Is Pure Water Very Corrosive

pure water resistivity It’s also unwise to use glassware to distribute ultrapure water you will get ion contaminations from glass as well. Purified water are actually almost always stored in plastic containers and distributed through plastic tubes. Generally speaking pure water is less corrosive than water with impurities, water at very high temperatures and pressures is corrosive. UPW is amidst the strongest solvents known to mankind. You see, that doesn’t mean it will eat through everything. Ultrapure water eats nearly everything, including Pyrex, I’d say in case we define corrosivity as impurification of the water. Glasswares are relatively stable across vast selection of pH and very a problem to be oxidized or reduced. You can see through, glasswares are cheap. So transparent. Nonetheless, the reason glasswares are commonly used in the lab have little to do with pure water. It’s an interesting fact that the most major reason must be that glass is better in all respect. Original post if full of falsehoods, as stated by others.


There are also falsehoods in the replies.

Tastes insipid.

pure water resistivity It was not good for you to drink being that it has no minerals, even if distilled water ain’t considered UPW. DO NOT DRINK UPW, it will corrode metal fillings, leach calcium from your bones, eat the enamel in your teeth, even can cause your cells to explode. The irony is that the purer the water is the worst it’s for you to drink. Though, you can denature UPW by mixing it with Tang, powdered drink mix, tea, coffee, and stuff It will make very strong tea and coffee. On top of this, before you can do to much damage you likely will feel sick to the stomach.


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