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deionization For jobs that require high purity water, deionization is a must. The industrial and commercial deionization process is very complex but modern DI equipment and service programs can make it simple for the industrial and commercial user. The ‘twobed’ deionization system involves the cation and the anion being separated in two different vessels. DI exchange tanks can be two bed or mixed bed deionizers with a ‘acidregenerated’ cation connected in series with an alkaline regenerated anion vessel. Overall goal is identical -purified, demineralized water for manufacturing, hospital and commercial systems, these two industrial/commercial deionization systems are very different. All systems should include a carbon tank to remove chlorine and organics to extend the life of the deionization tanks as well as a fiber prefilter, a quality monitor or light and a fiber ‘postfilter’. Applications for portable DI exchange tanks vary. Normally, when water is used as a cooling or cleaning agent for metal parts, minerals can cause discoloration or spotting if left to ‘air dry’.


Nancrede Engineering’s strong base anion two bed exchange tanks are preassembled and easy to install. For more information on portable water exchange service deionization, please visit Nancrede’s website.


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