It Smells Bad Taste Bad And Is Bad For Your Health: Reasons Not To Drink Bottled Water

distiled waterTap water is loaded with fluoride and chlorine and other contaminants you don’t want to be putting in your body.

It smells bad, taste bad and is bad for your health. Actually, there arethere’re bottle waters which are just plain filtered tap water and there arethere’re bottle waters that have all the right minerals the body needs. Besides, don’t drink tap water if you want to stay healthy. Then again, you got THAT right Orrie! Fluoride is a BIG concern for me and my family -a total conspiracy to make us all stupid/docile sheeple. Not this ol’ girl and her family! When I do have to drink our tap water, even Brita filtered I simply cannot quench my thirst, even totally cold. It leaves my back throat feeling.

Not to mention, it quits raining most years in July through Sept, sometimes ‘June Oct’, and they have to HEAVILY reuse our toilet water cuz they can’t suck enough water river out and what they can is full of algae. Blech! More chlorine than water! Corp America has people in palm of their hands. Keep reading. While running outside till dark, always active, How did folks survive on tap water, NO bike helmets. Now we drink fancy bottled water, sit on our butts a lot of day using smart phones ‘ pacifiers -so engrossed most do not notice whats going on around them. With no human contact, social media for hours. Then, this is healthy, is that the case?

distiled waterHeavy Metal from the copper and lead pipes in Europe are no good either, especially where I am in UK the water from the tap is actually cloudy and for example shower half head is orange from the copper.

Great blog, By the way I used to use a BRITA filter but learned that they don’t do much with Fluoride and Virus but can highly recommend my new purification bottle from America.

Might help some individuals, I’m pretty sure I don’t leave home without it http. Bottled water in the 5 gallon bottle is about. Bottled water is heavily regulated by whether FDA regardless it crosses State lines or not. When the water source is tested monthly the FDA doesn’t know whether water has been shipped across State lines or not. For instance, the source is always being tested and the FDA doesn’t care where the water is shipped after the fact. The FDA regulations for bottled water are more stringent than the EPA’s regulations for municipal tap water. Although, as far as I’ve researched it I haven’t found one death caused by a reputable bottled water in the US or Canada. Basically, tap water kills people every year from bacterial outbreaks or are exposed to harmful things. There’s some more info about it on this site. What saves the day when these things happen to our tap water, this is the case right? As a result, bottled water!

More cost effective and recycling high rate is a good thing.


If you eat or drink ANYTHING out of a can, I’d say in case anyone falls for the PA scam, the can is lined with plastic containing. BPA! Since canned food and drinks aren’t the ‘boogieman’ like bottled water, you never hear a word about it! Just think for a moment.

Bottled water ain’t heavily regulated by the FDA. There is only one person that over sees all the regulation. The article is correct about going across state lines. Water bottles sold in state are not regulated but he FDA. And therefore the FDA relies on corporations submitting tests. They don’t actually test the water themselves. You are correct about BPA being in canned food lining. On top of this, i am concerned about BPA given the research.

To say it is no less healthier than tap water is strange at best, when you have fluoride chlorine and aluminium pumped into tap water. Yeah, spend money onbottled water instead of filters for your sink or spending time getting yourmunicipal water system to provide the clean drinking water that the lawrequires and everyone deserves. The more demand for bottled water, the lessincentive to fix the water system. Drawingwater with minerals from springs isn’t sustainable, as thosesources get drawn down and deplete the water table for the surroundingcommunity.

Where I live, we get notices in the mail from the water company that say there arethere’re high amounts of mercury and chlorine in the water.

I’d much rather have that, even if bottled water is just filtered tap water. So water bottles are made with chemicals that leach in the content. You see, actually, some doctors recommend specific brands of bottled water. Normally, my wife has IC and her doctor recommends Evian. Generally, we buy a lot because IC patients tend to drink loads of water. It seems to help my wife’s health and pain management, evian is the more expensive brands.

Plastic bottles bring so much waste and it takes three times water amount in the bottle just to produce one water bottle, and shipping water such as Evian from the Alps isn’t sustainable at all. Get a filter and carry around a water thermos! Northwest Florida, and since our drinking water comes from a lake that is known to have harmful microbes in it, our tap water is treated with a number of chlorine and other chemicals. It’s a crapshoot with water straight from the faucet, our fridge filters hundreds of them out. I’m sure it sounds familiar.|Doesn’t it sound familiar?|Sounds familiar, am I correct?|does it not? Well, I’m not too upset about it. It beats having brain eating amoebas in our drinking water, chlorine can make you sick.

I’d still recommend watching at the bottle bottom before buying, Well, there aremost of us are aware that there are some plastics are considered to be safer than others.

Quite a few them can be found, for example, here, plastic types make a rather long list. While walking / biking everywhere, MY Aunts lived to mid to late 90 ‘s drinking tap water home cooked food, NO GMO’s -without chemicals, preservatives, bike helmets, no hand sanitizers.


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