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industrial water filtersFilter Pure located in Hall an in booth A3232 for this year’s International Production Processing Expo might be displaying the new Pentair Industrial ES Series liquid filter bag housing.

Constructed from 304 or 316 stainless steel these housings offer outstanding durability and corrosion resistance across a wide types of industrial and commercial applications. So, pipe scale, and similar substances from process liquids, with applications that include water remediation and feed water treatment the E Series Single Liquid Bag Housings effectively remove dirt. Quality workmanship and design assure clean effluent and consistent, reliable performance.

Unfiltered liquid enters the housing above the filter bag or strainer basket, fills the interior of the housing and continues through the bag or strainer basket.

Solids are trapped inside the filter bag or strainer and are easily removed when the housing is serviced. Vince Paglino, Industrial Filtration Specialist at Filter Pure said in regards to the opening of this years 2015 IPPE, We are very excited to be a part of this large international trade show representing the very latest in Industrial and Food Service water treatment technologies. This year’s 2015 IPPE is bringing together more than 1100 exhibitors and plain simple.


A3232, ESeries, industrial, IPPE 2015, pentair, Stainless Steel, Vince Paglino, water filtration Posted in Commerical Water Filters, Foodservice, Pentair Industrial, Water Filter News, Water Filters, Water 1 Comment The military has documented that there’re a couple of bases on the NPL that have water contamination problems, as an example. It’s a well redstone Arsenal in Alabama, Jacksonville NAS in Florida and Camp Lejeune Military Reservation in North Carolina.

The most discussed base is Camp Lejeune. The dumping began as early as the 1950′ This is before the EPA was enforcing standards on bases. Amid the causes was Groundwater Leaching. Not only military personnel but civilians in the surrounding areas complained about the taste and odor of the water. Local health officials were treating individuals with various maladies from gastrointestinal problems to blood disorders. Adding to these problems was that these areas have special environmental sensitivity, just like wetlands, natural habitat for endangered and similar wildlife species. Just think for a moment. Did you know that the serious problems began when people were getting violently ill. Consequently, while carrying them into the ground water supply, This is an extreme broad based environmental concern where the water from the rain seeps into the ground and can dissolve chemicals.

We need to be certain that it gets filtered correctly to control, diminish and eliminate the different contaminates, as the ground or well water is pumped for consumption.


These products can be used individually or combined together, From oil absorbing cartridges, ultrafiltration to ozone, UV and activated carbon. Do you know an answer to a following question. Thing to know is what actually is in your water, right? Actually, there’re different kinds of equipment types and filters that can reduce or eliminate toxins and contaminates to protect and sanitize the water you use. Oftentimes the DOD has spent approximately million last year to build watersaving and ‘waste water’ treatment facilities.

Freshwater demands are increasing as our population grows and availability is more of a challenge. Of course, it shouldn’t matter if it’s scare or not. Generally, other companies like Coca Cola, Ford and Google are investing in similar water saving and waste water treatment at their facilities to conserve and protect their fresh water supplies. It also benefits their local communities as well. Landscaping/sprinklers could be used intelligently or have systems that won’t run if not needed while raining. Of course might be that people must always do a better job at water conservation. We must think of more ways to reduce water waste. You see, the company saved what’s a ‘Oring’, FTSE Global 500, industrial, Nestle, Random facts. IN or OUT of a defined space.

In addition to applying the manufacturer’s approved lubricant, remove and inspect the so ring at almost any filter change or every time the housing is opened.

‘oring’ must be replaced immediately prior to restarting the filter system, Therefore in case there are signs sort of the so ring.

I’m quite sure I invite you to submit a question below or call our team at ‘18009427873’, So if you have any questions on changing out your orings or whether you are using the proper ‘o ring’ for your system. Basically, the protectant/gel, usually created from silicon is inexpensive and is easy to apply. Tags.

My name is Vince Paglino and I am theIndustrial Filtrationspecialistat Filter Pure Systems. We specialize in Chemical Feed Pumps, Chlorinators Air Injection, Commercial Softening ION Exchange, Commercial Reverse Osmosis, Industrial Water Remediation, UV Sterilization and Industrial filtration systems. We were approached by a large ice manufacturer to they have been using and noticed the a great deal of limescale remnants and corrosion it was causing to their equipment.

After a few weeks of limescale buildup most of the ice manufacturing equipment was shut down and at a standstill without any ice production. The results indicated that the solution required softening the water and reducing the Ph levels at similar time to eliminate the problems of limescale accumulation. Besides, the results noted that the Ph level was very high at 3 4 (the range should’ve been between 0 -and both the bicarbonate and carbonate alkalinity levels were elevated as well, if the water tests were completed. They were using 2 large cartridge housings to filter the water down to 5 microns.

We customized a solution to handle the 40000+ gallons of water that they use daily. Muriatic Acid after the softener to reduce the Ph levels in the water. The manufacturer’s representative scheduled a time for installation training for the company representatives to ensure normal and ongoing operational use and maintenance of the equipment. Eventually, the solution is also modular so equipment can be added at a later date to handle any ice production growth and added manufacturing equipment. The delivery of this equipment was not only timely but it was delivered a few days early to the customers delight.


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