or outside the home might be subject to winter or summer conditions. You may look for to look into installing a hot water recirculation system which can mean less time to get hot water in all outlets of the house and well as substantial cost savings over time, I’d say in case you have a large house.

It can be time to replace the water heaterelement, Therefore in case adjusting the thermostat still doesn’t give you the right temperature.


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