Insights From An Industry Leader – Thorpe Plant Services Turns To +Gf+ Corzan Cpvc Industrial Piping Systems To Meet Customer Demands For Reliable Handling Of Hydrochloric Acid

industrial deionized water system Chloralkali plants create quite a few most corrosive environments imaginable. The transport of harsh chemicals at extreme temperatures in combination with the high voltage electrolysis process can quickly compromise the integrity of most piping systems. Whenever longlasting ‘non metallic’ solutions that address corrosion problems in an array of manufacturing environments, including chloralkali plants, The company prides itself in providing cost effective. Basically, whenever fabricating and installing high performance pipes, tanks and vessels for various chemical manufacturers, Thorpe has a wellestablished reputation as among the premier industrial solutions providers in the country. Thorpe’s ‘in house’ engineers and technical experts know the unique demands of ‘chloralkali’ processing plants. Lots of information can be found on the internet. Thorpe helps customers of all sizes and industries effectively battle corrosion through an array of thermoplastics.

Whenever welding rod and tower packing, is especially ideal for hydrochloric acid and caustic service in ‘chlor alkali’ plants, Thorpe has discovered that Corzan CPVC, that is available in many forms similar to pipe, fittings, sheet.

It offers great chemical resistance even at the higher temperatures, said Mr.


Raymond. It’s vital to note that not all chemicals are compatible for use with CPVC, CPVC is resistant to a broad range of corrosive environments. While providing installers with confidence in the ‘longterm’ performance of the system, as the manufacturer of the compounds for Corzan Industrial Systems, Lubrizol has tested hundreds of different chemicals to confirm chemical compatibility. According to Mr. Sounds familiarright? Raymond, the combination of Corzan CPVC and fiberglass provides major cost benefits over highend metallic alternatives.

Most metals aren’t even an option in an aggressive chemical environment as long as they will be eaten up in a matter of days, noted Mr.

Like polypropylene or fiberglass, should be disappointed and likely need to spend more money long period in repairing and replacing corroded components, a customer could choose a non metallic option with a lower upfront cost.

Manufacturers will need to invest in something like titanium, nickel alloys or stainless to achieve quite similar degree of chemical resistance and longterm performance. According to Mr. They are also difficult to source in the right sizes of pipe and fittings, not only are these options roughly three times as expensive as Corzan CPVC. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Raymond. Fact, corzan products are easy to install. Reducing installation time and labor costs, They are lightweight. Can be with an eye to sustain a flame when burning.


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