If You Are Drinking Water Supplied By A Municipality

In my opinion the Vitev Remin filter is a little pricey for its category, but I know it’s very effective and imo, is worth a few extra dollars per year.

demineralized waterClean drinking water filtration has remained almost in the exclusive domain of RO systems for the past 45 years.

You don’t really need a RO system unless the municipality adds fluoride to the drinking water, I’d say in case you are drinking water supplied by a municipality. Today, Nano filtration and Ultra filtration been gaining market share as the filters are cost effective, are much smaller, and allow for much higher water flow rates. The best filter for your needs will depend upon your source water.

There’s a brand new American made water filter that removes 85percent of fluoride at a flow rate of 2 liters per minute, if your municipality does add fluoride to the water supply. The filter consists of two activated types carbon and Zeolite minerals bound with polymers to form a carbon block. That is good news for those that don’t need fluoride in their drinking water. Generally, the new filter may remove as much fluoride as RO systems, I’d say in case the flow rate is slowed down to 1 liter per minute. H2FX, who might be incorporating the new fluoride filter in their Hydrogen Infusion system going forward.

demineralized waterUntil a few years ago, I would have to agree with your statement about the privileges of RO water being touted by the medical community and beyond.

Well, the thinking has changed today as people now understand that drinking RO water long time will deplete your body of calcium and magnesium unless you use supplements. The guy told me I was an idiot for believing that long period consumption of RO water without taking some sort of Cal/Mag supplement was unhealthy. VP of a water company that sells tens of thousands of RO systems per year. So owner of a Reverse Osmosis manufacturing company stopped by to talk to me, while handing out thousands of cups of alkaline water at the National Hardware Show recently in Las Vegas. He laughed and said definitely RO water is unhealthy for drinking, when I told him the story about my discussion with the VP of sales a few years earlier.

By the way, the pH of water doesn’t provide any health benefits apart from providing hydrogen which all water provides, enagic makes alkaline water.

I know that the fact that the Enagic machine needs to be cleaned every week or it will stop producing hydrogen whatsoever, if that ain’t enough to discourage any potential Enagic customer. Nonetheless, Enagic doesn’t do very well, whenit gets to hydrogen. Certainly, that means the power that Enagic brags about makes bigger H2 bubbles which are much harder to dissolve back into the water. The fact that Enagic machines are powerful works 100percentage against creating dissolved hydrogen. For example, doesn’t have a mechanism to infuse the hydrogen gas back into the water, enagic is an alkaline water ionizer which produces hydrogen during electrolysis.

You are wise to be skeptical being that the internet has lots of agenda driven advice. Maxx for a couple of years in my kitchen and my family loves it. The water ionizer industry has earned a bad reputation for slimy behavior among the owners of the various companies. Buy a low cost, if you look for a less expensive solution. Just think for a moment. In regards to the Maxx, I actually don’t have any financial interest in the company that sells the Maxx looking at the ownership, pay, or any other means.

The pancreas dumps bicarbonate into the small intestine if the pH of the incoming fluid varies from a 1 pH level.

Bicarbonate is an incredibly effective buffer which means it will quickly modify the pH to the level the body requires.

Here is an example that may shock and dismay alkaline water machine sellers….


The bonus health benefits take place when water interacts with molecular hydrogen which can be filtered into the water supply with an alkaline filter or from the hydrogen naturally occurring in the source water that is thence concentrated by an electric water ionizer. That said, the health benefits begin from drinking clean water. YIKES for those who make a living by telling people that alkaline water is another good way to neutralize an acidic diet. That doesn’t mean that you can buy a box of baking soda and forget water ionizers. Known the end result of producing molecular hydrogen is identical.

As with most things we need to avoid the extremes. This in the end of the day is how our rivers get their mineral content. After that So it’s necessary to ensure that good minerals are reintroduced. Distilled water removes most of the harmful compounds and heavy metals found in municipal water supplies. There are many ways to do this including supplements or simply putting some mineral samples in the container that stores the water and allowing the water to dissolve the required minerals. Simply by dissolving minerals from the soil.

In the short term drinking distilled water is very cleansing and allows the body to release stored impurities rapidly.

After providing this water as one beverage the condition cleared up after many months of pain and pain medication. With that said, this person had a severe infection and thus toxins built up in the joints and made them inflamed. RO or distilled water as a cure.

Only if used intelligently, rO systems are a valuable tool for health. My little girl turning bald at a tender age. Be careful not to over state you point in seeking vindication of your positionn I and my 9 year old daughter lost hair after beginning RO consumption, you perspective on this topic adds valuable balance to the debate. Doctor accepted RO water can be one of reasons of hair loss. Needless to say, my husband does not believe it as the trend is such. Keep reading! Because of my curiosity I spoken to number of dermatologist to find the link between hair loss and RO water. Even recommended to change it. On top of that, any and each family has a RO purifier. Hair loss was severe and no medication could help.

demineralized water

We have the water delivered from a local water company who provides us with reverse osmosis 5gal containers that we mount on a water cooler machine.

For instance using an eye dropper and add the appropriate amount for 5 RO gallons water… Pseudo science at its best. MAXX Alkalizer or you are just pissed at the RO Marketing guy who made you sound like an idiot.

In the short run, it doesn’t matter what the pH is as the body uses bicarbonate as a buffer in the GI tract. RO system will bring down the TDS to about 20ppm in the most trying circumstances. They use a RO system that takes the TDS to zero, when commercial labs in Canada or the USA perform rejection tests on filters. It has nothing to do with the acid in your stomach. One bicarbonate teaspoon mixed in a glass of water will neutralize more acid that 10000 liters of pH 10 water as long as water ain’t a buffer. You should take this seriously. Your comments about 200 ppm is simply wrong.

You are correct that the membrane in a RO system is essentially a very fine filter.

Perhaps you would’ve been so kind as to provide a link for us. That is why any RO system seller takes a Cal/Mag supplement of some sort. Hopefully the article is in English. Drinking water devoid of minerals will cause long period health problems. I’m sure someone can translate it for us if Google Translate can’t do the job, if not.

There are many places on planet earth where drinking well water without a RO system is acceptable. It really depends upon what’s in the source water. TDS before a RO system will typically have higher TDS after the RO system than another source water that begins with a lower TDS. There are also many places where drinking well water without a RO system can cause serious illness. It is rO systems typically only remove a lot of the TDS, not the TDS.


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