Influences Of Enteral Nutrition Connected With Probiotics On Gut Microflora And Barrier Function Of Rats With Abdominal Infection

deionized water definitionPN has achieved considerable effect as a vital therapeutic method for patients with severe illness.

Ongoing utility of PN may induce gut injury barrier and bacteria translocation. For the sake of example, plenty of therapeutic approaches including enteral nutrition and glutamine are used to stabilize gut barrier function and positive results been reported. They all have specific shortfalls and defects, particularly regarding the effect on the gut microbiota. It is with stress impairments such as wounding, normal gut microbiota is destroyed due to the progress in the normal gut physiology and the use of antibiotics. And infection, likewise is the gut barrier disrupted. The conditional pathogen can predominantly reproduce, disperse and translocate to extra intestinal organs and disseminate over the corpus through blood circulation. With that said, whenever depressing pathogenicity of the pathogens the pathogenicity, and restoring the normal physiology of the gut, as the probiotics are autochthonous habitual bacteria, extra supplement with them could inhibit the potential pathogen’s activity when adhering and colonizing to the intestinal epithelial cell. Utility of microorganism regulators such as lactobacillus, bifydobacteria, enterococci and the toxinless, harmless and safe aerophilic bacillus could enhance the microflora, reduce the bacterial translocation and protect the gut barrier, and satisfactory results were reported. Considering the specific probiotics effect, Bengmark proposed a totally new conception of econutrition in 1996, supposing that. Even if, while adding the probiotics to the traditionary enteral nutrition, maintaining the intestinal function and the gut microbiology.

Occludin is the fundamental tight junction structural proteins which determine the intestinal selective barrier function.


deionized water definition Measurement of the intestinal The measurement epithelial transmembrane junction protein could reflect the destruction of the gut tight junctions by the pathogen to some degree. In experiment, the expression of occludin on the enterocyte in distal intestine and the colon tissue were detected. Nevertheless, occludin of the PN The occludin group was the least in the three groups. Occludin level in the probiotic group increased more than that in 2 groups, after EN and probiotics were added, the occludin increased considerably., with intention to understand ultrastructure of the tight the ultrastructure junction, the samples were mainly observed with the help of electron microscopy. Anyways, compared to the PN group, the tight junction tiny form and big intestine was more intact, the arrangement was tighter and the villi kept more integrity in EN group., without any doubts, the little and huge intestinal epithelial forms in probiotic group were more intact and the gut epithelial tight junctions were clearer in compare with additional groups. Those results considered effect of the probiotics the effect on the gut epithelia, specifically the great intestine epithelia, was more noticeable. With gut improvement microflora, the expression of the occludin as well increased, and the epithelial tight junction appeared more intact by electron microscopy.

There is increasing evidence that probiotic micro organisms can interact with the gut associated lymphoid tissue and influence mucosal and systemic immune systems.

We studied IgA intestinal level tissue. Your consequence using the EN or probiotics showed that recovery of the gut the recovery IgA expression was more considerable than that of the PN group, in the little intestine of EN group and great intestine of probiotic group. Consequently using the EN and probiotics could accelerate the expression of occludin and IgA., they could likewise affect bacterial translocation. The death rate, bacterial translocation rates in the blood, mesentery lymph nodes, liver and lung, and the endotoxin level were way lower compared to the PN group, right after adding the probiotics and/or EN. So, the death rates and bacterial translocation rates were decreased in turn.

The mechanism by which EN mixed with probiotics improves the gut rats barrier with abdominal infection is located in.

It includes content provided to the PMC transnational archive while participating publishers. The mechanism by which EN associated with probiotics improves the gut rats barrier with abdominal infection is in. With that said, it includes content provided to the PMC inter-national archive after participating publishers.


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